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Tools for SEO and link building

Tools for SEO and link building Ref :


What are your favorite Internet Marketing Tools?

Well, I just published a post outlining my new backlinking strategy and the tools I will be using on my blog, but right now my favorite backlinking tools have to be Sick Submitter and SEO Link Robot. I use Sick to build profile links, create blog posts and do some blog commenting, and SEO Link Robot for Web 2.0 creation. For keyword research, I use MicroNicheFinder and I also rely on TheBestSpinner quite a bit as well.

What is your #1 favorite link building technique?

Right now, its probably forum profile backlink building, which I know is controversial in many circles, but it is the technique I’ve probably seen the best results from so far. However, I will be creating my own personal blog network of high PR blogs over the next few months, and I’m anticipating they will soon become my favorite method.

Much of my backlink building activity has been inspired by Terry Kyle (author of Backlinks Hydra) and the folks over at the There is some really great information shared there.

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Among my past failed IM fads (as Sinatra sang, 'I've had my share' or something like that), I used to absolutely hammer article directories with Article Post Robot (hope I don't get sued in a minute).

Article Post Robot is - in its defence - actually a very efficient program and does precisely what is was designed to do - post, robotically.

The problem I found JP was that those hundreds and hundreds of links (OK let's call them tens of thousands) gave very little impact - at least for me. Maybe others have done well with mass article directory submission, I never have.

The best results that I've gotten (even if these sites had the same PR as article directories I was using) have been from forum profiles and social community-type sites that you see in Angela and PJs packets, sites for example like Ted dot com or ladygaga dot com.

Now I'm sure that the hardcore article marketing guerillas have well-developed strategies for maximising opportunities on search traffic WITHIN an article directory (not Google) but relying on link power from (hundreds of) article directories (with dofollow) has always been a dud for me.

Ref :


Sick Submitter – I just started using this in July. If you use a captcha solving program like Decaptcher, you can use it to do fully automated profile link building! This is easily my favorite and the most effective backlinking tool I am using at the minute (the fact that it’s cheap – under $20 a month – is just an added bonus!).

SEO Link Robot – A program set to be released at some point in October, which I use mainly for web 2.0 creation. Similar to SE Nuke and Magic Submitter, but will only have a one time fee instead of monthly subscription once released. (I was a beta tester for the program in August/September 2010). Now released! Click here to view more details.


Backlink Indexer Express – I use this to get my backlinks indexed on my own mini-network of Wordpress sites (five total). A great program and well supported by the developer.

The Best Spinner – Arguably the best spinning software program available (hence the name). Started using it in June, 2010 and love it!

Aweber – I use this to create email sign-ups and lists for my affiliate websites. It can help improve conversion rates dramatically.

Free Link Checker – A free tool from Scrapebox that will quickly check and make sure your backlinks are valid. I use it to check forum backlink packages from Market Crush as well as my VA’s daily backlink reports.

Simple Proxy Scraper – Another great (and free!) tool from Stephen Hawkins. You have to sign into his opt-in list to get the download, but it is worth it. Very quick and easy to use, allows you to “scrape” a list of about 200 proxies to use in about a minute.

Dropbox – Creates a folder in space that you can use to easily transfer files between computers or between you and your employees. Completely free to use as long as you only need 2 GB of storage space.

Copyscape – I use this to check that articles I have outsourced to others has not been plagiarized in any way. It costs something like five cents to check each article.

Jing – This is a great screencapture software program. There is both a free and a paid version, but I have found the free version to work right now for my needs. I’m currently using it to create training videos for my virtual assistant.

Xheader – I use WordPress to build all my websites, and although there are many different themes already available for WordPress I sometimes like to create my own headers. Xheader is a free header graphics software program that is very easy to use (there is also a paid version, but I’ve found the free version to be adequate for my needs).

Hostgator Reseller Hosting Account – So far, I’m happy with their service. With a resellers account, you can host a large number of blogs on multiple IP addresses. I’m currently paying about $25 a month to host my thirty Wordpress blogs.

GoDaddy – Currently I’m using them to purchase all my domains. Some tips: If you look for coupons online, you can get some very good deals. And if you buy five or more domain names at the same time, you’ll get free privacy protection. If you use my affiliate link, you can get .com domains for only $6.89 a year.

FileZilla – Great open source (and free) FTP software that I use to upload themes and other files for my websites to my hostgator accounts.

Ping.Fm – Another social bookmarking tool. I use it to help index other back links, primarily.


Tools I used to use, but no longer do:


Unique Article Wizard – I just started using this service in June, 2010 and got banned from it about a month later for excessive logins from different IP addresses. However, I renewed my subscription a few weeks later (using different account information) because I find it so useful for article submissions. Most articles I submit through UAW go to over 1000 different directories. One of the best features is that it allows you to slowly “drip feed” your submissions at a rate you decide, meaning that one article submission can be providing consistent backlinks for over a month or more. Update: Canceled service in October, 2010 due to financial constraints.

The Link Juicer – I signed up for the free thirty day trial in late April but decided to continue my membership and am still subscribed as now (September, 2010). The Link Juicer slowly builds backlinks to your website from a diverse array of blogs, social bookmarking sites, ebook directories and more. You can also spin posts for the maximum effect. To learn more, read my Link Juicer Review. Update: Canceled service in October, 2010 due to financial constraints.

Blog BluePrint – Started Using May, 2010 and still using it as of September, 2010. Blog Blueprint allows up to 20 “microposts” a day on many high PR websites. I’m seeing great results with this service, and I often use it to boost sites on page two or three up to page one using Blog Blueprint alone. (Subscription on hold for October)

Free Traffic System – A nice way to get some free backlinks. Each article you write can be posted on up to thirty blogs. You can also spin the articles for maximum effect. I used this a lot when I was first starting out and had little money to invest in backlinking services.

Blackbelt Backlinks Monthly. Limited subscription forum profile backlink packages (400 links each package). Started Using May, 2010. Stopped using in August, 2010, when I changed over to using Sick Submitter instead. Probably one of the best backlinking packets available.

SE Nuke – I did a five week trial of the program in August/September 2010. It works pretty well, in my experience, although has a high learning curve and is quite expensive. Too expensive for my budget, and I’ve switched to SEO Link Robot instead.

Magic Submitter – I did a one month trial of the program in September 2010 (alongside SE Nuke and SEO Link Robot). I think Magic Submitter is easier to learn to use than SE Nuke, and it’s also cheaper. I would consider it a viable alternative to SE Nuke for those willing to pay a monthly subscription price for a web 2.0 site building program. There is a $4.95 trial price for the first month, which I think is probably worth doing.

Article BluePrint – Started Using May, 2010 and discontinued in September 2010. It allows you to post spun articles to article directories and websites and works similar to Unique Article Wizard. I found the number of directories the articles are being published in to be quite low for my articles (usually less than 30) and UAW seems a better option.

SEO Link Dominator – A tool which greatly speeds up the creation of profile type backlinks. I used to use it to process my BlackBelt Monthly profile links, but I now use Sick Submitter instead. Still, a great tool for those not interested in paying a monthly subscription fee (however little) to Sick Submitter.

SEO Fast Indexer – I used this from May 2010 to August 2010 to help search engines find and index the backlinks I have created. (If the links you have created aren’t found and indexed by Google, then creating them is really a waste of your time). It is very cheap and easy to use, but I have since moved onto using Backlink Indexer Express.

Angela’s Backlink Packets – This service only costs $5 a month, and when I first started creating forum backlinks I used them with good results. However, I found during the last part of 2009 that they were getting difficult to use because they were being spammed to death. It is for this reason that I switched to the Blackbelt Backlinks Monthly packages, and I’m having good results with them so far.

Link Racer – I had high hopes for this blog network, but soon lost enthusiasm as few of the backlinks I should have show up in Yahoo Site Explorer and because of the owner’s frequent site and payment processing issues. Not Recommended!

JetSpinner – I used this free spinning tool for almost a year to spin my articles, and I recommend it to those who aren’t ready to spend $85 on The Best Spinner (or a similar program). It works pretty good for a free spinner, although in order to get access to it, you have to sign up for a free trial to the JetSubmitter first (30 days free). If you cancel/once you cancel your membership to JetSubmitter, you will still have free access to the JetSpinner.

JetSubmitter – I signed up for the free thirty day trial mainly so I could get free access to the JetSpinner (see above). However, I did take advantage of the thirty day free trial. Using the JetSubmitter, you can spin and submit an article to hundreds of article directories. Although I thought the service was of some use, I did not feel it was worth the $47 a month fee.

SEOLinkVine – I subscribed to this service in mid-May, and dropped it a month later as I didn’t feel the service was worth the monthly subscription. I will be writing a more full description soon.

Incansoft Tools – I signed up for an affiliate account with them, which allows you to try out any and all their products for a $20 a month fee for as long as you are an affiliate. Although I’ve now dropped the affiliate account, I used RSSBot, ArticleBot, PressBot, DirectoryBot and GFX Video Writer all to some degree of success. However, I found the only one I used with any regularity was RSSBot. Many of their article and blog submission bots tended to be out of date, or had many hacked sites in their inventory.

WebsDominator Lite – A free and completely automated profile building application by Tom Goodwin that targets WebID sites. Not currently available, however.

Market Crush Backlinks – A backlink service that creates forum profiles at fairly competitive rates – $35 for 2000+ back links. It can take up to two weeks to process each order, and should only be used on established sites. I found the backlinks disappeared quite quickly, although I did get a nice boost for the websites that I used them on (I have used the service twice).

FoxyProxy – I used to use the free version of this Firefox extension to quickly change my IP address, until I learned how to do it manually myself (I have Comcast cable). FoxyProxy is quite simple and easy to use, although the proxies provided can be unreliable at times.

OnlyWire – Nearly automates bookmarking to about thirty different sites. I used to use the free version to bookmark my blogs and articles (from February, 2010 to July, 2010). I haven’t seen huge results from this tool, however, so I stopped using it.

DupeCop – I used this tool regularly to check the uniqueness of spun articles before purchasing The Best Spinner, and it worked well for that.

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