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What do you know now about personal finance that you wish you knew a few years ago?



20% or more of your income or salary should be saved. Saving ought to become a habit.



What makes you happy. Traveling, spending money to your parents, your nephew/ niece, or organizing meeting with friends (picnic, cinema, theater, concert, walking suburban areas and etc).

After analyzing spend your money on it.


Don't borrow loans and credit cards from banks.

Card a thing that you can not manage your money. They created for the wasting money.


Separate a budget for travel.

At least once a year. One of the thing that you invest in yourself is traveling.


Be your own boss:

As I noted in the first point, if you saved plenty much. Then open a small café. May be book café.

Or another business which you find inner peace.


Asude Yunus

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