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PHP Link Directory Script

PHP Link Directory Script Free Directory Script - the free version of phpLD

Welcome to phpLD! We look forward to building a relationship with you in the coming years as you use our product, and benefit from its use. Since its beginning in 2002, phpLD has been used on nearly 100,000 websites and growing. There are many uses for a directory, and here a few:

1.Create a general directory of the best resources accross the web, and allow people to submit their sites. You can also earn money by charging for the review process, as well as a premium for featured links. Many have profitted from this model, and people continue to do this today.

2.Create a directory centered around your niche. Maybe you already have a website about a topic you know well, and you want to create a well organized link section to help your users find the best resources in your niche neatly organized into categories. phpLD can be a great way to bring better organization to your links, and also also make it possible for your users to submit their favorite links.

3.Create a regional directory. This is pretty big right now, and many are getting in on this, because people are finding ways to build a local directory and profit from it. You can make a directory for your town or city, and then you can promote it, and even sell advertising.

These are just a few of the many uses for phpLD. If you have information you want to organize into categories, and make searchable, phpLD can even be modified for special uses. There are hundreds of mods and templates available, as well as a discussion forum where you can find out more about the exciting uses of phpLD.

This free version of phpLD that you are about to download is used by many, and very powerful in itself. However, we also offer a paid version that has even more features, and it is our hope that as you find success using this version that you will make plans to upgrade to version 3, which only costs $30 with a link back, or $80 without. For more information on the paid version, please see the homepage of our site.

Requirements for use: You must maintain a link back to this site in the footer of all pages of your directory. You may not rebrand the admin section of phpLD in any way, and must display the logo and the link in the admin. At the top of all files with the php extension, there is important license information. This may not be removed. Please be respectful of the requirements, as w depend on users like you in order to be able offer this as a free directory script.

Changelog for version 2

1.People were sometime getting false positives about "link already exists", and a fix has been applied to stop this from happening falsely

2.An improvement was made to the payment system to prevent a possible spoofing attack.

3.Additional checks were added to prevent remote submissions (spam). In constants.php you can check to allow empty user agents or not. We advise "not".

4.Fix for alphabetical sorting

5.There has been an improvement to pagerank checking, and you will find it works on many more servers now! files changed submit.php index.php payment.php init.php /include/constants.php /include/functions.php /include/pagerank.php Files added /include/check_post_rules.php /include/client_info.php To update a modded version of phpLD use a program like winmerge to compare and copy over changes to the files listed as changed if using a non moded directory simply upload all files except for /include/config.php

Additionally, there is an "end of life" announcement for all previous releases of version 2, the free version. As of August 1, 2008, we will no longer be providing support for older versions of version 2.It is very easy to update to the latest version, and we will provide help with update related questions past August 1, but will require the upgrade before providing help. This is both helpful for to keep our support costs reasonable, and free us up to continue developing the product, and it also helpful to you, because you will have the most stable version.

All in all, this latest release is most stable release ever of our free directory script which has been in continuous support and development since 2002, having been tested nearly 100,000 sites. We want to again thank you for your interest in our product, and look forward to seeing what you have done with it. It is people like you that have an idea, and use phpLD to accomplish it that has made phpLD a success. Hopefully, we will see you in the forums soon showing off your new phpLD site!

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A versatile link directory script powered by php and mysql that can run as an article directory script, link directory script, or business directory software

Description and Review For PHPLD Script

This script is a great starting script for any directory owner, it’s simple to use and easy to install and get the hang of it, the free version 2.1.2 is good for kick starting your directory, but it lacks lots of features which the latest paid version of phpld has. Most important of those features is ability for end users to register an account and have editors for your directory. Users have options to edit the Meta tags for their sites, thus helping in terms of search engine optimization. Not only that, it offers them ease of selecting the right category, with the AJAX based category selection method. From administrator viewpoint, the admin side is pretty strong and has lots of features, like mass approval, deletion and suspension of links with just one single click. The free version lacks this feature however. Other great administrator side features which the free version lacks are:

» Ability to add multiple categories in single go.» Easily Move or Rename Categories.» Link validator in admin panel will mark links with reciprocal link pages expired» Articles Module allows articles to be added into categories.» And the most important feature that I really liked is ” Improved search capabilities from within admin ” , basically now you can search for a link and its category using the search feature, the free version does not have the feature.Overall it’s a really wonderful script and thee paid version of the same is quite cheap $25 per domain. You can use it without need for any other modifications done to it. But another great aspect of this script is that it has lots of supporters, both on-site and off-site (3rd party), lots of mods available for even improving your directory further, like deeplink mod, alternate payments mods, no submission to top category modifications and many more. The list is quite big to be frank, hence will not try to cloud the topic.

This script apart from being solid has few issues associated with it too like any script. One of the greatest drawbacks is the template system itself, with every upgrade of the script; you will be forced to edit your custom template if you have any according to the latest released version. It’s a painful task if you are a rookie at coding or have no experience at all. Another thing is that if you have any modifications done to the template or extra mods installed, you would have to re-install those mods again after the upgrade and most tend to break. Few users have also reported few bugs associated with the script. The RSS is supposedly not seo friendly and can result in putting your pages into supplemental results on Google.

But looking at the price of the script and its overall performance, I would say it’s worth buying. I would rate it 4/5, but it can use more features, and if all the mods that get released be incorporated by default it will do wonders for this script. Also having a lifetime, unlimited license fee would be great business strategy, but that’s their choice. Most script I have seen comes with some sort of unlimited license fee, but this script lacks that.

So try it out if you want to jump start a directory, it has lots of free and premium templates available too, thus giving you more variety.


Here are some of the dates and project stages :


Late 2002 - phpLD version in private use on a few sites, not yet using smarty. You can see/download version 1 of phpLD.

Mid 2004 - phpLD version released and used on a number of customer sites

January 2005 - started and version 2 released

February 2006 - Version 3 released

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