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Retire early


Three important issues post retirement are


FINANCE : Proper financial management of your accumulated funds to last till end. I am not answering this part. You can refer to Quora answers (including mine) on financial planning.

HEALTH : Keeping yourself healthy. Again refer health section.

PURPOSE : Keeping busy. I consider this the most important. And this is what I do after my retirement. You can design your own plan based on your strengths and liking. I have copied it from my blog on Quora.

Having had a stint of fairly successful career in engineering and management, I decided to call it quits at 58.


I calculated that only 7000 days (engineers tend to see everything in numbers :) ) are left for turning 80. (assuming that till 80 the body will be in good shape with most organs in working condition)


Now I am splitting my time into various activities of my own choice (not my boss’s) initiatives. These include Travel Top Holiday Destinations and Resorts across India & Abroad at Club Mahindra, Vacation Rentals, Homes, Experiences & Places - Airbnb , health, meeting international visitors on, writing blog on, painting, social work , penfriends , cooking, social media Log In or Sign Up , YouTube, Twitter. It's what's happening.,, and Instagram , Netflix Watch TV Shows Online, Watch Movies Online , grand daughter to name a few.


Each of the above by itself is a vast subject.


Let me briefly touch upon some.


I have travelled a lot. Now my focus will be on unique destinations like Northern lights, coral islands, trans-saiberian, exploring towns of India (driving) and Europe, cruises, home stays, organic farming, Masaimara. I intend to spend July to Sept abroad while it rains in India. It has been a wonderful experience. I have so far hosted citizens from 5 countries and each was a unique experience. My family members also enjoy it. Foreigners teach us some of their recipies, language. I want to try going as a guest as well.


I have taken to blog writing. Straight talk . Internet has opened the door of opportunity for everyone to write to publish blogs, poems, stories.


I have been conducting workshops on personality development for underprivileged children across the country at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya as well as Ashram Shalas for Adiwasi children. I find that there is huge talent in remote places of India. They lack resources and opportunities. Every literate Indian needs to adopt a school or few students.


My love to write letters to penfriends dates back to my school days. I was surprised to see that there still are many who prefer writing letters to email. It has it's own charm.


Cooking is a vast science. With so many ingredients and processes, the combinations are almost infinite. TV channels and YouTube videos offer easy access to national as well as international cuisine. My mission statement is “to create tasty yet healthy recipies”.


I am active on many apps on social media. Facebook, WA, Twitter Anil Choudhari (@choudhari20) | Twitter , Instagram, Quora Anil Choudhari . But I am selective and eager to learn more of science, general knowledge and avoid forwards with jokes, greetings, hoax, politics, everyone's opinion on everything. I am against cartels - you scratch my back and I will scratch yours. Who cares how many ’ likes ‘?


I watch Netflix. Some serials I liked are Game of thrones, 24, prison break, house of cards.


Children are more enjoyable and available (later they have friends and homework) till they turn 5. My granddaughter is 2. So the fun is ON.


Thus to conclude, go ahead and retire early if you are not power hungry.


Retired life to me is fun.


Anil Choudhari


Edit : I forgot to mention painting my new passion. It's a new world. Artists world. Similar to cricket, there are test players, Ranji players and local players like me.. Aspiring to be test player some day. I am happier to shift from left brain (logical) to right (artistic)


Ref :






The 5 Steps To Financial Independence:


Educate Yourself: It doesn't need a degree to achieve financial freedom, But anyways most of us hold a Degree. The problem with this is most people like us don't have time to study.


Make a "Financial Freedom" Plan: It is known to the fact that those with a written plan are far more likely to succeed than those without one.


Before You Can Achieve Financial Independence You Need to GET YOUR FINANCES IN ORDER: Most of us have great dreams of quitting the job, and build those passive income streams, and achieve the financially independent lifestyle.


Build Your First Passive Income Stream: Most rich dudes have 5 or 6 different streams of passive income. On the other hand, most average people have 0 (ZERO).


Expand, Grow, and Diversify: You've invested in real estates, or stocks, or whatever. You're generating a huge income from it and that income exceeds your expenses.


So, you are finally free from your 9 to 5 job! You're financially free now!







FINANCE : 500K portfolio generationg 25K per anuum indefinitly

HEALTH : 75Kg, 60HR, 6000+steps/day, cycling, excercising

PURPOSE : Traveling, minimalism, share knowledge, creation, play, learn, grow, piano, learn to fly





Retire early




7 Discipline Steps To Retire Young!


Reduce Your Debt And Expenses – The Lower The Outgoings The Easier It Is To Manage Savings On A Monthly Basis. The Faster Debts Are Repaid, The Less Interest You Have To Return To Lender. Always Buy A House You Can Afford Not What The Banks Maximum Loan Value. Tips On Savings


Emergency Funds – No One Can See The Future And Life Is Always Full Of Unexpected Surprises. With Money Set Aside, It Helps To Ease The Stress And Time To Rectify The Problems. Tips On Emergency Funds.


Start Investing – Investment Can Help You Generate Income While You Sleep. The Risks Which You Take Depends On Your Age Profile. Always Invest Money Which You Can Afford To Lose. Long Term Investment Have More Likelihood Of Success. Tips On Investments.


Side Income – A Day Job Alone Cannot Make Enough Money To Help In Our Retirement Funds. We Need To Be Productive And Make Additional Income With The Available Time After Work. Tips On Side Income.


Find Your Passion – You Need An Objective To Remind Why You Want To Leave Your Day Job? If You Do Not Have A Passion Job, Then Its Best Stick To Your “Exciting” Day Job. Why Work For Someone When You Can Work For Yourself?

Maximise The 24 Hours A Day – Always Get Sufficient Sleep And Exercise. The Majority Of Your Time Should Be Spent With Friends, Families And Also Your Time For Self Improvements. Only Spent Time On Activities Which Can Help Improve And Make Money. Otherwise Delegate And Pay Someone To Do It. Never Sit All

Day And Do Ineffective Activities.


Enjoy Live By Spending On The Right Goods And Services – Living A Good Lifestyle Does Not Come With Maximum Funding. Apply Frugal Lifestyle And Strategies. Eating Healthy And Plenty Of Exercise Is Key. Buy Good Quality Luxury Goods For Primary Needs. Always Look For Bargain And Discounts. Live A Fruitful Live Which You Can Afford.


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