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What is best way to live ?

I am a 72 year old male and I can tell you the best way to live is stress free. How can one live stress free in today’s environment, especially if one lives in a big city, you ask. What is stress?


Stress is a gut reaction, a feeling, in response to an external stimuli. We have been conditioned to react stressful to an external stimuli. All you have to do, is change your reaction to the particular stimuli, which causes you stress. How? In an instant!


You DECIDE this very moment that this stimuli (traffic, mean boss, angry customer, etc) is not going to cause you stress. It is an easy decision to make, but it will have to be done at every opportunity until it becomes second nature to you. And then you will be able to completely live stress free. The rest of your life will fall nicely into place.


Interestingly, this holds true for many other so called “negative stimuli reactions”. It also holds true for many positive attributes, for instance unconditional love. Love is not the gooey or horny feeling you get when you look your partner in the eye. It, again, is a decision. Decide at this very moment you will love your partner (or any other significant or insignificant person in your life) UNCONDITIONALLY.


Try it, it will surprise you, and best of all, you’ve got nothing to lose…except a stressful life!


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