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Set ups for the day and what to watch during the day

1.   Strategic decision : Chart 4 hour 21 EMA :    heading up - heading down -  ranging (= no trend) ADX : Over 30 = strong trend -  Under 30 = ranging (no trend) OsMA :   heading up - heading down - divergence? Stocs Influences from longer term time frames: Watch longer-term Fib levels: re... Plus...

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A Trend System for Stocks and ETFs

Scott's Investments I previously wrote on a trend following study done by Blackstar Funds. Blackstar's article in full can be found on Scribd, here. The system is fairly simple, if today's close is greater than or equal to the highest close during the stock's entire history then buy tomorrow on the ... Plus...

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High probability Short Term trading strategies

High probability Short Term trading strategies This book has been written by two people who have come to enjoy the process. We've both discovered we are not the only ones to have made certain mistakes and we've also discovered the same secrets to success ... which we hope to share with you. The sing... Plus...

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28 Regles de Trading de W.D GAN

28 Regles de Trading de W.D GAN (ecrit par Toonsai ) Voici les 28 règles de Bases du Trading du Tradeur Americain William Delbert Gann. Si vous n'êtes pas convaincus de ces règles, alors comme dans beaucoup de cas, l'expérience vous le prouvera. Par expérience et étant très pragmatique, je tr... Plus...

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