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VirtualDub and Deshaker tutorial








The Short Guide


These are the minimum number of steps you must make in order to stabilize a video clip:


Open your video clip in VirtualDub (menu: File/Open video file).

(Tip: If VirtualDub can't open your video file directly, you can use AviSynth to open pretty much anything in VirtualDub. Also, there are several input plugins available for VirtualDub.)


PASS 1 :  Add the Deshaker filter (menu: Video/Filters, click: Add, double-click: Deshaker).

In the Deshaker configuration dialog that appears, select the correct Source pixel aspect and Video type. Also, if your camcorder has a CMOS sensor instead of a CCD sensor, check Camcorder has a rolling shutter, and if possible, find out the correct rolling shutter amount (see settings below). Then, click OK to close.

(Note: Most modern cameras have a CMOS sensor.)


Step through the video in some way. One way is to use File/Preview filtered in VirtualDub, which lets you see all processed frames, but is limited to a processing speed equal to the clip's framerate. To ensure maximum processing speed at all times, use File/Run video analysis pass instead. No useful video is created during this first pass, so there's no need to save the output video.

(Note: If you use File/Preview filtered, it's important that the menu items Options/Drop frames when behind and Options/Sync to audio are unchecked.)


PASS 2 : Open the Deshaker configuration dialog again (menu: Video/Filters, double-click: Deshaker line), and select Pass 2 by clicking on it.

Select a video codec (menu: Video/Compression) and encode the video the usual way (menu: File/Save as AVI).


The default settings will however result in black borders caused by moving the frames around to compensate for shaky video. There are various settings that can help limit the size of the borders, remove them completely or make them less ugly. Read about these pass 2 settings below. (The settings in question are Edge compensation, Previous and future frames to fill in borders and Extrapolate colors into border.)


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VirtualDub and Deshaker tutorial

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