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Popular Article Directory Scripts and Softwares for SEO Network

Popular Article Directory Scripts and Softwares for SEO Network

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Popular Article Directory Scripts and Softwares

If you want to install an article directory on your server then this is the right place to find most popular article directory softwares and scripts, which are based on PHP and MySql.

Article directories are also a lucrative online business opportunity, they not only provide fresh contents to a website but also helps it in getting lot of free traffic from different sources, which can be easily targeted to achieve new business targets and income.

There are a number of article directory scripts available from various sources on internet, some of them are free, some are license based and others are available for outright purchase.


Article Dashboard - Free Article Directory Script

Popular free Article Directory Script

Article Dashboard is a free article directory script, which anyone can download from there site after providing details i.e. first name and email id. They'll send the download link in email.

Some features of Article-Dashboard are
1. Search Engine friendly URLs
2. PHP/MySQL based script
3. Creates category based RSS feeds automatically
4. Unlimited Categories, Authors, Pen Name per author.
5. Supports Article Rating, tell a friend, full comment
6. Ready to use Ezine formatting for Ezine, Website publishers

Plus a number of other features are available, Article Dashboard is one of the most popular article directory software that is in use.

This script is a zip file of 1.79 MB only, which will work in php and mysql. I was not able to find more on when the script was updated. You can visit Article Dashboard to get more details. Download free Article Dashboard Directory Software


ArticleMS - Article Management System

PHP, MySQL based free/brandable script
Article Distribution ServiceArticleMS is a free article directory script based on PHP and MySQL. Latest version is 2.1 updated on 17 March 2010. The features of this script as listed by them are :

# It has Search Engine Friendly links
# It can handle large number of article submission as its has Mass Approval/Decline feature
# Easy to use template based design which can be easily customized
# Different level of permission for users
# Ready to use RSS feed (even search results are available in RSS)
# Email templates to notify authors when there articles are approved
# Visual Editor for submissions
# Spam protection with CAPTCHA

Free script contains a Powered by link at the bottom and can be removed with paid versions

1) License for 6 months only costs $ 29.95
2) Permanent Lifetime $80.

Both free and paid versions are available from Article Trader, you can get them from ArticleMS Branding Free Version
They also offer Article Distribution and Link Building Services at a very competitive price.
Learn more about Article MS Article Management System at there site or look at this online business articles directory created with free version of ArticleMS.


Wordpress Article Directory Software

A Complete Wordpress Based Package

Wordpress Article Directory SoftwareWordpress Article Directory Software is a script based on Wordpress open source platform. This is not a free script like most wordpress plugins. This is a paid software and single domain license is available for $49 includes complete package including theme and plugins, free future updates and forum based support.

They also offer a package at a little more investment for $99 which includes a number of wordpress themes plus
1. All Wordpress Plugins that are required for Article Directory
2. Additional plugin used by on there site
3. License to use Wordpress Directory Software on three domains (it is not for unlimited domains)
4. Free future updates
5. Email support in addition to forum support
6. Full resell rights to a course 'Article Marketing Made Easy'
7. Full resell rights to 126 ebooks (images listed on there site without any detail)

This is all that we get for $99 instead of $49 (may be cheaper is better) both versions include training documents and video tutorials. Take a look at Wordpress Article Directory Software by visiting there site or you can look at this Free Wordpress Article-Directory Plugin based natural health articles directory.


PHP Link Directory Script

Very Popular PHP/MySQL Based Script

PhpLD Directory ScriptPHP Link Directory Script is another popular script for directories which is available in three forms, one is free (old version) and other two are paid versions, latest PhpLD Version is 4.0 which was released in September 2009.

This software seems to contain much more features then any other software or script listed above, it also seems to be more powerful then others as a number of web based directories are using this software in one form or another.

This script can be used to create both an article directory or a link directory, it can also validate back links, help in link exchange and is also able to integrate a Paypal button to sell spot for sponsored link spot.

Features available in its latest version can be classified under:

1. Administrator Features
2. User Features
3. Listing Features
4. SEO Features
5. Paypal Gateways Integration
6. Compatibility and Customization

Available Downloads

1. Free Directory Script : A previous version of PhpLD which is obsolete now (it is no more updated or supported) is available for free download and use (version 2.2.0 or 3.4.0), as per there terms a user must maintain a back link at the bottom of all pages and there logos. This free version can be easily updated to any paid version later.

2. Paid Version with back link : Latest version 4.0 is available for $30 (per domain) if a back link is maintained in the directory.

3. Full Paid Version : For those who do not wish to link back can purchase latest version of PHP Link Directory Script for Only $80.

More information about this software can be had from there site, they also have a number of useful articles and a knowledge-base. In order to download any version of this software, we must register at there site.


PHPBuddies Article Publisher

With PHPBuddies Article Publisher you can start your very own Article submition site in Few Easy Steps you can choose to download and install it on your own hosting server totally free. Most of all its 100% Free of cost & 100% Open Source

PHPBuddies Article Publisher is an easy to set-up and use OPEN SOURCE article directory script coded in php & mysql that allows people to post articles & reviews. This powerful script can easily be used as a stand alone general article directory, product review site or as an integral part of a niche specific site. It is very flexible and can be easily customized to fit your needs without you needing any knowledge of programming or PHP scripting. PHPBuddies Article Publisher is the ultimate solution for your article directory website.

Features at a Glance

  • Article submit by authors
  • Article rating option
  • Search engine optimized content
  • Google Adsense integration
  • Affiliate options
  • Advertising Integration
  • Easy to load professionally designed theme
  • Unlimited article capability
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