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k, So this topic has been hashed over and over that i know. I have read through many topics about this, but seeing all the changes in Google, I am very confused on what is working and what is not.


There are many softwares out there that Autobuild web 2.0 sites, bookmarking, rss feeds..ect..



Magic Submitter

GSR Search Engine Ranker

SEO Robot

LIcorne AIO


Rank Builder


And ON AND ON it goes


Most of these will require additional purchases such as Private Proxies

and Also a decatcha account to automate

Content creator such as Kontent Machine or other


Some need an email creator as well


My question and I am looking for REAL reviews for 2013...


What is working for you TODAY?


What is the best Choice to build links and also Easy of use?


Which ones are more of an all in one tool that reduces the needs for other tools?


I am not looking at MASS site creation, but starting out with a few sites that will need to be marketed...Time is critical and do not want to waste it with a tool that is either outdated, doesnt work as advertised, too difficult to use..ect


The most interesting ones I have seen are FCS NEtworker, GSR, and Licorne looks interesting as well..


What is your take and why? Have you experienced more then one of these?


What issues do you run into using them?


Ok...let the reviews and responses begin







I have used Magic Submitter, Back link Beast and Rank Builder.

I found all 3 to have at least some good points, but here is my review.

Magic Submitter I liked a lot. I like the visual aids it has for setting up link campaigns and it helps to set up very complex link campaigns while being able to see exactly what you are doing. But this tool did take a couple of weeks to really get used to using all of it`s functionality.

Everything can be set up on autopilot or less so if you want. For the most automated functions it is required to use captcha service and proxies. With the less automated functions you don`t have to have those. Cost $67 a month and no lifetime option

Back link beast is a product of Mike Callen. This tool was easy to use out the box and did a pretty good job. The one problem I had was that everytime it updated the tool would stop working for me and I would have to send in a support ticket. They would always take care of it, but I found it a nuisance to have to go through a 2 day process each time it updated. These kind of tools require regular updating so, the good point was they updated frequently, but it meant a couple of times of month I was having to get support to help fix what ever was giving me problems. Cost is $67 a month. They will recommend Link Pipe line which is another $47 monthly cost.

Rank Builder I first got as a monthly service and paid $77 a month. But they did a major update and offered a lifetime pay of $347. After a few days, the lifetime went up to $397, but I believe the life time is not currently offered. This tool is $67 a month.

Like Magic Submitter it is a very good tool. Does just what it says and is frequently updated. I have not had any issues and it`s simplicity is intuitive so you can use it right out of the box. Since I have other products from these makers, I can say that thus far, any support issues have been handled effectively usually with-in 24 - 48 hours.

Being able to get this with a life time purchase really was key for me. With-in 5 months the tool is paid for and I can use as long as it is useful.

SeNuke is probably still a top tool for this, but the price is prohibitive for most. Even their lifetime offer is $2000. My recommendation is either Rank Builder or Magic Submitter. I think for most they will find either of these tools to be a gem for $67 a month.




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