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Niche Profit Classroom - course description

What is Niche Marketing 2.0
Niche Marketing = selling to people who have a common interest (dog training)
Building Internet income streams that meet that following the criteria :
- Inexpensive to setup
- Generate income quickly from the time they launch and continue to do on total autopilot
- Are long term
- They benefit people
10 to 100 page websites in various markets that sell information products and affiliate products
These sites make 250-5000$ a month
We repeat the process over and over again
What is a Silent sales machine
- It is very easy to setup
- It generats 100% free targeted traffic that never stops
- Builds a targeted list for you on autopilot
- Generates income on total autopilot
- Very inexpensive to setup (you can launch one for under 30$)
- You can setup a silent sales machine in any market
- You can use it to sell your own product(s), or to sell affiliate products (or both)
- They're long-term (they become more effective the older they get)
- There are over 50,000 different markets out there where you can apply it

*  Create simple 5 to 10 page "under the radar" content web sites (that don't look like they sell anything at all) - that each generate between $500 and $1,500 a month (on 100% autopilot)...

* Tap into an unlimited source of free profit producing search engine traffic (that never slows down) and only increases over time - without ever having to pay a penny for it, using the revolutionary MoneyWord Matrix that lets you skip the line in the search engines and superglue your pages to the top...

* Take that free profit producing search engine traffic and funneling it through little-known, yet brutally effective silent sales machines that'll get you an astronomical 5% to 10% conversion rate - plus additional massive sales that you'll put into place after the initial buy...

* Build a massive sized opt-in list (without even trying), and creating a buying frenzy at will (using ethical, yet sneaky little mind-control tactics) that'll generate cash on command with pin point accuracy (this works every time)...

* Create gold standard information products (that you see in bookstores) for dirt cheap using a 2-step process (no one has a clue about), and cutting your costs down by 70% (imagine being able to create 3 to 4 information products for the price everyone else pays to get one created) - and have it be triple the quality.

* Automate the entire process so it's a true set-it-and-forget-it autopilot income stream that runs 24/7 (generating profits even while you sleep) - without you having to put any energy into it.

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