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Long tail content generator

Goal / Purpose

1. Publish keyword specific content quickly. (Provide a website with all on topic keyword pages)
2. Once this content is noticed by search engines, we add quality content and optimise the page



S - Specific - Create targeted content using specific keywords from search engines suggestions
- When a page gets 5 hits from google we improve and optimise the content
(which, what, who, where, when, why)
M - Measurable - 1 content page published per day
- To evaluate the success of this project, we will check how many of these posts are ranked by search engine every months.
(how much, how many)
A - Active - 1. Develop content and image scraper
- 2. Add Keyword to page script
- 3. Add scheduled task that insert content ot website
- 4. Add script that detects and send an alert when a page gets 5 hits
(steps and result description)
R - Relevant - We only work and optimize pages that are referenced by Search engine. (knowing which content to target is vital)
T - Timed - february 15 (by when)


2011-02-23 - The content generator is ready and creating content for one site at a rate of one new post per day


Long tail content generator


Long tail content generator Long tail content generator

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