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What are some life experiences that everyone must have

What are some life experiences that everyone must have

Rather than "must have" I'd say "would be extremely fortunate to have." Some that occur right off:


raise children - seeing them as tiny infants all the way to self-sufficient adults. Many don't get this, or don't choose it. It changes your life and in the long term, only in good ways.


have a loving, long-term marriage. I know, a lot of people don't get this either. I can't express the depths of joy and meaningfulness that comes from working through hard times and sticking together over the (very) long haul with increasing love throughout. That sounds a bit like a bad greeting card, but it's true.


spend significant time in another culture - or more than one.


along those lines, become passably good in a second language


learn to sing or play a musical instrument


become expert at one thing you love -- and at one thing you really detest (or feel you aren't good at)


meet, chat with, and if possible work with someone that is really famous (so you can see how little that matters)


be poor enough you don't know how you'll eat tomorrow


be wealthy enough you're not really sure how much money you have


do something (preferably more than once) that really changes someone's life for the better -- without them or anyone else knowing you did it


climb a mountain


stay in the wilderness for at least 3 days


spend at least a few days on the ocean


totally, completely, unreservedly forgive someone who has wronged you


apologize to someone else whom you've wronged, regardless of whether they know you've done something and regardless of whether they forgive you


spend a few days -- at least -- without distractions deciding what you believe about God. What you believe is your choice, but you should definitely take the focused time to figure out what that is and make that choice



That's enough for a start, anyway.



Mike Sellers, Entrepreneur, game designer, AI researcher, dad

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