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wisest things in life
Discovering what life is about

wisest things in life

wisest things in life

wisest things in life



Here are my top 7 :)


1. Travel often. Even if it is to a town next to you or a country across the globe. Travel is the best teacher & the sooner you get addicted to it, the better view you have of the world, people and more importantly of yourself!

2. The ability to be at peace with yourself is far more important than being happy / sad. To be happy or sad is most of the times based on external circumstances. But to be at peace is within!

3. Karma - You get what you give.

4. Time is the best healer of all.

5. It's all in the perspective.

6. Sometimes moving on and letting go are the wisest options.

7. Change is constant & people, places, things & time change often :)






1. There are two types of people in this world: the ones who don’t know, and the ones who know that they don’t know. The latter is extremely rare.

2. Happiness isn’t far away from me, I am far away from Happiness. Happiness has always been here.

3. I have been dying since the day I was born.

4. You will always find magic in the middle of all dualities (e.g. right and wrong). There you will find the only constant beyond all impermanence in life.

5. We are all seeking for the same thing, regardless if we know it or not. But none of us have any idea as to why we do so.

6. The best things in life are free, and nobody can take them away from us.

7. Love really does conquer all. If it doesn’t it’s not the right love we’re thinking of.

8. You can’t know what happiness is without knowing how sadness feels too. Enjoy the ride.

9. We can learn so much more about life and ourselves if we simply pay attention to what’s happening around and inside us rather than reading books.

10 Problems always seem complex, but true solutions are always simple.







Once, I was conducting a meditation camp on behalf of my guruji.


There was a group of 12 people and 2 of them were European.


White snow peaks of Himalayas in the background, mildly cool breeze of air and green grasslands (called bugyals) were giving us the perfect environment to meditate.


Before coming to us, they were all practicing basic meditation techniques for months back there in Rishikesh under a trained yoga teacher.


The yoga teacher contacted us to teach them advance level meditation techniques, for the selected 12 practitioners because he had already prepared them for the next steps.


I asked them :


“How is your experience of meditation so far?”


Some of them mentioned about how it has brought a balance in their life, some mentioned about how they came out of their depression and anxiety, some got better in their career etc.


But I was surprised to hear the answer given by one of the Europeans.


He said:


“ I was running a successful company back there in France, I had everything which people call as success, however I was not happy. One american friend who teaches yoga there, advised me to go to India and for last 7 months I am here.


After months of meditation, I have realised that through out the world people are chasing illusionary dreams to become happy in future, however unlimited supply of happiness is right here within.


I will stay here in India, till the time I do not get the experience of who I am.”


That day I learned that how important it is to preserve our culture and this ancient science of yoga.


There was a time when in our Indian culture, our lifestyle was designed in a way that everybody was dedicated towards one direction to know “the truth” and attain “moksha”.


In influence of western culture, most of us have forgotten our roots, however western people have started to realise the importance of our ancient science.


The irony is, many western meditation practitioners have started to teach yoga and meditation to Indians.


This is a blessing in disguise and a revolution in itself because, unless a trend comes from western countries Indians do not accept it seriously.


Whatever happens, happens for the good.


Aham Shunyam





Ref : https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-wisest-thing-you-learned-in-life


Successful people avoid following the crowd.


What others think doesn't matter to them. Successful people have an inner scorecard to answer the following questions:


What do I like/dislike

When to say NO and when YES

How to avoid toxic people and energy-suckers

What's to do next

What is my 5, 10, 20 years plan

When do I need to stop and restore my energy

When do I need to invest all my strength to push a project to a new level

Common traits of successful people are


Hardworking, Persistency, Goal concentration, Patience, Determination.


It does not come right after you born. Those traits develop with time, experience and self-analysis.


Good luck.

Ref : https://www.quora.com/Which-habits-do-successful-people-avoid





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