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I will be sixty-five years old on June 17 2018.


If I could go back and relive my life from my teenage years to my present age I would :


(1.) Refrain from sharing personal information until I really got to know someone.


(2.) NEVER allow peer pressure to persuade me to do something that didn't feel right.


(3.) Develop good study habits.


(4.) Live more in the moment.


(5.) Live with gratitude for what I have.


(6.) Always have goals , both short term and long term.


(7.) Show love toward my family and friends, life is uncertain and they will not always be here.


(8.) Take care of my health ; eat nutritious food and do physical activities that I enjoy, like swimming and biking.


(9.) Be meticulous about oral hygiene.


(10.) Start a savings account, and learn about investing money.


(11.) Do random acts of kindness.


(12.) Seek advice or help for situations where you don't know what to do.


(13.) Learn to play a musical instrument.


(14.) Travel and gain new perspectives of the world.


(15.) NEVER tolerate a bully. Seek help from someone in authority if necessary.


(16.) Spend time with small children. They view the world with wonder and curiosity.


(17.) Don't hold grudges. Forgive people who hurt you. Just let your anger go, or it will damage your outlook.


(18.) Have fun and enjoy your life! It goes by in a FLASH.






Sorry, there are more than three, but all are attainable!


1. That life is not fair nor unfair, it just is...get on with it!


2. That smiles are contagious...and so are frowns!


3. Define early on, your passions and objective in life…and pursue them relentlessly


4. Learn that life is a decision, you decide to be happy, to love, to be angry or not, to succeed and in general anything you want!


5. That success is not measured by what you have, but by who you are


6. That persistence will take you further than any other human trait


7. To not suffer life, all problems go away one way or another, no matter how little or much you worry about them!


8. To spend your money on experiences (travelling, family, vacations, etc.) instead of things. Almost all of the things you will will forget, yet every experience you live will be indelibly stamped in your mind.


9. To love more, hate less (yes you will hate, or at least dislike or lose time pondering silly stuff, when you should be enjoying yourself and having happy thoughts instead), and definitely live and laugh more.


10. To forgive everything and everybody, and get rid of all that stupid baggage we all carry in our heads and souls when we don't forgive and forget!


11. Don’t be a follower, you will end up where somebody else wanted to go.


12. Never owe more than you can pay!


13. To study and study hard, your title may not be what you end up doing, but it will teach you that you can get things done, that you are intelectually capable, and also get you into the training of working hard to meet expectations.


Finally, never stop learning and moving forward, and don’t stop until you are no more...and even so, who knows, maybe there is something else after that!





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