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Web Intelligence
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Web Intelligence


Web intelligence is a combination of digital analytics, which examines how website visitors view and interact with a site’s pages and features, and business intelligence, which allows a corporation’s management to use data on customer purchasing patterns, demographics, and demand trends to make effective strategic decisions.

Using SimilarWeb To Get A Top Level View.


It provides a lot of key information to evaluate :
- Traffic
- Page Views, Time On Site, And Bounce Rate
- Traffic Sources
- Social Signals
- Display Advertising

YOUGETSIGNAL Show what other websites are also hosted on the same IP address :

RIVERSEIP Give you a count of the other domains also on that IP address for free.
If there are many hosted sites on an IP address, so
it looks like a shared hosting service or a cloud based hosting service.



Follow.net is a great one stop intelligence site that combines a lot of data from
a range of other sites.






Product marketplaces :











Web Intelligence

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