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The happy person

The happy person:


maintains good health


realizes that jealousy is selfishness, not care or affection


has goals and seeks to accomplish them, while seeing the failure to meet a goal as a learning lesson


seeks challenge


is honest in thought, purpose and action


doesn't discriminate, even against 'negative' people, because they come to understand that different people are affected by different things and are in different phases in their life. That happy person was probably negative at some point in their life too.


realizes that, in the end, in the grand scheme of things, nothing we do matters, we are unimportant, so life is a gift and you can use it how you like, but when you spend your gift completely selfishly you push people away, bringing unhappiness, so you learn that you enjoy bonding more because of the constant positive affirmation from close relationships


seeks constant development/improvement, yet understands that some developments take time


is fair, because only fairness contributes to the growth and development of other people


is constantly seeking learning through knowledge mixed with experience to advance the way they think, because knowledge alone is just the memory of facts, while applying knowledge to experience allows you to grow.


respects others and expects nothing in return...most unhappiness comes from unmet expectations


realizes that your life is like a stage and you're the central character while everybody else is just an extra coming on and off your stage...and then realize that it's the same for everybody else, and you're just an extra on their stage, so you don't overestimate your centrality in other peoples lives.


realizes that you're born with nothing but yourself and die with nothing but yourself, so the most important thing in your life is yourself. Everything else is a bonus for you to appreciate but not to feel bad when it goes away.


realizes there is nothing 'negative' in the world. The things others see as negative are either things to learn from, things to test your acceptance and understanding, or things necessary in nature. There is nothing negative in the world.


seeks and learns freedom


seeks and learns love


actively seeks and learns happiness directly, as opposed to the indirect method used by everybody now


seeks perfection of the human experience


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