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Web-based Change Management

Web based Change Management

Fast, efficient change control
- Improve your workflow
- Work online, anywhere
- Low cost, high performance

Secure, accurate, automated
- Simple to use
- Easy to deploy
- Automated features
- Out-of-the-box ITIL templates
Automatic audit trails
- Record full history of changes
- Comply with Sarbanes-Oxley
- Maintain cross references

Improve communication and teamwork
- Add user comments
- Gather and store information
- Communicate the purpose of change
Easy reporting in popular formats
- Create detailed reports
- Analyse all change requests
- Export
Maintain up-to-date records
- Attach all types of documents
- Reduce paperwork



  1. 100% web-based, online system
  2. Home page graphs and statistics
  3. Tasks to guide users
  4. Import Outlook/Exchange contacts
  5. Create Microsoft Outlook tasks
  6. Graphical lifecycle editor
  7. Add comments on who did what, and why
  8. Advanced business rule creation
  9. Calendar and GANTT views
  10. History log changes to admin. tables
  11. Automated user notification monitors
  12. Vote on change requests
  13. Email submission of change requests
  14. Email submission of votes
  15. Customise user views
  16. Automated workflow
  17. Graphical UDF envelope/tab editor
  18. Easily run reports in PDF, HTML, Word etc
  19. Central admin. screen with simple wizards
  20. Ready to use ITIL v3 templates
  21. Sarbanes-Oxley compliant
  22. Attach any documents to change requests
  23. Configure your user preferences
  24. Automated audit trails record why a change was made
  25. information capture add-on
  26. ICCEL code for advanced customisation
  27. Cross reference between related changes
  28. Windows authentication
  29. AllChange configuration management integration
  30. Microsoft Project integration

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ITIL templates / Checklist
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