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The Big Book of Everything


The Big Book of Everything

What is the Big Book of Everything?


In a nutshell, it is a notebook filled with all of the information anyone could possibly need to know about you. The idea is that in our lives we have countless things that we are involved in. On rare occasions, other people need this information and no one knows how to get it. That's where the Big Book comes in. By filling this out and keeping it current, you can simplify the effort others have to take on your behalf.



Uses for the Big Book are:


  • After you pass away. People will know what accounts to cancel, have access to your email, know where important papers are kept, and otherwise streamline what is already a painful process.
  • Filling out applications. The information in the book is often found on various applications, by having the book you can look that stuff up at a moments notice.
  • Making sure you know what your assets are. By going through and inventorying all of your assets, you have a better idea of where you are financially.
  • Forcing you to prepare for emergencies. By filling out the forms, it will force you to be better prepared when an emergency strikes.



So, how long does this take to fill out?


Well you certainly could sit down and bang it all out in one sitting but that would take a long time, longer than it takes to do your taxes. Instead, I recommend tackling a page a day. There are fifty-two pages in the book. Some pages will take you 10 minutes to fill out, while others might take a few hours. If you do a page a day, you should be done in about a month and a half.



Sounds great, but what does it cost?


Good question, it is free. Just download the PDF down below, print it out, and go to town.


If you want to, I'd love it if you purchased one my books.


If you find anything I left out of the Big Book, or you have any questions, please feel free to email me.





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Table of contents


FAMILY / Personal Information

FAMILY / Document Location

FAMILY / Travel Information

FAMILY / Current Resume

FAMILY / Emergency Plan

FINANCE / Passwords and Logins

BUSINESS / Passwords and Logins
FAMILY / Data backup plans

Groups and Organizations

FINANCE / Bank Accounts
Account Numbers
FAMILY / Previous Addresses

BUSINESS / Employment History

FAMILY / Schooling History

FAMILY / Transcripts (Diplômes)
FINANCE / Life Insurance Policies
FINANCE / Health Insurance Policies

FINANCE / Car Insurance Policies
FINANCE / Homeowner/Renter Insurance
HEALTH / Medical History

HEALTH /Prescription Medication
HEALTH / Extended Family Medical History
HEALTH /Long Term Health Care

HEALTH / Organ and Body Donation

FAMILY / Pet Information

FAMILY / Guardianship of Children

WISDOM / Final Arrangements

WISDOM / Funeral Guest List

WISDOM / Eulogy Notes

WISDOM / Personal Letters

WISDOM / Estate Plans

Other Contacts

Funeral Receipts

FINANCE / Investments

FINANCE / Other Assets

FINANCE / Retirement Plans

BUSINESS / Private Business

FINANCE / Real Estate

FINANCE / Safes and Storage

FINANCE / Valuables Inventory

FINANCE / Vehicles

Tax Issues

FINANCE / Loan Obligations

Credit Report

FINANCE / Credit Cards

Other Debts

Debts Owed to You



TO DO : Classify by :






The Big Book of Everything

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