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The Simplest Forum Software

The Simplest Forum Software bbPress is plain and simple forum software, plain and simple. It’s easy to use, easy to administrate, fast and clean. But don’t let its simplicity deceive you; underneath the gleam, it’s got some powerful features and is highly customizable.




bbPress is still pretty new, but we’re certain of a few things:


1. Open Source, always and forever

2. Less (code) is more

3. Simplicity is a feature

4. Speed and security are the foundation of any good user experience

5. Put the user first


Every line of code is written with these principles in mind, and if that sounds good to you maybe you can help out!






The Simplest Forum Software bbPress 1.0 Final Released

bbPress is a simple and easy to use forum software created by the developers of WordPress. After many months of testing in alpha, beta and release candidate stages, the final version has been released today as bbPress 1.0. The bbPress administrative interface is very similar to WordPress and feels just like home for those accustomed to WordPress. One of the best things in bbPress is the single sign-on supprt between bbPress and WordPress, which means your users will need a single account to access both your WordPress installation as well as bbPress. Here’s a screenshot of bbPress 1.0 in action below.image


Here’s the feature list of bbPress from the devs:



Fast and light


We keep our code lean so that you get the best experience possible.


Simple interface


One of our biggest goals is to keep things simple and make things intuitive. Our dream is that you forget you’re even using the software.


Customizable templates


Not everybody likes the same pair of pants, so we allow you to dress up your forums however you like.


Highly extensible


bbPress can’t toast your bagels, but a plugin for it sure could!


Spam protection


A bundled Akismet plugin offers you an amazing weapon against spam.


RSS Feeds


You want feeds? We get ‘em; they’re everywhere.


Easy integration with your blog


WordPress and bbPress are siblings, and they get along together a lot better than you and your brother did when you were kids!


The change log from 0.9 to 1.0 is as following:

# “Voices” count on topics reports the number of individuals participating in a conversation

# Native support for cookie integration (single sign-on) with Wordpress 2.7 and 2.8

# Optional support for memcached object caching

# Time-zone and Daylight Savings time support

# A complete XML-RPC publishing API

# Pingback support – each topic can receive pingbacks, just like a blog post

# All javascript has been moved to jQuery

# Optionally allow login via email address as well as username

# New meta API allows arbitrary meta data to be stored for posts, topics, forums, options, tags or even meta (that’s right, meta-meta – first legitimate use wins a prize)!

# Display names used primarily for user identification display, which allows special characters to be used

# Themes can now have a “functions.php” file, which is automatically loaded

# Accessibility improvements on forms and in the default theme, including WAI-ARIA roles

# Major overhaul of the admin interface

# Optional Akismet statistics page

# Cute new icons from Ben Dunkle (pictured above)

# Improved use of posts admin to manage spam

# Prettier Kakumei (default) theme

# Hello Louie! Plugin


Remember to backup your data before updating from 0.9 to 1.0 and disable all plugins too. Some minor changes to templates might be needed if you do an upgrade.


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Other references -  BBPRESS Mutiple users :



Plugins :

Human Test for bbPress (0.9.4)

Automated bot registration is becoming a problem on bbPress. This is an easy way to stop virtually all of them.


This plugin adds a new field at the bottom of your registration page with two random numbers to add together. Uses a few tricks like javascript and entity encoding to slow down the smarter bots.


Now supports bb-anonymous-posting plugin with a challenge question automatically placed above posts/topics.


No template edits or core modifications required, 100% plugin based,


Eventually will add image based (captcha style) writing as well as "negative fields".






Wordpress MU :


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