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RSS Submitter - AllScoop
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RSS Submitter - AllScoop

Want an easy way to submit your new blog to almost 200 of sites and rss directories? Here is your answer, RSS Submit.
A free download for windows. Enter your site information and go. A log file is created for each submission to show you exactly where your information was entered.

Ref : http://www.allscoop.com/rss-submit.php
Ref : http://www.warriorforum.com/main-internet-marketing-discussion-forum/244214-whats-best-rss-submitter-having-most-number-submission-sites.html


RSS Submitter AllScoop

I am trying to develop a basic step by step backlink plan for each of my sites.

Here is the plan to start for each site.

1. Submit URL to 50 + directories (does this still work ?)

2. Write 2 articles per keyword and submit to ezines and 1-2 other article directories (use 2 links in bio box, one to keyword page and one to site)
Continue adding articles as often as possible.

3. Blog comment on at least 10 related blogs

4. Write articles for at least 2 other related blogs (Use freetrafficsystem for 30 free blogs?)

5. Submit to RSS (use allscoop.com ? How often and how many?)

6. Bookmark all content (use onlywire )

7. Use pingler.com for rss submissions.

Ref : http://www.warriorforum.com/adsense-ppc-seo-discussion-forum/124883-step-step-backlinking-your-thoughts.html


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