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What To Do If Your IP Is Blacklisted

Now, hopefully your IP isn’t blacklisted by now, if it is, then use HMA – a very affordable VPN and proxy service to hide your IP during signup.

It’s called “Hide My Ass,” which tickles me because I’m a pirate-blooded, blue collar son of a Vietnam Vet at heart. Translation: it’s just a funny name, and I laugh at stupid things. Whatever.

But don’t let it fool you, their VPN service allows you to mask your entire IP address and internet connection – so if you’re using Article Marketing Robot (which doesn’t allow proxies yet), you can still have the benefit of anonymity and have a higher chance of publishing vs. being rejected for heavy use of submitters.

HMA is, as I mentioned, affordable (read: cheap – compared to private proxies, which I find prohibitively expensive or otherwise they can’t compare to the 5,000+ IP addresses in HMA).

Once you have that taken care of (or if you use private proxies, you’re set) – you’re ready for using mass submitters for your links. Otherwise, don’t worry about it – most of this year, I haven’t used proxies other than public proxies.

If you want to save money and hide your…um…footprint – then sign up here for HMA Proxy and VPN – and you can, BTW, toggle the VPN connection on or off – and even choose which country you want to appear to be posting from (there are 16 to choose from as I recall).

The issue lies with using Bookmarking Demon, Article Marketing Robot doesn’t seem as affected until you use the daylights out of it (my theory and experience so far).

Pretty cheap rates – $11 or so a month, or just under $80 or so a year – compare that to most private proxy services and that’s a huge savings. Use my handy affiliate link here, try it for a month.

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