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time mastery

time mastery


There are many advices I have received and I am grateful for. What makes me and others successful is that I build upon them and integrate them in more valuable models. One such example that has helped me and I can share with you is time mastery. Time mastery focuses on the understanding of the principles of time as a whole and use it constructively.


  • 1. The past gives you knowledge and experience. Those are the tools to use in the present to build your future. Most people use the past to beat themselves up in the present. Clean your mind, build empowering habits
  • 2. The present gives you power to take action and build your future. Give your attention to things that bring you the biggest value. 80% of the value comes from 20% of the effort. Which means that 80% of your effort is inefficient. Value your time and put it to good use, by prioritising the high ROI (Return On Investment) activities. We all have 24 hours in a day, but we don't use it the same way. That's how high achievers make better use of their time.

  • 3. The future gives you wealth and abundance. The creation process works backwards in time. You set your goal in the present, go to the future in your mind, create your masterpiece visually in your mind's eye, come back and take inspired action in the present.

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