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My Google account has been disabled

My Google account has been disabled Try this link:
...and pay a very close attention to the heading:
"The ads on my site have been disabled. Can you enable ad serving again?"
Give it a shot and apply for a reconsideration [AFTER ADJUSTING UR SITE(s) of course]
I had a similar experience with a site that was sandboxed for all my keywords [2 years ago],
I changed my sites' feel immediately and submitted a reconsideration form.
Two days later ALL my keywords came back up.
Although this is related to adsense, it's still worth giving it a shot.

All the best.



Try focusing on building super high quality sites, most won't go that far because of the time and hard work involved.
But the rewards are massive.

Ask yourself the following question:

1. Would I find this information useful?
2. Is the site easy to navigate?
3. If I was a Adwords advertiser would I be happy with my ads appearing on this site, i.e.
would I be happy with traffic coming from this site?

I try and keep in mind everybody Adsense team, the end user and the advertiser.
If the relationship (my site(s)) doesn't work for all 3 parties,
it's none sustainable and it's a waste of time IMO.

Adsense should never be an ends to a means.
It should simply give you the cash flow to invest in more stable websites, which you have more control over.

Just my take on it.

Try contacting advertisers directly and see if they want to do media buys on your sites that you had Adsense on.
If the traffic is good shit, then finding a buyer should be a piece of cake.

Good luck!





My sites receive nearly 100% of their traffic from search engines and I NEVER click on my own ads or ask others to do so.  I’ve been using Google Adsense since 2005 and have never had issues in the past.  So, all I can say is that Google has obviously changed something on their end.  They are getting much more aggressive in closing accounts.  In fact, you have probably heard of lots of other reports of people getting the Google Adsense accounts closed as well.

Here are just a few others that have also recently had their Adsense accounts shut down:


and many others.  In fact I have received a few other private emails from people in the past couple of weeks that had their Adsense accounts shut down.

So, it appears I am not alone.  So, this isn’t something I did, but I believe Google is getting MUCH more aggressive about shutting accounts down.  I would suspect that accounts with a high number of domains are at higher risk.  That is the only thing that I can figure; lots of domains probably raises a red flag.

Now What?

Well, it could have been worse. Even though my primary monetization source is gone, the source of my traffic is not.  All of my sites still rank exactly where they were before in Google.  So, with some experimentation I hope to find some other contextual advertising networks that get me close to where I was with Google Adsense.  It won’t be easy, and to be honest I would be very surprised if my sites earn what they were earning with Google Adsense with any other network.  However, hopefully I’m wrong.

I already have approved accounts (and have for a couple of years) to the following networks:


eBay Partner Network


Amazon Associates Program






I was also recently set up on Vibrant Media.  I also just applied to the advertising program.  In addition, I am approved to a ton of other affiliate networks.

So, there are plenty of options (and MANY more besides what I have listed), but the problem is that most of these don’t pay as well as Google Adsense.  Google just has such a large pool of advertisers when compared to these other networks; therefore, there is more advertising dollars being spent on Google as these companies compete for placement on your site.

So, I fully expect to get back some of the income, but its going to take some time.  After all, I have over 200 sites and it won’t be an easy task finding the best advertising fit for each site.  Some will do okay with Amazon, but most won’t.  Infolinks and Kontera are a quicker and easier general in-content ad solution for information sites – so I may rely heavily on these to start.  However, I have a lot of testing to do in the coming months…not fun.


Ref :






3. Try Some Google Adsense Alternatives

When you tried all these and still couldn’t get an active Adsense account, you can try some Adsense alternatives. Some of the popular and genuine alternatives are:


Text-link-ads: Sell links on your site. I think it’s hard to get your sites approved if they are not PR4+.

Infolinks: A new in-text advertising network. Similar to Kontera but a lot easier to get approved. And it also has better payout than Kontera.

Maxbounty: My favorite CPA network.

Ourfreestuff: This one has a lot of CPA offers for international traffic. They also have a function for you to generate Adsense-style text ads.

CBTagClouds: Create tag-style Clickbank ads. I’m testing it out on some of my sites.

Chitika: The new hot Adsense alternative. (Thanks Blake and David


What I learn from this lost is that you should NEVER put all your eggs in one basket.

You should build your business on various income sources and business models. You can’t depend only on Adsense to make money online. ads
infolinks ads



Ref :

After skulking around in a weird “google coma” for a week, I set forth to find other ways to pick up the slack (Kontera, Infolinks, Chitika, Bidvertiser, Adbrite, CJ…). Here it is one month to the day since the bomb fell and, to be quite honest, it ain’t really happenin’ money-wise at all. Now, that being said, I DO see potential in a few places and, for what it’s worth, here’s my take on the alternatives:

BidVertiser: Forget it – and, actually, it’s a shame because this WOULD be the best alternative as far as the ad format because, in some cases, the ads look even BETTER than Adsense. However (and I even wrote them begging for them to change something, anything!), the problem here (I think) is that they have a lame pool of advertisers and not much to offer, re: search-targeted. I would set the ad up to look great and then check back later to find some ridiculous (and I mean RIDICULOUS) looking image in it’s place (e.g. an 80′s cartoon-like dating hook-up image ad on my wedding niche site…I kid you not). I gave up.

Chitika: The dashboard is complicated for no reason and, although the ad format is similar to Adsense, the ads are still slightly “off” in a weird way and they never seem to change (ever). I even tried adding a “secret code” to the html with my keyword in it and this kinda worked but….and the pay out is lousy. That being said, I’ve still got a few ads up on some of the sites and I’m hangin in there to see if it gets better.

Kontera: So far, so good. They have a cool WP plug-in that makes it super easy to implement/format and it all happens fast. I think I made around $5.00 the first week from just one or two sites (and, trust me, I got excited…) so this has potential.

Infolinks: Takes a few days to get “approved” – which is very annoying – so I can’t tell yet what’s going on. I plan to test against Kontera on separate sites and compare.

Commission Junction: Well, this takes WORK but oh well..I guess it’s all part of the healing process (and the punishment). You have to apply for the affiliate accounts and there are literally thousands. WARNING: many of the accounts will instantly reject you (and I mean within seconds) which is a shocker and feels reeealllly close to getting kicked while you’re down considering the circumstances….but it’s not…just keep trying. I’ve been approved for around six accounts now and I am busy at work setting up the sites with some really nice affiliate ads, banners, etc. that pertain to my niches. We’ll see what happens.

Authority Sites: Yes, I have finally pulled up my Home Business site that I have so neglected throughout my niche addiction….and I’m giving it some much needed love.

Well, let what has happened to Spencer be a lesson to all of us. Time to get to work everybody! Good luck to everyone!!!!

Amazon also can be viable alternative. I think this guy makes around $100,000 per year from amazon with less than 100 websites maybe around 40 or 50.


All eggs are not in the same basket

My income comes from ClickBank, Commission Junction and Amazon (and like $50/month from adsense).

If you can't find all the videos, here is my YouTube channel where you will be able to watch all the videos

Success - the Essence

I intend to share my on page and off page SEO strategies in this thread. However, I STRONGLY believe that my SEO knowledge played a relatively small role in this success. If one asks me to list the factors in the order that they contributed to this success, I think my list is going to be something like this.

Positive attitude – I had ABSOLUTELY no doubt in my mind that I was going to achieve these goals

Ability to think BIG – think 4 steps ahead

Ability to prioritize things (e.g. read ‘Think and Grow Rich’ vs watch American Idol)

Realization that knowledge means NOTHING without ACTION


Ability to take a ‘failure’ as a lesson and to move on – I had many failures when starting off; but I always thought “if others could do it, I could do it better”

Sticking to one system instead of jumping from one model to another – there are many ways to skin a cat; but you only need to learn one way to do it

On page and off page SEO

Picking the right niche market (and then the right product)

Providing value to customers and engaging them for better conversions – in some of my review sites, my #1 recommended product gives me a smaller commission than #2 and #3 products. I’ve seen a lot of reviews simply based on the affiliate commission instead of the actual product value, but I just don’t do that.

NOTE: My personal belief is that you need to get above 1 - 7 right regardless of what you want to be successful in. This is purely my personal opinion. I have not had a formal education in business or marketing.


OK, Here is the breakdown,

Google Adsense –     901.85

Contextweb CPM –    374.67

Amazon Associate – 118.24

Luminate (ex Pixazza) – 55.13

Vibrant Media –     351.05

BuySellAds –  78.50

ShareaSale Affiliate – 45.44

Google Affiliate – 26.46

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