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Photography : shooting high key at home



With the background set up, if you position your subject, frame up tightly and take a shot relying on your camera's baseline metering in Auto or a semi-automatic mode, you'll probably be pretty disappointed with the result. The trick is to overexpose to make the background as white as possible, without losing detail or color in the skin tones of your subject. To do that you'll need a camera that allows you to either set the exposure manually, or has an Exposure Compensation mode. The good news is that pretty much all of them do.


Let's start by dialing in +2EV Exposure Compensation to overexpose the image by 2 stops.


Now, making sure you're still framing up tightly with just your subject and white background visible in the frame, adjust your ISO sensitivity until you get a fairly fast shutter speed.

A shutter speed between 1/125th – 1/250th is perfect as that's fast enough to avoid both camera shake and minor subject movement.


Finally, adding a bit of flash will just add a little sparkle and add a catch light to the eyes.





We used Lightroom 4 for the entire technique, but the basic adjustments would be possible in other Raw converters, including Photoshop Elements. To start we made some adjustments to the exposure, contrast and color using the controls under the Basic Menu for a more pleasing studio look. Your adjustments may vary depending on the lighting conditions but as a quick guide, experiment with adjusting the Exposure, Highlights & Clarity for better skin tones, increasing Contrast and darkening the Blacks for more punch, and increasing the Shadows for a bit more fill.


Our settings were

Exposure -0.3,

Contrast +25,

Highlights -100,

Shadows +25,

Blacks -50,

Clarity -20 and

Daylight White Balance to add a little more warmth.





Photography shooting high key at home

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