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SEOPressor list of criteria

SEOPressor list of criteria


SEOPressor Review


SEOPressor is the creation of Daniel Tan an SEO expert who has done SEO for a few years now. He started by providing SEO services to major companies and then started creating his own niche affiliate marketing sites and got them top of Google rankings thanks to his knowledge of SEO.


Daniel took his years of SEO experience and joined it with his experience of niche website affiliate marketing to come up with a plugin that made his life a lot easier. It was tested in the past year on more than 70,000 WordPress sites before being released to the public, so it is a widely tested and loved piece of kit to have in your blogging tool-belt.


Before SEOPressor, all SEO automation tools only looked after the off page SEO factors such as creating links. SEOPressor is the first tool that will automate the important on page SEO factors. Many bloggers are still forgetting the importance of on-page SEO and spend the majority of their time link-building, I firmly believe that you need to sort out your on-page SEO before you start to focus on link-building and off-site SEO factors.


SEOPressor works by giving each of your post and score between 0 to 100 the higher the score is the better the on page SEO factors are on that specific page. It then provides you with a list of things that you can do to your post/page to make it more optimized for your chosen keywords.

What Does SEOPressor Analyze?


* H1, H2 and H3 Tags

* Keyword Density and Content Length

* Placement of Your Keyword

* Images and Links

* Font Decorations

* Adds Bold, Italize and Underline To Your Keywords

* Adds ALT Tag to Your Images

* Rates Each Post and Page

* Calculates SEO Score To Reveal Your On-Page Optimization

* Gives Suggestions On What To Tweak


Who is SEOPressor for?

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