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WebFactory ChangeLog

WebFactory ChangeLog This page describes the changes that are brought to the WebFactory platform. It may be useful in the future to cross link with traffic statistics to check if a change had a positive or a negative impact.


2011-11-29 PIWIK source code was modified : file piwik\core\Tracker\Visits.php - line 673 - if ( strpos($ua, 'zzz_Googlebot') !== false //  "zzz_" was added because we want to track GoogleBot

2011-10-27 - Optimized two pages with SEO-RANKING tool (Using the whole page scan vs only the post scan)
........................... (Keyword : lit cabane)
........................... (Keyword : lit cabane)
2011-10-22 - Added referer keywords list to detail page - "Last visitors arrived here searching for"
2011-10-22 - Blocked spider

2011-09-16 - Added ADSENSE on french niche sites about childrens
2011-08-26 - Activation of WPUNIQUE script and of TXT2IMG script
2011-07-11 - Performed RSS backlinks submission + bulk pinging of the RSS with 3-tier backlinks to agespotremoval


2011-05-26 - Updated language for french sites : html xmlns="" dir="ltr" lang="fr-FR"

2011-05-26 - Updated statistics tool PIWIK to version 1.4 - large drop in visits follows


2011-03-02 - Changed RSS puDate format from ATOM to RSS : Wed, 02 Mar 2011 12:00:00 +0100

2011-02-25 - Added Picture gallery pages

2011-01-30 - Removed href for H1 title in detail page
2011-01-27 - Removed the base href tag, instead using full url links
2011-01-08 - Updated Privacy Policy. Corrected Google Part "Adsense and the DoubleClick DART Cookie"
2011-01-07 - Copied "white" theme to "white2" theme so that all sites become W3C compliant
2011-01-07 - Changed home title tag to exact keyword (removed description from home title). The idea is from Google guidelines to check if file is penalised (Partial Domain notion).

2010-12-29 - Drop in Google images views - Removed Thumbnails to list pages
2010-12-29 - Updated White template to make 100% W3C compliant
2010-12-23 - Added Thumbnails to list pages

2010-12-19 - Changed html tag, added en-US - xmlns="" dir="ltr" lang="en-US"
2010-12-19 - New geographic target set in Google Webmaster Tool for and
2010-12-18 - Added Keywords meta tag to home page

2010-11-27 - changed H1 H2 structure for white1 template - home : H1=sitename H2=post title, articles : H1=post title, H2=related posts
2010-11-19 - Used ping to report sites on, agespotremoval,
2010-11-18 - changed H1 H2 structure for - home : H1=sitename H2=post title, articles : H1=post title, H2=related posts
2010-11-16 - Added automatic pingomatic service pinging for White template and for template
2010-11-14 - RSS Submitting for Age Spot network via Allscoop
2010-11-13 - Social bookmarking for Age Spot network via IMAutomator and OnlyWire
2010-11-13 - Social bookmarking for Paper model site
2010-11-13 - Added WebRing to
2010-11-12 - The traffic drop may have been caused by the change du 21/11 (expire header updated to 48hours), The expire is reset to -1hour to see if traffic comes back to
2010-11-12 - Added to the webring site
2010-11-11 - Ajout des flux RSS sur tous les sites
2010-11-10 - Remontée du traffic sauf pour
2010-11-02 - Baisse de traffic entre le 25 et le 31 oct. : Annulation de la modification de balise title : KEYWORD + Description -> Description + KEYWORD

2010-10-25 - Modification balise title : Description + KEYWORD -> KEYWORD + Description
2010-02-10 Updated tags and categories link structure of niche sites

2010-09-30 Updated automatic highlighting of tags by using italics,bold,links to tags, and links to related content
2010-09-13 Removed fake comments with "lorem ipsum" test text. The comments function is not yet installed
2010-09-13 Created "Link directory Submitter" script to mass submit websites links (Health related ones to start with).
2010-09-02 Used "digiXMAS Directory Submitter" on 2 sites : &

2010-08-11 - Added robots.txt with sitemap link
2010-08-11 - Added sitemap.xml ans sitemap.xsl
2010-08-11 - removed W3C logo to optimise loading speed

2010-07-31 - Added image tags (alt, title) + image link with lightbox plugin
2010-07-28 - Change H1 H2 tags usage. H1 tag is title of site for home page and H1 is title of post for articles (see H1,H2 case study)
2010-07-26 - Added title for all sites

2010-06-27 - Added automatic content for keyword and description meta-tags

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