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vision planning action

vision planning action Action plan principles.

This section also provides information on the process used to develop the action plan components, which include: vision, mission, goals, and action items.


* Vision - The vision statement describes the preferred or desired future for the community with regard to natural hazards.

* Mission - The mission statement is a philosophical or value statement that answers the question "Why develop a plan?" In short, the mission states the purpose and defines the primary function of the County's Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan. The mission is an action-oriented statement of the plan's reason to exist. It is broad enough that it need not change unless the community environment changes.

* Goals - Goals are designed to drive actions and they are intended to represent the general end toward which the County effort is directed. Goals identify how the community intends to work toward mitigating risk from natural hazards. The goals are guiding principles for the specific recommendations that are outlined in the action items.

* Action Items - The action items are detailed recommendations for activities that local departments, citizens and others could engage in to reduce risk.


Figure 4.1 illustrates the components of the action plan and depicts the level of specificity for each of the action plan components.

vision planning action

vision planning action

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