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Online business idea : Network of E-commerce Stores - E-commerce sites

Online business idea Network of E commerce Stores E commerce sites Online business idea : Network of E-commerce Stores -  E-commerce sites

Sample network of e-commerce stores with niches :

WordPress e-Commerce Plugin

WordPress e-Commerce is a WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin that is truly an industrial strength elegant easy to use and fully featured shopping cart solution suitable for selling your products, services, and or fees online.

We hope you enjoy the WordPress e-Commerce Plugin by Instinct. We’re firmly committed to making it the single best WordPress shopping cart plugin in the world. If you have an idea or suggestion that you think would further improve it please contact us. In the meantime, may WP e-Commerce bring you good fortune.

The system we will be using is set up a lot like hayneedles, however we will not be disclosing our other niches like they do. But we will be using wordpress for the CMS, and then a upgraded and tweaked e-com plugin from instinct. I already have the design being worked on by a designer named Eli, he is making it a cross between the hayneedle website and design, I find that developer hut’s design is really good for e-commerce websites. With e-com stores you must keep it as simple as possible.

All of those products will be drop shipped, and we will be working hard on getting them all set up before November 15th.

I am also working on another e-com store with another buddy of mine, he already has the inventory and we will be using the same layout and system as the other websites. The main reason why we are using wordpress and that plugin instead of using my own custom made backend (which I prefer) is because we need to hurry up and get these websites up.

I am pretty excited to finally get working on a network of e-commerce store

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5 Emails That Raise Your Conversion Rates

5 Behavioral Emails Guaranteed To Make You Money


“Thank You” or “Welcome” messages


Are great vehicles for a sales pitch. Plus, they’re simple to put into place. Simply create the thank you message, then have it triggered for any new incoming signup. For merchants who are collecting email addresses on their various pages through opt-in, the thank you message is the perfect compliment to another campaign you are running.


The thank you message helps to confirm email addresses as well as acclimate the visitor to receiving future emails from you and help with reducing the chance of emails getting marked as spam or bounced.


For welcome messages, research shows that merchants receive anywhere from 40% to 60% open rates, where the normal open rate is 20%, making these very attractive emails for marketers.


Abandoned shopping cart e-mails


Are another sure-fire way to boost sales with behaviorally triggered e-mails is by contacting people who recently abandoned an online shopping cart.


Visitors who leave the cart are lost revenue, but with abandonment emails, you have an opportunity to regain lost revenue and convert browsers into buyers. In abandonment emails, you want to include coupons or special offers to entice visitors to checkout. Since you’re playing with house money, you should be willing to give away a good amount of margin in order to convert these visitors.


First-time buyer e-mails


Are emails sent to visitors that come to the site, register, but don’t checkout within 30 days.


If they don’t checkout by day 28, you should invite them back, offer them an incentive and try to turn them into a customer. Research shows that if they don’t buy from you within 30 days, they most likely will never become a repeat customer or even a first-time buyer.

Second-time buyer e-mails


Are sent once you’ve received that first key purchase, “the second-time buyer e-mail is the same concept as the first-time buyer message.”


The time trigger on these emails depends on what kinds of products you sell. For instance, if you’re selling health supplements, you may want to send the email 45 days later. For clothing, a 14 day email might be more suited. Look at how often customers are purchasing on your site when determining the best time for the second-time emails.


Birthday and anniversary triggers


Can be a “happy birthday” offer if the merchant has that information. These types of emails help to build loyalty with customers and turn them into repeat buyers.


The key to these emails is collecting the right information. Using a popup window on the checkout confirmation page can be a good way to collect information like birthdays or anniversaries or simply offering the visitor a reason to sign up.


For flower shops, registering your wife’s birthday, and sending an email 14 days before hands can be a godsend for most men.


The great thing about these emails is that they require little to no work or maintenance once they are already in place, and using these proven principles, you can easily double your conversion rates.






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64 600
2 260 000
7 3200


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