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Jim Rohn

I. The cycles and seasons of life
For most, we remain forever in one of two categories :
Either poor, seeking to become wealthy
or wealthy, seeking always to rediscover the happiness we had while we were poor.

II The effect of environment on circumstance
It is the human tendency to blame someone or something else for our lack of progress.
We blame government, competitors, managers, inflation, pay schedules and even the traffic and weather for our
What we have been is an established and unchangeable fact.
What we can yet become is an unlimited, boundless opportunity.
Therefore do not allow your awareness of past difficulty or failures to adversely affect your current and
future possibilities.

The gathering of a few business friends for lunch is a common, everyday occurence.
In one hour we can satisfy our hunger for food, gossip, ridicule, and condemnation of those not present.
We can repeat half-truths brought to us through hearsay.
We can complain about government, management, co-workers, traffic, taxes, weather, and the "system",
while doing nothing to produce solutions.
Eating alone is better than mingling with those whose conversation is negative.
Changing the conversation is better than prolonging a conversation designed to degrade someone.

What we have become largely determines the kind of people, events, books, and lifestyle that we select.

III The value of attitudes
It is ironic that one of the few things in this life over which we have total control is our own attitude,
and yet most of us live our entire life behaving as though we had no control whatsoever.
By our attitude, we decide to read, or not to read.
By our attitude, we blame ourselves for our failure, or we foolishly blame others.
Our attitude determines whether we love or hate, tell the truth or lie,
act or procrastinate,
advance or recede,
and by our own attitude, we and we alone actually decide whether to succeed or fail.

Attitude determines choice, and choice determines results.

In the cycles and seasons of life, attitude is everything!

IV The constant, predictable pattern of change
The confrontations, disapointments, and challenges of life are treated by each generation as though they are the first to experience such events,
when in fact, the pre-Christians years saw the same occurences both appear and dissolve.

For all of us, the only constant factor in life is our feelings and attitudes toward life.
A major challenge faced by us all is that we learn to experience the changing of life's cycles without being changed by them.
To make a constant and conscious effort to improve ourselves in face of changing circumstances
is to assure a tolerance for the winters of life's events,
and to permit ouserselves the full enjoyment of the blessings of life's harvest come the automn.

Springtime - The time to take advantage of opportunity - Friendship, love, ideas.

Spring is the time to take advantage.

The rocks, weeds, and thorns of the world cannot destroy all your seeds if you plant massively enough and intelligently enough.

To take advantage of the spring, rid your soil of the weeds and rocks disguised as the opinions of those around you in the form of
worry, doubt, or pessimism.
It is the fertilizer of faith and enthusiasm that will overcome the worst forms of bugs and weeds.
Listen not to the bearers of discouraging words.

Choose action, not rest.
Choose truth, not fantasy.
Choose a smile, not a frown.
Choose love, not animosity.
Choose the good in life in all things,
and choose the opportunity as well as the chance to work when springtime smiles on your life.

Much of the effort and opportunity of springtime rests in the depth and degree of our faith.
Life provides no assurances that the planting of seeds will provide the reaping of crops.
We have only the demonstrated experiences of others to draw upon.
The storms of life could cancel our efforts expended in the fields of opportunity.
But to expend no effort during the spring will assure no results during the fall.

Faith further provides to us irrevocable law decreed in heaven which assures that
for every desciplined human effort we will receive a multiple reward...
for every good idea given to another, many shall be given to us in return...

Become wise enough to recognise the faint glimmerings of the springtimes of life which manifest themselves each day :
The opportunity to listen to the words of those wiser than ourselves;
The opportunity to lift a child upon your knee;
The opportunity to walk a beach with someone you love.
The opportunity to speak good things of someone, when habit prompts you to find fault;
The opportunity to watch the hummingbirds, or the flowers, or a butterfly perform its strange miracle.
Seize the infrequent opportunity to do nothing for a change, or something for a change.
force yourself to turn off the television, and embrace the opportunity for having family conversation - or even silence.
Opportunity surrounds us all, appearing and disapearing just as fast, leaving behind fond memories to
those who responded to its appearance, and regrets to those who were then too busy to bother.

Life is truly a constant beginning, a constant opportunity, a constant springtime.
We need only to learn to look once again at life as we did as children,
letting fascination and curiosity give us welcome cause for taking a second look, rather than taking for granted.
Fortune, happiness, and peace of mind await those who learn to look for the miraculous hidden amond the common.

VI. THE SUMMER        
Summertime - A time to protect and nurture.        

Progress in any form and happiness or success in any form require constant effort,
for obstacle exist that might discourage the weak and the undeserving.
Overcome one obstacle in life, and another appear to fill the void.

Life is designed to be a story of achievment in spite o adversity, not in the absence of adversity,
for without adversity achievment could not exist.

The summer of life is a time to protect;
Develop an uderstanding and awareness of the fact that all good will be attacked.
It is nature's way of qualifying those who are worthy and those who are not.

Learn to accept the perpetual existence of negativity.

It is written that as you sow, so also shall you reap, but only when you combine
the effort of sowing with the mental effort of believing,
and the physical effort of constant attention at those things of value.
Smile at adversity, and act quickly to eliminate it.
Expect adversity, for it shall surely appear.
Be grateful for adversity, for it forces the human spirit to grow.
for surely, the human character is formed not in the absence of difficulty but in our response to difficulty.

All things, even adversity have their worthy purpose.

Since you cannot control the weather, or the traffic, or the one you love, o your neighbours, or your boss,
then you must learn to control you...
The one whose response to the difficulties of life really counts.

Do not doubt yourself, for where doubt resides, confidence cannot.
Do not neglect yourself, for with neglect comes loss.

The fall - A time for harvesting the fruits of our springtime labor        

All effort, be it service, marketing, recruiting, or products must bring good to all those who are involved or te effort will not
whithstand the final test of time.

It is a tendency of humans to look at those who enjoy success as having been, at some earlier time, either lucky or dishonest.
Surely, the man driving the luxury car toward his expensive home on the hill could not deserve it through hard work and sacrifice.
Such is the language of the poor.
For the fortunate man with the car and the house on the hill, these are crops given to him in his fall of the business season
as just rewards for efforts expended during an earlier springtime of his life...
A springtime during which those who now condemn the man possibly sat back and laughed, or fished, or told stories.
This is the folly of man. Those who do not possess will always scorn the possessor.

Those who condemn the successful man or woman for their apparent good fortune or dishonesty are unaware of the price often
paid for success.

In the fall, we either enjoy, or we excuse.

The season of winter

The first great lesson of life to learn is that winter will always come ;
Not only in the winter of cold, and wind, and ice, and snow,
but the human winters of despair and loneliness, or disapointment, or tragedy.
It is winter when prayers go unanswered, or when the acts of our children leave us shaken and stunned.

To those who are prepared for winter's arrival, let them use winter as they would use spring... to take advantage.

Much of life is in learning to always remain part of the solution rather than allowing ourselves to become part of
the problem.

For things or circumstances to change, human attitudes, opinions, and habits must change.
Conversation on how things ought to be... on why things aren't fair... is just that. Conversations !

Let winter find you with a joyful countenance and a happy heart...
with a good word for all those around you;
with confidence in the future, not apprehension;
with appreciation of the past, not regret;
and finally, with gratitude for your achievements, adversities, and uncertainties of life,
for each is a form of blessing which removes all limitations from the future possibilities of life.

Winter is a time for examining, pondering, and introspection.
It is a time for re-evaluating both purpose and procedure, for redicovering an often misplaced sense of purpose.
It is a time for finding new ways for solving old dilemnas,
and for devising unique plans for contributing to others, less fortunate than ourselves.
It is a time for understanding and controlling anger, that frequent human emotion which causes us to pass judgment without fair deliberation.

The wisdom that comes with te careful use of winter teaches us alo that evolution is merely revolution at a slower pace, and
that constant gradual change is the order of the universe.

Only those worthy human attributes of honesty, loyalty, love, and trust in god and in our fellow man are meant to remain onstant.
Winter is a time for being grateful for our achievements, or for having endured our lack of achievement.

Let not winter go by without investing much of your time in assuring, teaching and encouraging others.
The teacher is always the greatest recipient of the lessons he seeks to teach to others.


Your role of present failure, or success, is a temporary condition.
You will rebound from failure as surely as you gravitated into failure.

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