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Wordpress - Multisite vs Infinite-wp
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Wordpress - Multisite vs Infinite-wp



I have a client that has three sites, and wants a nice unified interface for managing them.


My first thought was that this would be a multi-site install,

but it occurred to me that I might be better off just installing three separate WP sites and using something like Infinite WP (or managewp.com) to manage them all.

I don't have any experience migrating a multi-site, plus he is hosting with Godaddy VPS, so for those reasons I started wondering about a simpler solution.


Ref : https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/mpls-stpaul-wordpress/Hyv4-qfJL_A






WordPress Multisite Pros & Cons – When Is Multisite the Right Choice?



An alternative to Multisite — InfiniteWP


InfiniteWP is a free Admin Panel that you install on your server and from which you can admin all your WordPress standalone sites. Although you can’t generate a new WordPress site from InfiniteWP, you do have great flexibility in the admin of your sites, including the ability to:



No more logging into individual sites

One-click access to admin panels



Update WP, Plugins & Themes

Update based on Websites

Hide/Show Update Notification



Create Instant Backups

Restore Backups in a single click

Download Backups



Bulk Install Plugins & Themes

Bulk Activate & Deactivate






InfiteWP differs from other options in that it runs on your own server vs on another website. You’ll need to upload the files to your server. Then add the InfiniteWP client plugin to each WordPress site you want to manage.


InfiniteWP was released just a few months. It has developed a strong support community and looks very promising. It is the only multiple site management tool that can run locally which allows WordPress developers to update their local test sites and their live remote sites simultaneously.


One master login for all WordPress sites

One-click updates for plugin on multiple sites

Instant backup and restore

Install multiple plugins on multiple sites simultaneously

Activate & deactivate multiple plugins and themes instantly

Manage local sites and remote site


The basic services of InfiniteWP are free. Additional add-ons are available at additional cost. They are currently determining their pricing structure for these add-ons and welcome any suggestions you might have.


Premium Add-ons


Google anaytics

Manage and post comments

Scheduled backups

WordPress install and clone

Bulk create posts, pages & links

Front-end editor

Backup to amazon s3 and dropbox

Manage users


Ref : http://www.wpmayor.com/multiple-site-management-tools/


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