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Speedy Worpress Site With Google so enamored with speed, Performance metrics are always fun. Getting faster second by second can almost get downright addicting. It’s like a race where you are looking to shave off those last seconds.


Here are a few things I always do when setting up a new blog on a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP) server. It’s actually best to think in 3’s (Server, Content, Client).


* CDN-Images=> Amazon Cloud, MaxCDN, (small fee)
* CDN-Scripts=> Google, Yahoo, Microsoft (free)
* APACHE=> GZIP and mod_deflate see:
* MYSQL=> enable define( ‘ENABLE_CACHE’, true ) in your wp-config
* PHP=> APC Cache this is written by the PHP team so you are best to consider using it
* W3-TOTAL-CACHE=> Is a great plugin for setting some of the above up


* Avoid Transparent images use jpg if possible @ 60% quality
* Combine your scripts and css files this can actually be done with the W3-TOTAL-CACHE plugin


* Force the client browse to cache your content so that for example your page header image is not requested with every page your user clicks on. Again W3-TOTAL-CACHE can perform this for you.
* Don’t forget on Safari and Chrome (aka webkit) you can right click -> ‘inspect element’. Inside this developer tool you have a ton of performance tools. For example you can see how long it takes to render every single element on your page and so much much more…

Of course there are many other tools/techniques that can really help shave time like sprites, and of course nice hardware.


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