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Sick Submitter Best practices


Sick Submitter Best practices I've used a lot of tools out there over the years from SEnuke to LinkDozer, UAW, ArticleRanks, private blog networks, and more. I've been around the block so to speak.


If you currently have those tools, or others at your disposal, then Sick Submitter will be a good addition to add especially at 12.99/month...


The tool truly does offer more than the others I've tried because the simple fact is that the community continues to add more and more packets to the product.


What I mean by this is that you can literally build your own templates to submit sites to from scratch. For example - there's packets containing hundreds of Pligg type of sites. Packets containing hundreds of wordpress MU blogs (where you create your own private network and post to it). Packets containing thousands and thousands of forums to post profiles to. It goes on and on and you can check out the packets section of the sick forum to see what I means.


Basically, some really smart coders are able to create custom templates to automate link creation on. So far I've seen packets for website directories, forums, article directories, bookmarking sites, wordpress MU, and others.


There's just a ton of stuff that the community releases. It's really the community that makes this product good to have.


You have to remember that a tool is only as powerful as it's user. So if you have doubts about it's effectiveness, then I'd suggest you look at yourself before pointing fingers at the tool because it can literally do practically all types of link building.


For example here's what I've been doing using Sick Submitter:


1. When I set up a wordpress blog, I like to write a unique 500 word article and post it to article productions as I think it's the best article directory online that I've tried (and I've tried them all).


2. I usually write a new 200-300 word summary or whatever and add/create 6 or so web 2.0 sites. I also have a private network of sites I submit this article to.


3. I then use the power of Sick Submitter. I create hundreds of backlinks pointing *randomly* through the use of spinning my links and anchor texts to my (also randomly spun) web 2.0 and article links. So what's happening is my profiles create 2 random links using keywords pointing to the web2.0 sites and articles.

4. I also have these profiles occasionally linking back to my money page. How often? It's random because I'm spinning my links.


5. I save all my profile URLs and create an RSS feed with them. If I created 500 or so profiles, I'll have 5-10 rss feeds with my links.


6. Using the Bookmarking section of Sick Submitter, I'll then bookmark these RSS feeds *randomly* again using the spin feature to hundreds of pligg, scuttle, phpdugg type of sites and the bookmarks do get indexed fairly quickly, sometimes instantly (though rare).



That's a typical campaign I do for a website. I usually do 5 or so articles per site (which means 5 or so sick submissions) and let the site chill for a month or so.


If the site isn't where I want it to be a month later, I can always write 5 more articles and do the same process.


Also if it's a new site, it doesn't hurt to run the site through the directory submitter. The latest update had 1500 or so directories you can add your sites to...


So that's my basic strategy for using sick submitter and tools like these. I actually don't use SEnuke much because it's such a hassle to get everything done right. I manually signup to the web 2.0 sites and manually add my articles and links.


Hope this little review sheds some light on the product. Remember, Sick Submitter is just a tool. It's only as powerful as you make it.


Also, warriors get a special 12.99 per month discount price so search for it. It's on the forums here somewhere.


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