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What People Want

What People Want For example, I spotted these popular goals...
Lose weight (32,488 people share this goal)
Gain weight (2,836 people)
Find my soulmate (2,873 people)
Fall in love (22,081)
Guide to Lose weight
Guide to Gain weight
Guide to Find my soulmate
Guide to Fall in love


Consumers Also Buy:
To Increase
* Sales.
* Profit.
* Satisfaction.
* Confidence
* Convenience.
* Pleasure.
Guide To Increase Sales
Guide To Increase Sales Profit.
Guide To Increase Sales Satisfaction
Guide To Increase Sales Confidence
Guide To Increase Sales Convenience
Guide To Increase Sales Pleasure


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Guide To do a blog
Guide To have a blog
Guide To make a site

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What people want

By Allan Gardyne | Published 11/13/2008 | 2008 Newsletters | printer friendly version

A site for powerful business idea brainstorming - Associate Programs Newsletter #396

Are you selling things that people really want? There's a site that shows you exactly what people want.


1. What people want
A site for powerful business idea brainstorming
2. Have you made YOUR Big Life List?
3. Passion, profits and purpose - how to get them
4. Thought for today: Growing


1. What people want - A site for powerful business idea brainstorming


You may have already come across . It encourages you to bare your soul - mainly anonymously - and share your goals and desires with the world.

MissLed wants to go skydiving and talk to at least 3 new people every day. Farrahann wants to write a short story and see all the Fred Astaire movies.

But the site is much more than a place to post your goals or vicariously enjoy other people's goals.

It's a powerful business idea generator.

It's a very useful place to explore if you're looking for a new business idea, a new product idea, or a topic for an ebook, website or blog.

Why is it so useful? Because it's a place where people open up and reveal exactly what they want. When you know what people want, you can sell it to them - or sell them information telling them how to get it.

You'll find wacky, unusual goals but you'll also see a lot of common ground.

For example, I spotted these popular goals...

Lose weight (32,488 people share this goal)

Gain weight (2,836 people)

Find my soulmate (2,873 people)

Fall in love (22,081)

Get a tattoo (17,885 people)

See the Northern Lights (15,065 people)

Be more confident (8,807 people)

Graduate from college (5,401 people)

Stop caring what other people think of me (3,717 people)

Write a book (22,319 people)

Start my own business (7,540 people)

Visit Japan (5,024 people)

Stop procrastinating (24,089 people)

Be happy (19,490 people)

Make my own clothes (2,002 people)

Kiss in the rain (13,713 people)

Go on a road trip with no predetermined destination (16,788 people)

Take more pictures (12,912 people)

Get a job (8,642 people)

Have better posture (6,813)

Go skydiving (5,537 people)

Learn Spanish (13,385 people)

Travel the world (16,100 people)

Save money (12,758 people)

Stop biting my nails (6,438 people)

Make new friends (11,127 people)

Make a difference (6,267 people)

Read more books (9,778 people)

Learn to play the guitar (11,214 people)

Identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money) (6,316 people)

Quit smoking (7,417 people)

Get out of debt (9,423 people)

Learn sign language (6,733 people)

Worry less (4,137 people)

Exercise regularly (9,272 people)

Learn French (8,950 people)

Hike the Appalachian trail (1,456 people)

Whiten my teeth (1,840 people)

Buy a house (10,949 people)

To live instead of exist (9,870 people)

Wake up earlier (1,702 people)


They're all good topics for ebooks.

If you click around on the site, you'll find a LOT of things people want. Clicking on a list or username leads to another goal, and another... You'll go off on tangents you never would have discovered simply by typing keywords into a keyword research tool.

The popularity of the various goals is no doubt skewed a bit because makes it easy for you to check off existing goals instead of thinking of your own.

However, if you do some quick keyword research with the Google keyword tool - - you'll see that there's huge demand for just about every popular goal you find on 43things.

You could write an ebook, hire someone to write an ebook, or start a blog on any of these topics - after doing keyword research, of course.


2. Have you made YOUR Big Life List?


After last week's newsletter in which I wrote about Yanik Silver's ambitious "Big Life List" - he wants to fly to the Moon, leave $10 million+ to charities, and own a vineyard producing award-wining wines - a reader asked me if I'll be revealing my Big Life List.


Maybe not. Compared with Yanik's list, at the moment mine looks much too tame. I want to do simple things like climb the 11 floors to our apartment without puffing, and have a vacation in Fiji. I also have some business goals that aren't ready for public scrutiny just yet.

I've achieved most of the things on my old list. Yanik has given me the push I needed to add new interesting, challenging goals. I'm still working on that.

Here are a few experiences I can tick off as already achieved...

Make a kite and fly it

Walk on a glacier

Design our own house

Invent new recipes

Write a recipe book

Take a landscaping course

Plan a garden

Remodel an old cottage

Go snorkeling

Go paragliding

Visit London, Edinburgh, Rome, Paris, Prague, Amsterstam, Zurich, San Francisco, Honolulu, etc.

Cruise the Danube and Rhine


Goals on your "Big Life List" don't have to be expensive. Goals I noticed at included:


Go skinny dipping (2,731 people)

Sleep more (1,455 people)

Live simply (3,091 people)

Be a better person (3,246 people

Be a better friend (5,238 people)

Meet new people (3,811 people)

Take a photography class (1,373 people)

Volunteer (4,113 people)


Are you leading a rich life? It's something worth thinking about.




3. Passion, profits and purpose - how to get them



4. Thought for today: Growing


Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow. - Ronald E. Osborn.

All the best

Allan Gardyne

Ref :




Consumer Behaviour - Why People Buy

Dr. Jill Novak, University of Phoenix, Texas A&M University

Marketers spend millions of dollars trying to understand why people buy products and services. Sometimes it seems that there is no reason for a purchase, but in reality there is always a reason. Many factors are involved in a customers' buying decision, any one of which can become the deciding factor, such as:

* Conspicuous consumption: Lavish spending for the purpose of displaying wealth or social status; preference for buying increases with price.

* Snob effect: Desire to buy something nobody else has; preference for buying increases with rarity or scarcity.

* Bandwagon effect: Desire to buy something everybody else is buying; preference for buying increases with perceived popularity.

* Economic-To enhance their lifestyle or to fulfill two of Maslow's needs: physiological (food, shelter) and Safety and Security.

* Psychological-This is the study of how people interact with their environment, products are consumed to enhance their well being, for example air fresheners, furniture and convection ovens.


* Sociological-The study of the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of group interaction, especially in a social setting. People want to feel accepted and loved by their peers and they need to consume products that will appeal to their chosen groups. For example a consumer wants to join a kayaking team would have to purchase the proper gear, clothing and maybe even music genre in order to fit in with the group.

* Practical-Consumers purchase products because they need them to survive, such as shoes and medicine.
* Impractical-is the opposite of practical, purchasing products that are not necessary.
* Rational-Purchases are made with logical, thought out reasoning.
* Irrational-products are purchased for foolish or absurd reasons.
* Factual-Purchasing products based on researched reports.
* Emotional-purchasing products based on feelings
* Buy to satisfy a need (for a reason).
* Buy to satisfy a want (desire).

Consumers Also Buy:

To Increase
* Sales.
* Profit.
* Satisfaction.
* Confidence
* Convenience.
* Pleasure.
* Production.

To Protect
* Investment
* Self
* Employees
* Property
* Money
* Family

To Make
* Money
* Satisfied customers
* Good impressions

To Improve
* Customer relations
* Employee relations
* Image
* Status
* Earnings
* Performance

To Reduce
* Risk
* Investment
* Expenses
* Competition
* Worry
* Trouble

To Save
* Time
* Money
* Energy
* Space

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Top Ten Things People Want

What are the top ten things you want in the 21st Century?

1. You want to get a high paying job -- to start your own business -- to invest in the stock market -- to make more money from your business or website -- to do things that will make you feel successful!
The Speed Trace will help you hurdle obstacles that currently keep you from being as successful as you would like to be. People who lose their jobs are three times more likely than those employed to commit suicide. If you are out of work and feel depressed, go here for help.

2. You want to save money -- to invest your money -- to save for a big purchase -- to feel more secure about your future.
Without spending any of your hard-earned money on counselors and therapists, you can start today using the Speed Trace to remove anxieties about your money and your future. This will immediately help you to feel more secure with your money and investments from now on.

3. You want to save time. You want to work less and spend more time enjoying life's pleasures.
The Speed Trace will help you to be more relaxed whenever you want to. The Speed Trace will allow you to remove doyles that have kept you under stress whenever you wanted to relax, up until now.

4. You want to look better -- to lose weight -- to tone your body -- to improve your facial features -- to feel more attractive to others
By removing hunger doyles, a sixty-second Speed Trace can help you to lose weight by simply eating less food without feeling any hunger pains. By removing frown doyles, your face can become more attractive and pleasant. By removing Stopper Doyles you will find yourself comfortable in all social situations from now on.

5. You want to learn something new -- to learn something new that really works and will make your life better -- that will make you feel smart because you did it all on your own!
Then you want to learn about Doyletics! It is a completely new science for the 21st Century -- you haven't heard about it before, because it didn't exist, up until now! By taking charge of removing those doyles you have that are unpleasant to you, you will take more control over your life. You will quickly learn to do a doyle trace on your own, and that will bring you a tremendous feeling of accomplishment. No classes to take, no expensive and time-consuming videos to buy, no complicated books to read full of meaningless jargon. Just go to the Speed Trace Page and get started in seconds! Get results in minutes! A typical Speed Trace takes minutes to learn and seconds to execute. You can do it during real-life situations as they are happening and see the results immediately. Read the testimonies of people like Valerie and Lorena who have used the Speed Trace to improve their lives! You can even watch a live Speed Trace with Lorena .

To Keep Up-to-date on Latest Changes to this Website, Subscribe to our Monthly Digest now. Have questions about the Digest and would like to read it first? No problem -- we've accommodated you by placing a recent Digest on-line. Click Here.

6. You want you and your children to live longer -- to get in shape -- eat better -- gain extra energy -- to look and feel healthier
By improving the quality of your life through the removal of unwanted doyles, you will begin to avoid your recurrent illnesses, stay healthy, and live longer. Candidates for removal are doyles that trigger fear, anxiety, anger, stress, tension, bronchitis, hyperhidrosis, seasickness, hyperventilation, pain, and allergies of all kinds, among other things, all without ingesting expensive drugs. Want to help your children as well?

7. You want to be comfortable -- to be free of your common aches and pains -- to sleep more comfortably.
Many discomforts, aches and pains originate from doyles and these can be removed quickly and easily, often in less than sixty seconds!

8. You don't want to be lonely -- you want to be loved -- to start dating again -- to feel wanted
By removing doylesof sadness, anger, aggression, grief, and many other related doyles that keep people away from you, that prevent people from getting to know you well enough to love you, your love life can drastically improve. By removing stopper doyles , those that keep from you making easy contact with new people, your social life will improve in short order.

9. You want to be popular -- to be more popular -- to be a famous celebrity -- to feel praised and admired.
By removing doyles such as hyhperhidrosis that alienate you from people and people from you, your popularity will increase and you may find yourself becoming popular, even a celebrity.

10. You want to gain pleasure -- to satisfy your appetite and desires -- to feel more fulfilled.

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Ref :

What people want

When searching for ideas for a new project or a startup the best strategy is to solve your own problem. A second best method is to think hard of what problems other people might have that you can solve. Let's do the second by seeing what people are searching on the internet. Services like Google Trends give a glimpse into this, however, they don't make the full list of queries available. Luckily most search engines provide a feature for suggesting search queries, based on what others have searched in the past. This data can be relatively easily fetched using an automated script. While fetching all possible queries would be too time-consuming, a specific subset can still give interesting insights.

I look at queries of the form "How can I ... ?". While asking such a direct question is not the most efficient way to use a search engine, people seem to do it all the time. Recently, Q&A sites have started exploiting this fact, by collecting possible answers on a separate page for each question. I have to admit, my original meta-idea was to build a Q&A service populated with the most frequently searched questions but this idea is probably already used by some of the Q&A sites and besides, building a SEO spam empire is not my first priority at the moment.

"How can I ..." is obviously not the only way to ask questions, to get a better picture, I should have looked at "How to...", "What if...", "Where can I ..." and possibly many others, however, this one question already seems to give a nice overview of the problems people face. So I proceeded to download the complete list from Google Suggest using a perl script, which took a few days to complete and then sorted the 61588 queries by the frequency number that Google provides.

The list is a fairly interesting read, in alphabetical order it goes from "How can I abort" to "How can I zoom out in wow". The number given by Google is probably closely related to the frequency of a query, however, it must be some approximation (the numbers are too round) and possibly other parameters are factored in (the numbers seem a bit too high). Also it seems to incorporate somehow the frequency of individual words (see later). For many of the queries it needs some thinking to figure out what people really wanted to ask. When you are really stuck with a problem, often you are unable even to ask the right questions.

1 how can i be on made 23200000000

2 how can i view a will 6770000000

3 how can i get reason 4 for free 6500000000

4 how can i read a will 5210000000

5 how can i be of help 5050000000

6 how can i make a will 4230000000

7 how can i be of service 3610000000

8 how can i sign in 3560000000

9 how can i go on facebook 3550000000

10 how can i do facebook 3540000000

11 how can i be an aka 3160000000

12 how can i do a blog 2920000000

13 how can i have a blog 2870000000

14 how can i make a site 2850000000




Ref :

When it comes to money, what do people REALLY want?

I’ve spent the last 10 years trying to understand this. I’ll share some of the things I’ve learned here:

People want…

* To not worry about money
* To be in control
* To occasionally live extravagantly
* To dominate their friends (virtually everybody neglects the social aspect of money)
* To get relevant, tailored information for their personal situation (this doesn’t necessarily have to be via a person…think also of Amazon-like personalization/recommendations)

People do NOT want…

* To have to “learn” about personal finance as a whole — they just care about their own situation
* To learn what stocks, bonds, interest rates, or ANY OTHER TERMS are
* To be told they CAN’T do something (this is probably the #1 biggest mistake personal-finance “experts” have made in the last 50 years: turning money into a conversation of “no”s, which elicits reactance)
* To wait 50 years to see results
* To have to manually “throw money away” into a savings account
* To ignore their emotions about money

Each of those seems deceptively simple, but they are deeply complex when you dig into the psychological underpinnings. (And there are a few other insights that I’ll keep to myself, since I’ve spent years discovering and refining them.) Here are more specific examples.

GOOD: “Here’s a 4-step process to start investing
BAD: Let me explain what stocks and bonds are and how they work (NOBODY CARES)

GOOD: “Here are 2 ways to pay off your debt, and this is the way I recommend the best”
BAD: Let me explain how debt works (NOBODY CARES)

GOOD: “Here are scripts to use to negotiate against your bank. Read them off and watch the customer-service rep melt like butter”
BAD: You should really negotiate stuff (LAZY)

GOOD: Here is what YOU need to be doing, Mr. 26-year-old dude who I deeply understand and therefore know that you spend a significant portion of your income on drinking
BAD: Here is a comprehensive list of things that everyone should be doing: Insurance, retirement, estate planning, tax optimization, family planning… (BROAD AND WORTHLESS)

GOOD: Spend extravagantly on the things you love, but cut costs mercilessly on the things you don’t
BAD: Keep a budget (HAS THIS EVER WORKED?)

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