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Pillars of Health and Pillars of Happinness


Pillars of Health and Pillars of Happinness



Pillars of Health and Pillars of Happinness



How to be Happy – The Six Pillars of Happiness


June 10, 2013 By Brendan Baker 30 Comments



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Everyone on this planet wants to be happier, but not many people really know how to be happy on a daily basis. Happiness is an emotional state, but it is also a skill that can be learned.


After the recent Ask the Reader article I was increasingly excited to see some trends forming in the comments on how to be happy. It led me to start thinking about the fundamentals of happiness. What are the pillars of happiness? What is it that can create a world of happiness in your life?


What I have been curious about and hence the encouragement of readers everywhere to respond, is what are the pillars of happiness that are global? What fundamentals are borderless? Regardless of your country of origin, no matter your background, race, gender, age, etc, what is it that can be guaranteed to raise your happiness if you work on them?


Surprisingly, it’s actually quite simple.







Sources of Happiness


As I always do, I decided to get into the detail with this stuff and do my research! (you can never learn enough about personal development, wellbeing and happiness!)


So I went straight to the source… the Dalai Lama.


In his book “The Art of Happiness”, the Dalai Lama makes mention of 2 key sources of happiness:


1) Gratitude


2) Positive Environment (that you create through your behaviours)


Now, I thought this was great. And it is a great starting point. However, I think we can go a bit deeper (not that I’m saying the Dalai Lama doesn’t know what he’s talking about! Quite the opposite, but I like to make sure we have all bases of happiness covered and not just the ‘ideal’ state in which I do sometimes believe the Dalai Lama represents).


DID YOU KNOW? Did you know that the name of this website came about because of the Dalai Lama’s book titled ‘The Art of Happiness’? Unfortunately, the title The Art of Happiness is trademarked, but The Start of Happiness is just even better!


Even you guys feel there are more secret ingredients to building happiness as mentioned in the comments of the last Ask the Reader post. In fact, I think you all summarised it quite nicely!


What do you guys believe is the number one factor for bringing happiness to your life? Let’s see:


Vincent: Gratitude.


Amy: Choose to be happy.


Trevor: The simple things. Gratitude.


Stellar: Clarity and purpose.


Andrea: Achievement, positivity and balance.


Chim: Living your passion.


Rich: Choose to be happy.


Mark: Achievement and fulfilment.


En En: Purpose.


Jen: Gratitude.




So who is right?


Well, to be honest, everyone is right!


Happiness is individualistic.


The answers to the above question proved this.


However, in saying that, can you see the themes? There are consistent themes across all answers, across all literature and across all scientific research.


In fact, I read over 30 articles, books and research papers and not one of them was the same. And to throw another happiness theory into the mix, I’m about to show you mine (which is an aggregated approach of many models). This, I believe, is much more simplistic.


I’ve tried to summarise these into a neat, little model for you. It’s true… I love models! (both kinds…). In fact, I’ve already developed a Happiness Model that explains how happiness is the start of a fantastic life, not the result of a fantastic life.


This new model goes to explain the fundamentals of happiness... that is, the 6 pillars of happiness.



How to Be Happy: The Six Pillars of Happiness


So let’s take a look at the 6 pillars of happiness.


If you are strong in each of these pillars then I would predict that you would rate yourself quite highly in your overall happiness levels. If you are not so strong in some of these pillars then I would predict that you might rate your happiness levels less. I would be keen to test this theory by hearing your comments.


How to be Happy




The above model gives a snapshot of what I'll take you through next. The thing to remember is that it is your choice to tweak one of the pillars and make a change. This is where it all starts... with the choice to be happy.



1) Values


Understanding your values and living and breathing them on a daily basis is the first pillar of happiness.


If you were to tell me your values I would be able to tell you who you are.


Your values define you. They are your guiding source for all of your decisions and all of your behaviour. If you have clarity of your values and you act in alignment with your values then you will be feel content, calm and satisfied. However, making decisions and behaving in a way that is not aligned to your values is a sure fire way of increasing stress and uneasiness.


We have previously explored how to elicit your values and I recommend you go through the process here.



2) Purpose


Having a clear understanding of what you want to achieve in your life and WHY is the second pillar of happiness.


As mentioned by a few of our readers, purpose can actually be the number one factor in increasing happiness to many people. This is why there is so much discussion on 'finding your purpose in life', which, by the way has a full module dedicated to just this in our Change Your Life program which I highly recommend.


Having purpose enables someone to set clearer goals and work towards something that has meaning. When you feel like you’re making an impact on this world you feel like your life has more meaning, leading to an increased sense of fulfilment.



3) Support


Your social network is the third pillar of happiness.


This has 2 areas within it. First, it includes the love and support you receive from those around you. Secondly, it includes the love and support you give to others.


Research continues to show that positive relationships are fundamental to happiness. I suspect that this will never change. However, the way that we develop these relationships may change significantly as we start to move more and more into a virtual world of relationships. Now, small 'tribes' are getting together all over the internet to support one another. In fact, The Start of Happiness already has its own tribe of a few thousand members! We're all here together to support each other in living our best life possible. That’s why I love being part of this!


Interestingly, research on happiness suggests that supporting others can be more valuable to your overall wellbeing then just thinking for yourself. Can you imagine a world where everyone supported each other?



4) Health & Wellbeing


Your general health and wellbeing is the fourth pillar of happiness. Health and wellbeing encompasses both your physical health and your mental wellbeing. Having a positive attitude and an optimistic outlook on life can help in sustaining strong health and wellbeing.


As we've previously explored, your health can have an overall impact to your stress levels as well as affect your mood. It might be as simple as changing your diet that can have a huge impact to your overall wellbeing.


Let’s not forget sleep. Sleep plays an important part in your overall health, wellbeing and happiness. Again, widely researched, getting the right amount of sleep can have a huge impact on your level of happiness.


A lot of the research on the link between health & wellbeing and happiness is to do with the chemical reactions of what’s going on inside you.


The rule is simple… eat healthy, think healthy, be healthy, be happy!



5) Gratitude


Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. One of the most widely recognised skills for being happy. Rightly so, this is the next pillar of happiness.


Gratitude represents your ability to appreciate what you currently have in your life. It takes note of the small and simple things. The fact that you can read this right now is pretty amazing. There are billions of people on this planet that don't have regular access to a computer, or even a computer at all. The fact that you can educate yourself so readily, so easily and at your own choice is pretty amazing. How about access to water? Your home? Your family? What about appreciating a nice warm cup of coffee in the middle of winter?


Being grateful is about living in the moment. It’s about living for now and enjoying every aspect of life. I’m not surprised that a number of you mentioned that being grateful was the number one factor for creating happiness in your life.


If you can start to worry less about the future, compare yourself less to others and start to create your own reality then you can be sure to raise your levels of happiness.


What are three things you can be grateful for right now?



6) Balance


The sixth pillar of happiness is balance. Everything in this world is good in moderation. There is Ying and there is Yang.


Ensuring that there is balance in your life can make a massive difference to your overall wellbeing.


If you are finding that you are working too much, perhaps even raking in some huge rewards, I would predict that your levels of happiness wont remain high or neutral for long as it starts to have a detrimental effect on some of the other fundamentals listed above.


Similarly, if you were not to be working at all, this might be great for a while, but again I would predict that your levels of happiness will not remain high or neutral for long as stagnation or a lack or purpose starts to kick in.


To help you identify how balanced you currently are in your life I recommend that you complete our Wheel of Life tool. This has to be one of my favourite tools. It takes just 5 minutes to complete!





Choice underpins the whole model.


As I mentioned upfront, your attitude, behaviours and feelings all begin with the simple choice you make in your mind. You need to make a concious decision to want to improve your life to then focus on taking action in the direction of your choice.


By tweaking each of the pillars in the model you might find that you can open up a greater world of happiness. Are there some pillars that need more attention in your life than others? If so, make the choice to work on them.



Your Thoughts?


I could go into so much more detail on each of the above areas, with strategies and techniques to help develop each element (and I will), however I'll cover these in future posts.


But for now, what are your thoughts on the fundamentals of happiness? Do you think this is a clear and simple model for understanding different areas to help you increase your overall wellbeing? Do you think there is an additional element not covered?


I don’t envisage this to be my final version of this model. I feel it can be further enhanced, developed and simplified.






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Pillars of Health and Pillars of Happinness

Balance in entrepreneurship and family

by Erno Hannink. Follow him on Twitter Shout out!

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Work/life balance – I wonder who came up with this name.

It sounds like separating work and life. While work is part of our lives.


At Wikipedia you can read:


Work–life balance is a concept including proper prioritizing between “work” (career and ambition) and “lifestyle” (Health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development/meditation)


balancing act cord za photos 7132871465 s Balance in entrepreneurship and family


In this Wikipedia article on work/life balance you can also read:


One of the aspects of happiness is when you can make as little distinction as possible between your work and your play


The optimal combination of work and life makes you happy.


It is not all about work, even when you really, really like what you do. A risk that you and I have as an independent professional. We do what we like and like what we do.


Work/life balance is therefor also important for entrepreneurs. A good balance in entrepreneurship and life is maybe even more important for you and me compared to employees at a company.


We choose for entrepreneurship because we want to do it differently. We have an idea that we can use to improve the world. We can completely loose ourselves in this. We are going to prevent this.


You have a family that you want to spend time with too, time and attention for your partner and your children.

What makes you happy?


There are other things that play a role in our happiness.


The things that have less influence on our happiness than we think are, money, beauty, youth, intelligence and education.


Five things that have a lot more influence on our happiness than we expect are:



social skills,

free time, (as in you can control your time)

volunteering and



(see 5 unexpected tips for happiness for more information on this)

5 pilars for a well-rounded life


We all want to be happy and are pretty selfish about this. We think about ourselves first. What makes ME happy?


The things that make us happier than we think will be covered in the 5 pillars for a well-rounded life.


These 5 pillars are: supporting yourself, your family, your business, your community, and creating a better world.


5 pillars work life balance e1347355797177 Balance in entrepreneurship and family


By the way the family and business balance is nothing new for me. I am working for years on this. This is the first time that I am able to word it and share it with you.


It is a accentuation of what I have been working on for a while now. All parts that I have been working on so far, like Attracting Clients, fit in this model.


A few suggestions of what you can do in these pillars that contribute to a better balance in entrepreneurship and family.

Supporting yourself


The first pillar is attention for yourself. Create time and space for you.


Rest. Close the electronics devices two hours before you go to bed. Sleep 7-8 hours each night. Enough rest and sleep contributes to a good and energetic feeling during the day.


Exercise plenty and regularly. Work on building at the least one hour physical exercise in your daily schedule. Walk every day for 5-7 km. Plan the exercise at moments of the days when your energy is low and you get less work done.

One person likes to start the day with exercise and the other needs some exercise in the afternoon at 3pm.


Another tip is to read books of various topics. It opens the creative part of your brain. When you start your day with this you will have more creative thinking power for the rest of the day.


Read 15-20 pages every day, and you will finish an average book in 15 days. This ads up to 24 books in a year. The average entrepreneurs or CEO reads 2-5 books per year.

Supporting your family


This is an important part for me. Next to attention for me and my business, I need to make time and space for my family.


Talk with your partner about the goals of your company. What do you want to accomplish with your business. Also talk about the financial goals of your business, in the short and long run. This way your partner knows what to expect from you and your business.


Stay in contact with your spouse about the business. How is the business doing and what developments do you see. What revenues do you expect in the next months. Do this when you are doing well so you can share your success.


Do this also when things are a bit rough. My experience is that your partner has a different view on the situation than you do and may have some good ideas to change the situation. Even when it takes some effort to listen to these ideas that are not yours. Or is that just me?


I am an optimistic person and my wife is more realistic (down to earth). Sometimes it is better to wait with sharing some positive news when they are not 100% concrete. Maybe you recognize this?

Supporting your business


As an independent professional, an entrepreneur, of course your business gets your attention. Without the business you are no longer an entrepreneur.


This is part of the series and I will write 5 articles about supporting your business.


As you can see below, the following topics are coming up:


Choose your target audience for focus

Build your hub so clients can find you

Contact with your target audience

In the center of your target audience: LinkedIn

In the center of your target audience: Facebook


Supporting your community


As mentioned earlier the things that makes you happier for a longer time are for example social skills and volunteering.


Volunteering for the community you can improve your social skills. You can use this experience and skills in your business.


Offer yourself as volunteer in the community. Look for things close to home. Help at your children’s school. Support the sporting club of your children with your expertise.


Get an education at the sporting club as jury or referee. You are supporting the sporting club, see your children at their activities and you learn new things.

Creating a better world


I believe that we all want to leave this world a better place than when we came on it. Everyone has there own mission in life to improve the world.


My mission in life is to help independent professionals to find a rich balance in entrepreneurship and family. Rich balance means enough money to live and enough time with the family.


What is your mission in life and how do you contribute to a better world?


Point of attention

Discuss with your partner how much time you will spend at each of the 5 pillars. How much time and space does your partner require to develop in the same way. What is the effect of this on your time for the children

Listeners series


The article above is the first articles in the listeners series on how you can tell your story and attract listeners and clients.


The 7 articles will help you to take the next step and there is more for you icon smile Balance in entrepreneurship and family Why? I want to help you to find a rich balance in entrepreneurship and family.


The next article will be published Thursday and will be about choosing your target audience.




Attracting clients and time for your family

Balance in entrepreneurship and family

Choose your target audience and focus

Build your hub so the client can find you

Contact with your target audience

In the centre of your target audience: LinkedIn

In the centre of your target audience: Facebook


Mission in life


What is your mission in life?

Share it with the world in the comments below. Show the world what you and your business stand for.

- See more at:






Pillars of Health and Pillars of Happinness


The Four Pillars of Health


Health is more than simply the absence of disease. Bold, but true statement. We must consider the physical components of health without neglecting the emotional, intellectual as well as spiritual. If we let one pillar deteriorate, so goes our health. It is finding balance in each of these areas that we find the way to real health.


Physical Health


We tend to think of physical health as the foundation of our well being. This encompasses anything that has to do with our bodies as a physical entity and is related to its state of disease or wellness. Nutrition, exercise, proper sleep hygiene, disease and disease prevention fall into this category.


Emotional Health


Taking care of your physical body is the first step towards a strong pillar of emotional health. The mind and the body are linked, so when you improve your physical health


you are going to experience greater emotional health. Just as exercise improves your heart and lung health it also improves your emotional health. For example by lifting your mood with powerful chemicals called endorphins you are biochemically and physiologically altered for the better. The mood enhancing chemicals are housed in your body just waiting to be utilized. They are free and don’t require a prescription. Use them! Emotional health is more than simply the absence of mental illness.


Intellectual Health


People typically think of intellectual health as academic knowledge. It is in fact so much more than a television game show or an SAT score. Intellectual health includes creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, general knowledge and education along with common sense, as well as the ability to adapt to change. Many times in life the person with the greater intellectual health succeeds just as far or further as compared to the person of high academic intelligence simply because of the various demands of life. It is in developing such aspects and finding the balance that leaves people with fulfilling and healthy lives.


Spiritual Health


Your spiritual health is often overlooked or misrepresented by the majority of the population. By spiritual health I refer to the way you find meaning, hope, comfort and inner peace in your life. Many people find spirituality through religion. Some find it through music, art or a connection with nature. Others find it in their values and principles. Research shows that things such as positive beliefs, comfort and strength gained from religion, meditation and prayer can contribute to healing and a sense of well-being. Improving your spiritual health may not cure an illness, but it may help you feel better, prevent some health problems and help you cope with illness, stress or death. Research tells us that those who have the greatest longevity in the world also have a strong spiritual connection.


The body, mind and spirit are connected. The health of any one of these components affects the health of the others. Remembering that we hold the key to bringing greater satisfaction to our lives by expanding the four pillars is essential.


My trek embodies all four pillars.


Starting with the physical; 500 miles requires optimizing nutritional intake, quality sleep, along with good physical conditioning. Emotional health will be integrated by mentally pushing my mind beyond its daily comfort zone. 2O miles a day will require a strong sense of purpose, and realizing that all of life is manageable by taking one step at a time. Intellectually, experiencing and integrating into foreign cultures along the trail will require creativity and problem solving along with plain old adaptability to whatever will go wrong, and I’m sure I’ll have numerous experiences to write about, but the goal will be reached.


Spiritually, the trek has an incredible 1200 year history. While walking alone for 500 miles the inner peace and freedom will be life changing. Requiring use of all the four aspects of health is walking the walk while talking the talk. Personally, this life altering spiritual journey will conclude on my 50th birthday. During this journey I challenge you to be inspired and motivated to take action in all four areas of your health, by as I say on my radio show taking realistic, attainable steps every day to create a new lifestyle through new habits which allow you to become the best you that you can be.


Ref :




Pillars of Health and Pillars of Happinness


The 6 Pillars of HAPPINESS


Here at KOOBROS.COM, we strongly believe that for true and lasting happiness to prevail, we must pursue and build it through the "6 Pillars of Happiness".


I. Physical


As one of the six pillars of happiness, a healthy physical body will contribute greatly towards the overall happiness of each and everyone of us. Good overall health and physical fitness make it possible for us to do and accomplish many things in life.


Being healthy and fit will help us tremendously in pursuing our goals, aspirations, interests or just about any activities that will bring satisfaction and meaning to our life.


As the saying and teaching goes, our physical body is a "vehicle" for us to seek out the true meaning and essence of life. Our body is also referred to as a "temple" for us to carry out God's works.


If we take good care of our physical body, we will be healthy and fit enough to work and play with minimum interruptions. We could live our life to the maximum.


II. Mental


Mental health and fitness is the next pillar of happiness. For most people, they could not be happy, simply because their mental capacity is stunted due to imbalance and destructive / harmful programmings.


For example, our mindset can greatly decide how fast, how easy or how possible it is for us to reach our goals in life and to be happy. Most people can easily and promptly find happiness and success, just by changing their mindset from a negative one to a positive one.


Having the ability to be in-charge of the way we think or use our brain, can greatly help us control our life and destiny. Thinking positively and learning to relax, releases unnecessary pressures from our mind and allow us to think clearer and sharper.


Being well-read and well-learnt through suitable trainings and life experiences, can greatly increase our abilities to come up with ideas or solutions to problems, and to better our life and the life of others.


Having sufficient self-discipline will help us choose and persist in doing positive and constructive things that will contribute towards our overall success and accomplishments in life. Sufficient self-control will also help us avoid and reject any activities that will damage our efforts and to know how to protect ourself effectively.


Remember the statement, "mind over matter" or "it is all in a state of mind"?


III. Emotional


Emotional health and fitness is the next pillar of happiness. How we feel, greatly affect how we think. Of course, how we think, will affect how we feel. And they will collectively affect how we act.


Our mental and emotional faculties greatly complement and affect one another. Without proper control of our emotion, there is no way we could think properly.


Look at the people around you. Could you see that many of the truly unhappy people are very emotional? Too emotional for their own good. They over-react over minor things and happenings. They are easily angered, saddened, disappointed, hurt, etc. They get depressed over things that are of not much relevance, and they fret and stay unhappy for long periods of time. And of course, they bear hatred for years, and suffer continuously through it.


Being fit and healthy emotionally means having a proper control and balance of our emotions. Under all circumstances, we should not become overtly emotional or allow our emotion to over react and get out of control. Being too happy or too sad, either extreme, is no good.


To be successful and happy in life, we need to be fit and strong psychologically.


IV. Social


Socially fit and healthy is another pillar of happiness. Being able to get along with other fellow human beings and to fit into a community, group or society in general, will greatly enhance our success at work, in business, in life, pleasure and especially in finding true happiness.


"No man is an island." Yes, sooner or later, one way or another, we have to be able to handle our communications and relationships with others effectively.


We are not born with sufficient social skill. We need to make an effort to learn and master it ourself. How well and effective we socialize, can directly affect the quality of our social life and how we get along with other fellow human beings. A person who is good at communicating and getting along with others, tend to have a more fulfilled life, and of course much happier.


V. Moral


Morally fit and healthy is another important pillar of happiness. Many successful people snide at and ignore the need to have proper moral standards. They feel that as long as they are rich, powerful and successful, they can do whatever they want. Being moral has no hold on them.


But sooner or later, they will realise that whatever they have accomplished in life will not matter, when nobody respects and love them for who they are. What is the use of having all the money and power in the world, if you are still going to end up very lonely and unhappy?


Whether we like it or not (and thank God we had to), the world we live in subscribe to principles of good behaviour and what is considered to be right or wrong. This standards of behaviour considered to be right or wrong by most people, will decide what we should or should not do with regards to out behaviours and actions.


As each and everyone of us has to bear the responsibility and consequences of what we think, say or do, ultimately, only a person with the right moral standard will find himself / herself being respected and accepted by other fellow human beings. This can greatly affect the overall well-being of our life and especially with regards to how happy we are.


VI. Spiritual


Spiritually fit and healthy is the last pillar of happiness but one of the most important. Whether we believe in God or not can make a lot of different in whether we are truly happy or not. Yes, it is a well-known fact that people with religious belief, tend to be much happier than those who don't.


Since the beginning of time, homo sapiens who believe in and pray to an almighty and powerful God or Gods, Angels, Immortals, Sages, etc., generally tend to be much happier than those who only believe in themself.


For example, during times of pains, sufferings and tribulations in life, having someone almighty (and with infinite power) to turn to instead of just mere mortals (with limited power & reliability) in our life, can make a great different in how well we cope. The tremendous amount of strength and power we gain from our faith in the higher up being/s we believe in, can help us handle all sorts of challenges in life effectively. We could carry on with life, regardless of how difficult it is because we know that everything is going to be alright. As you can see, a religious belief, is an infinite source of strength and power. With it, we could learn to reduce, eliminate or just learn how to live with life's pains and sufferings.


Whatever heartaches or disillusions we get from the disappointments, pains, betrayals, conflicts, etc. between us and other fellow human beings, we find healing and peace through the God (or Gods) we believe in. Yes, a believe and faith in God, make it so much easier for us to continue to live with one another despite of our imperfections and "mistakes". Through our belief in God, we learn the power of forgiveness, repentance and especially love.




KOOBROS.COM 6 Pillars of Happiness


Ok, basically, through the 6 pillars of happiness, we could learn to become a more "complete" individual. While learning, experimenting and fine-tuning all the things we need to do to become physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, morally and spiritually fit and healthy, we would have found much more control and meaning in our life. With the increased wisdom, seeking / finding and keeping true and lasting happiness would become really easy. :)


Remember, someone wise once said:

Becareful of your thoughts, they will affect your words;

Becareful of your words, they will affect your actions;

Becareful of your actions, they will affect your habits;

Becareful of your habits, they will affect your character;

Becareful of your character, for it will affect your destiny!!!


Yes, what we think, say or do in our every day life, will greatly affect our eventual destiny. One way or another, sooner or later, you have to come to the realisation that if you are going to be happy, you must learn to think, say and do good things that will help you accomplish just that. Every thought, word and action is a prayer. And God answers ALL prayers, one way or another. Becareful what you wish for!!!


24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, during your waking time (and if possible, while you are sleeping too), always think, say and do only positive and constructive things. Learn to love yourself and others. Avoid what is destructive and malicious, for what is evil and bad, will always haunt those who believe and made use of it. Only through a proper and righteous belief and way of life, can we find true happiness.


Remember, another wise person once said:

If we don't get what we want, be thankful we don't get what we deserve!


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