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Wordpress Plugins and WooCommerce Multisite



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- Wordpress SEO by Yoast
- SEO Auto Links & Related Posts

- SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2

- Google XML Sitemaps
- SEO Content Helper

- WP No Category Base (Basically removes the word category from your URLs so that the keyword rich category tags get closer to the beginning of the URL)

- PubSubHubBub (pings any new content you create to various hubs around the internet,)


- SEO Friendly Images -

- Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

- Simple Tags – This is one of my favorite plugins. It makes my WordPress Tagging life so much easier. It helps with Auto completion, Suggested Tags, Tag Cloud Widgets, Related Posts, Mass edit tags.

- SEO Friendly Images


- Post Layout  (

- Feedburner Feed Replacement

- All In One SEO Pack


- nRelate (Related Posts Plugin) - A superbly customizable related posts plugin that doesn't stress your database, and can even earn you money displaying sponsored content. Essential; lots of cool styles to choose from.


Ref : AIO vs YOAST -





??? - JetPack - Loads of additional features that usually come with a blog - significantly, stats, gravatar hover cards, a grammar checker, and recent tweets widget.

--- add floating social bar ----


??? - Sociable 1,918,99319
??? - Shareaholic | email, bookmark, share buttons 1,804,827
??? - AddToAny: Share/Bookmark/Email Buttons – 2,042,752 - AddToAny adds links to your site to help your visitors share, bookmark, and email your content.

- NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster - Automatically re-publishes blogposts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Blogger, Tumblr, Delicious, Plurk, etc profiles and/or pages


- ShareThis: Share Buttons and Social Analytics

- Tweet Old Post

- Thank Me Later - Automatically sends a follow-up email to anyone who leaves a comment at your blog, thanking them for taking the time to comment and encouraging follow up visits.
- Disqus Commenting - A full replacement comment system for WordPress offering a range of login options, share buttons, and serious spam protection. Syncs with your WordPress database to ensure you don't lose any should you decide it's not for you. Restricts your ability to - add other commenting functionality and plugins though, beyond what Disqus provides.
- Digg Digg - All In One share buttons plugin. It adds floating share button on your site. With this plugin, you have all in one social sharing for your blog which looks amazing.
- Sharebar - Sharebar is a wordpress plugin which adds customizable box to the left of your blog that contains links to popular social networking sites. For vertical sharebar big buttons are used, and for horizontal sharebar wordpress use small buttons.
- autoShare Buttons by AddToAny - Share buttons for WordPress including AddToAny's universal sharing button, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and many more.



bbPress - forum software

Contact Form 7


??? Ultimate WP Filter
??? Dashboard Forum Activity
??? bbPress Post Toolbar
- bbPress Topics for Posts - This is a really interesting plugin. You may have seen websites using myBB or vBulletin package which give you the ability to create forum topics for the specific blog post you published. With this plugin, you can turn your blog into something like what those softwares can do. You can replace the blog comment section with forum topics and the readers will leave their comments as replies instead of comments. If you want to shift the focus from the blog to the forum, it is a good way to do. Also, it allows you to keep the blog post clean and focus all the discussion in the forum.
- bbPress Custom CSS File ????
- One more Thing
- WP-reCaptcha






MailPoet Newsletters - Free for up to 2000 subscribers, MailPoet features drag and drop design for beautiful newsletters, from weekly round-up of posts to notifiying on every new post. Includes read statistics, and import from existing services.

WordPress Pop Up Plugin - Pop Overs

Yop Poll



WooCommerce - excelling eCommerce

YITH Image Zoom/Magnifier
WooCommerce One Page Shopping



Prosociate is the Best Amazon Affiliate Store Builder -


Install for

Source :

Ref :

Forum :

Tips :


Sample shops with Prosociate : (with logo "Safe and secure checkout by Amazon - Please note, once you click CHECKOUT you’ll be taken to Amazon’s website to complete your purchase." (book store with price filter and animated favicon) (sample with ebay frame)





WP Dynamic Links -   - Shorten your links. Turn long URLs into Great for affiliate marketers who want to cloak their links.


- WooCommerce - It's free, feature rich, widely supported and used by many successful shops. Additional features and plugins can be pricey, but the basic feature set should be enough for most small sites.
- WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart – is a very easy to use plugin that allows you to sell products or services online in one click from your WordPress blog. Very useful when you want to sell eBooks or digital products from various posts and pages and need a WordPress Shopping Cart solution
- WordPress eStore – This plugin provides a complete solution to sell digital products securely from your wordpress blog.


Jetpack by (custom forms)


Prosociate is the Best Amazon Affiliate Store Builder -
YITH Image Zoom/Magnifier - There are several image zoom plugins you can purchase for cheap, but this one does a great job and costs nothing.

??? Theme - Wootique - Wootique is a clean, beautiful and fully customizable WooCommerce WordPress theme. This is yet another theme built on WooFramework which means full control over theme colors, fonts, layout a and a lot more. This theme, while free, packs premium theme features, so even the most demanding users won’t get disappointed.




Auction Nudge - This plugin enables you to embed your live eBay information on your WordPress site using Auction Nudge



WP-Lister for Ebay - In order to maximize sales and get the most eyes on your products, you must diversify your product streams beyond your own website. That might entail sending feeds to Google Product Listings and advertising on various merchant sites.
CSV Product Importer -
Woocommerce Store Exporter
Smart Sale Badge
WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates -
Product Slider
Product Slider Carousel
AJAX Product Filter
Yoast WooCommerce SEO
Woocommerce SEO
WooCommerce Free Gift
Cloud Zoom support for Woocommerce


WP eBay Daily Deals


Amazon Affiliate

ReviewAzon - Amazon Affiliate -

Other :


Other tools : Prosociate, ReviewAzon, WP Zon Builder, Associate-O-Matic, FreshStoreBuilder, EasyAzon





- W3 Total Cache - The ultimate swiss-army knife of caching, from the basic page caching (keeping a static copy of the page), to CSS/JS/HTML minification (making your files smaller), as well as handling uploads to a Content Delivery Network.
- Audit Trail -Keep a log of exactly what is happening behind the scenes of your WordPress blog

- Limit Login Attempts
- Block Bad Queries (BBQ)

- BackWPUp

- PIWIK Statistics -

- Wordpress multidomain

- EWWW Image Optimizer


- UpdraftPlus - WordPress Backup and Restoration - Easy and complete backups + restoration. Manual or automated backups (backup to S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace, FTP, SFTP, email + others).

File Icons
Private Only
WP Security Audit Log

WP-DB-Backup - 1,525,307
Duplicator - Migrate an entire website from one domain to another, without messing around in the database, for free.
Broken Link Checker - Dealing with broken links can be pain if you're waiting for readers to report them - get ahead of the game with this plugin and automatically check all the sites you've linked to before they become a problem.
VaultPress - Protect your content, themes, plugins, and settings with real-time backup and automated security scanning from VaultPress. Activate, enter your registration key, and never worry again. (Note: I pay for this one.)
WordPress Database Backup - On-demand backup of your WordPress database.
All In One WP Security & Firewall - The All In One WordPress Security and Firewall is the ultimate security plugin that will take your WordPress site’s security to a whole new level.
WP – This WordPress plugin reduces image file size and improve performance using the API within WordPress. Everytime you upload an image to your media uploader this plugin will automatically compress the image without losing quality!

Better WP Security - The plugin is an easiest, most effective way to secure WordPress. Improve the security of any WordPress site in seconds.





- NextGen Gallery - The built-in gallery and photo management in WordPress isn't ideal - this plugin creates a whole new gallery section to manage your photos, disassociating them from posts. You can then embed albums or galleries in posts or collect all your images on a single page. An extensive plugin in and of itself, you can also download plugins for NextGen Gallery to extend functionality further.

- WP-PageNavi - Replaces the next/previous buttons with good looking paginated buttons. Customizable, and absolutely essential.

- Breadcrumb NavXT - Adds breadcrumb navigation showing the visitor's path to their current location.

WP Post Ratings - WP Post Ratings Free WordPress Plugin If you just want a traditional 5-star rating system, WP Post Ratings is a popular and well tested plugin that will get the job done. Readers can submit their vote for content, the plugin takes an average and then it displays the rating (however you can always upload a custom image).


??? - WP jQuery Lightbox - the WP jQuery Lightbox is another free plugin with plenty of lightbox goodness. The plugin supports media library titles and descriptions, is touch-swipe enabled on mobile devices, and is keyboard enabled (use arrows to navigate) on desktops.

??? - WPtouch


Meta Slider  ??
WPtouch Mobile Plugin ????
Lightbox Plus ColorBox




Exemple :

- violet, prune, orange



How to add a custom sidebar : Ref :



Sample bbpress + woocomerce theme :


E-commmerce theme :





qTranslate - Adds userfriendly multilingual content management and translation support into WordPress

GTrans - Automatic translation
GTranslate - Get translations with a single click between 58 languages (more than 98% of internet users) on your website!



- No revision (trick) :

- Shortcode Exec PHP

Ref :

The most important thing if you are using it in multisite is to go to network admin, then to go to settings/Shortcode Exec PHP
and make the code snippets and relative shortcodes there.
ALso remember to Make shortcodes global so that they work on all subsites or subfolders



- PHP Snippets - Ref : -



??? - Contact Form 7 - A very popular contact form tool, this is more basic than others but nevertheless effective, dispensing with bells and whistles for core contact form effectiveness.


Revision Control - If you edit your post a lot, each autosave will result in a new revision stored in the database. Keep those under control by limiting them with this plugin.

What Would Seth Godin Do - Odd name for a plugin, but it creates a welcome box for new users visiting the site. Disappears by default after the 5th visit. Use the box to encourage signup with the newsletter, or RSS feed, or just a personal greeting.


NOT GOOD PRACTICE :  Allow PHP in Posts and Pages - If you need to add PHP functionality to WordPress posts and pages and don't want to alter the theme templates, install this plugin.
NOT GOOD PRACTICE :  Executable PHP Widget – Like the Text widget, but it will take PHP code as well. Very handy for inserting custom ‘php’, ‘html’, ‘javascript’ in the sidebar.


ZEMANTA - Scissors Continued enhances WordPress' handling of images by introducing cropping, resizing, rotating, and watermarking functionality.


Instant Suggest - Suggests SEO content and keywords for your blog instantly.
WP Inject - Easily insert images and photos into your blog posts! WP Inject searches the huge Flickr database for creative commons photos related to any topic. -
PhotoDropper - With PhotoDropper finding the right photo has never been easier. Get access over 253M+ free & premium photos without ever leaving WordPress.  -
Picture finder - This plugin is built for people keen to reuse flickr images in their blogs.
Advanced Picture finder - Tested up to: 3.3 Stable tag: 0.93 This plugin is built for people keen to reuse flickr images in their blogs. Searching for just CC-BY material the

All Rewriters Plugin – Use 6 Popular Content Spinners In Your WordPress Blog -







Wordpress multidomain





YITH Image Zoom/Magnifier
WooCommerce One Page Shopping
Prosociate is the Best Amazon Affiliate Store Builder -
Woocommerce SEO

Example with nice cart viw always vieawble :

W3 Total Cache faster than WP Super Cache (

ref :












#wide {z-index:0;position:absolute;left:0px;width:100%;height:140px;background-color:#00ADB3;}
#wide_nav {z-index:0;position:absolute;left:0px;width:100%;height:45px;margin-top:140px;background-color:#32698B;}
#site-navigation {position:relative;z-index:2;}
#masthead {margin-left:30px;width:200px;}
.nav-menu {margin-top:10px;}
.only-site-branding   {position:relative;z-index:2;}
.caption-wrap {z-index:3;margin-bottom:15px;opacity:0.4;}
.search-form {position:relative;z-index:3;margin-top:-49px;}

Sample Theme :








Managing multiple WordPress sites: A review of InfiniteWP

Ref :

What is InfiniteWP?
InfiniteWP is a free, self-hosted multiple WordPress management platform that simplifies your WordPress management tasks into a simple click of a button.
One Master Login
One-click access to all your WordPress dashboards. Forget your passwords once and for all.
More »    
One-click updates
Click the Update All button like a Boss and update everything - WP core, plugins and themes.
More »    
Instant Backup & Restore
Create backups of all your WordPress sites simultaneously. Restore backups instantly.
More »    
Manage Plugins & Themes
Activate, Deactivate and delete plugins and themes in bulk. Bulk install favorite plugins with a single click.

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