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SMART - Smart Goal Setting

SMART Smart Goal Setting Goal setting is a term you hear bandied about often. If you've ever worked in the corporate world, owned your own business, been a full time student, or even looked for ways to improve your personal goal setting you may have come across this phrase.

So what is it all about?
* Is it just some kind of fad?
* Is it the latest trend or buzz word?
* Is it some kind of secret code for getting rich quick?

Well to be honest, it's not quite that simple.

Smart goal setting has been around a little longer than most people think. If this term isn't familiar to you, you might have heard the term SMART Objectives………well, they are pretty much one in the same and it doesn't really matter which term you use. However, whichever term you use you need to keep in mind that a specific goal or objective has a much better chance of being accomplished than a goal that is general.

The point is, you need to know HOW TO SET SMART GOALS if you are going to make SMART decisions in your network marketing business, or any business for that matter. If smart goal setting has not yet crossed your path or you have never really spent the time to learn about it then now is the time to do so.

Developing the skill of smart goal setting has the potential to make a significant difference in your network marketing business - it provides a solid platform for:

* Starting your network marketing business
* Making strategic decisions
* Creating an mlm business plan which incorporates your short and long term business growth goals

If you don't know how to set SMART GOALS, then you may well not be realizing the full potential of your business.

Any SMART business person will tell you the same thing - if you don't know where it is you want to go you are going to wind up somewhere else! BIG MISTAKE! You don't want to invest one second of your precious time into any business venture without knowing exactly what it is you want to achieve, both in the short and long term.

A lot of people go into a business venture, particularly network marketing, having some vague idea about what they want to achieve and where they want to be in 6 months, 1 year, 5 and 10 years down the track. Well, I'm here to tell you that unless those ideas can be translated into specific and measurable SMART GOALS, you are wasting your time - you just ain't gonna get there………sorry!

One of the never ending cries of network marketing leaders when they are helping their new distributor get started in their business is this………

"WRITE YOUR GOALS - Think about your DREAMS and aspirations - where do you see yourself down the track, what are you doing, who are you doing it with, who do you want to help, do you own the house of your dreams, the car of your dreams, are you traveling the world, etc, etc………?"

You get the picture………!

The problem is, when network marketing leaders disseminate this kind of message through the ranks the words GOALS and DREAMS become synonymous and that is where confusion sets in!

I can hear it now, ringing in my ears………If I had a dollar for every time I've heard this catch cry in network marketing, well………say no more, I'd be doing very nicely thank you!

Now, not that there is anything wrong with having a vision for your business and your life, in fact it is absolutely a key ingredient for success. However, if you think a goal for your business looks like this………

"I would like to be financially free, able to give up my JOB, stay at home and look after my kids, take them on world trips and live in a million dollar house"

Then think again!!!

That's a dream alright, the kind you have in your pillow at night! But it's NOT a Goal!

Sure, it could be your vision and it could become your reality, but in order to achieve this wildly inspiring picture you need to immerse yourself in some "real" goal setting activity, not just dreams!

So let's cut to the chase!


What is SMART goal setting?

Let me just give you a bit of background before we get to the good stuff.

S M A R T is a mnemonic used in management.

S M A R T has been used in the area of project management for a number of years and is a way to evaluate that the objectives for a particular project are relevant and appropriate for that project.

S M A R T Objectives are an integral part of Management By Objectives (MBO). Management by objectives has been used extensively by managers as a planning tool. It is a process by which managers and employees work together and agree on specific and defined objectives for a particular project. This process ensures that both managers and employees agree on and are committed to the project outcomes.

The origin of the term S M A R T objectives is unknown, however, Peter Drucker in his 1954 book "The Practice of Management" outlined a system that was very similar to S M A R T objectives as part of his discussion on Management by Objectives (MBO).

The process of writing S M A R T objectives or smart goal setting has become a business management tool used extensively for project management and also for performance appraisal purposes.

Now I can hear you saying………what has that got to do with building a network marketing business?

Good question………and there is a good answer!

Everything we do in network marketing should be based on

skill development.

Therefore, learning how to write and use SMART goal setting is a skill you definitely want to master if you are going to be successful in YOUR network marketing business!

It is all about developing skills for business success and those skills are many and varied.

If SMART goal setting is good enough for large successful companies don't you think it is good enough for the person in small business or network marketing? Sure it is! We should be looking at the skills and processes that bring success in other industries and then applying them to network marketing if we are to truly realize the full potential of network marketing today!

If you really want to make your network marketing business hum, you'll develop the skill of SMART goal setting and include this process as an integral part of your mlm business plan.

Smart goal setting can add clarity, focus and purpose to building a business.

Without objectives, planning is often non existent or at best done at the same time that you are about to take action! This is problematic and not good business practice. Plans can often change as a result of either a lack of time to consider all options or because there was no predetermined outcome in the first place. In other words, you are flying by the seat of your pants instead of having a well thought through plan of attack.

So what do you do if you've got NO IDEA how to set goals for your mlm business and you need some goal setting tips - some simple techniques to get started?

Well, I've got GREAT NEWS for you!

It is really not that complex if you follow………


The 5 Easy Steps to SMART goal setting!

So what are we waiting for? Before we get started on those 5 Easy Steps, I want to make sure you are 100% clear on the following:

Firstly, what is an objective or goal?

An objective or goal is a specific statement describing a RESULT .

Secondly, why set goals?

Setting and clarifying goals is an essential part of successfully conducting business.

Thirdly - what do objectives or goals provide for YOUR business?

In your network marketing business objectives or goals provide:
* Direction for business activities
* A clear process for defining expected results
* The criteria against which actual accomplishments can be measured
* Targets to motivate performance improvements
* A common sense of purpose, which enhances teamwork

SMART goal setting is one of the most positive and rewarding habits you can develop in business and indeed in your personal life. It is a process by which you can evaluate the current situation and develop strategies to move forward. Moving forward is what gives you the business growth and success that most people in business aspire too.

If it is your desire to own a highly successful network marketing business then you most certainly don't want to accept the "status quo". The only way to make sure you are not sitting in exactly the same place you are sitting in today, in 6 months, 1 year or 10 years time is to implement smart goal setting as one of your primary business success practices.

SMART Goal Setting assists YOU to PLAN AHEAD and develop a STRATEGIC APPROACH to building YOUR network marketing business!

Back to those 5 Easy Steps to SMART Goal Setting!

If you develop the skill of goal setting by learning how to write goals/objectives that meet the following criteria you will have it in a nutshell - 5 easy steps to SMART GOALS and a SMART Network Marketing Business!

It's all about being S M A R T - so what does the mnemonic S M A R T actually stand for?

Here it is - Read it, Understand it, Memorize it, practice it and Apply it!

SMART Smart Goal Setting

You'll find that smart goal setting is an invaluable business building skill!

OK, so that's the goal setting theory - how would you apply this S M A R T model to your Network Marketing Business?

If a goal or objective is going to be an effective business building tool it needs to be S M A R T. In other words you need to write your goals so that they measure up against the S M A R T criteria from the 5 Easy Steps chart above.

Let's take a look at a real life example………something you would expect someone in a network marketing business to establish as an important goal for their business growth.

How about this………

"Increase sales turnover to a minimum of $2000.00 per month by 20.10.**

SMART Smart Goal Setting

Is this a SMART Goal - does it measure up? Let's break up this goal and see if it's SMART using the goal setting form below.

So we can tick all the boxes right! Looks like this could be an excellent example of smart goal setting!


Let's look at one more example………

"Try to build up my monthly sales turnover to $2000.00"

SMART Smart Goal Setting

Is this a SMART Goal - does it measure up? Let's break up this goal and see if it's SMART using the goal setting form below.

Let's look at this more closely by evaluating this objective in terms of each of the 5 Easy Steps:

STEP ONE - SPECIFIC - is this objective specific?

Do we know WHAT we are looking at here? YES, we do - our objective is about MONTHLY SALES TURNOVER - so step 1 gets the big tick.



Yes, we know that the objective is to build monthly sales turnover to $2000.00, but there is a bit of a catch with this one. You have to ask yourself if this is exactly what you would want to say if this were your objective or goal. Would you want to build sales turnover to $2000.00 or would you want more?

I would suspect that the person who wrote this goal/objective (and YES, it was actually written by one of my downline associates in my mlm business -so it's a real goal alright) would actually be very happy if his sales turnover was above $2000.00.

So what he is really saying here is, he wants at least a minimum of $2000.00. So that is what needs to be said. It is very important that objectives/goals are clear and easily measured. Remember if they are not written this way, it's not SMART goal setting. In other words, this part of the objective or goal statement should read - "to a minimum of $2000.00 per month"


STEP THREE - ACTION ORIENTATED - does it describe a result?

The words "build up" are a little vague I'm afraid. What does this really mean, how would we measure this, how could we say this better in a way that describes the result we are looking for?

If we think about this, what is really being said here is that this business owner wants to INCREASE his sales turnover - so the result would be INCREASED SALES TURNOVER, not "built up" sales turnover. It is just really a matter of choosing words more carefully so they truly reflect the desired result. So my recommendation here would be to use the word "INCREASE" sales turnover so it is quite clear that the result required is increased sales.


STEP FOUR - REALISTIC - is this goal realistic and relevant to the business owner?

Only the person who owns the business can really answer that, but the key to remember is this………smart goal setting is about setting goals that are challenging but realistically achievable - no point setting a goal for the sake of it and knowing there isn't a hope that you'll ever achieve it - that would be pretty demoralizing, not to mention slightly stupid!


STEP FIVE - TIME-BASED - BY WHEN should this be done?

In this case do we have a deadline by which this goal should be achieved in order that we might measure the outcome? The short answer is NO, we don't.

So how helpful would it be to your business if your goals are not time based - quite simply you'll never know if you've met your goals or not - is this SMART goal setting?

Well, NO!

So in this case the simple solution is to add a specific date by when you would want to achieve this objective/goal and at which time you could assess whether or not the objective had been met. So something like this should be included - "by 20.10.**"

So that's it folks!


Smart Goal Setting is a very important part of your skill development and overall success in network marketing. Don't ever underestimate the power of this skill to make your business hum!

LEARN it, PRACTICE it and APPLY it to YOUR business

You'll be very glad you did!

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