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there are tools that do the same thing cheaper.

On that – a big fan of totally free stuff like imacros’s and Duke’s form filler (I don’t think Duke owns it any more but Roboform for those who haven’t got a copy) together you can really go to town and work almost as fast as any bought solution for a small initial cost of a few tens of dollars, then more or less free.

I could waffle on about having all your favourite WEB2.0 sign up URL’s tabbed in Firefox, Foxyproxy swapping your IP, cache cleaner hoovering your history, and then Roboform and Imacros, hammering in the data..and it all costing nothing and taking maybe 5 minutes to set up full profiles on 10 or twelve WEB2.0 properties for little or no cash.

Link building strategies for new sites


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So, you have a new website on a keyword-rich domain ( I hope) and you want to get it ranked ASAP….

But the common questions and valid concerns are…

* How many links is too much?
* How many UAWs should I write?
* Should I use any of the software or services recommended on this site you’re on right now to rank my sites?

Well, a lot of people will tell you that they’ve experienced major disasters when linking to new sites in a “forceful” way, and while this is the most common trend, there are still those few link builders who say they blast new sites with links and never receive any type of sandboxing penalty of disappearance from the SERPs.

Since most people tend to fall in the former category and not the latter, here’s a way to ramp up your new sites safely.

Theory: too many new direct links to new sites causes them to go “bye-bye” in the SERPs, therefore you should let them aged a bit before blasting them with links.

Again, this is theory, not reality but since most people with new sites and a zealous passion for using services to rank their sites end up doing something wrong therefore deserve their disappearances from the SERPs, while more knowledgeable folks can blast new sites with any negative effects, but for sake of argument , we’ll take the safe road here.

Do’s and Don’t's:


* Don’t outsource 50 articles and submit them to UAW right away, even at the lowest submission rate, like 25 or 50/day. You should remember that UAW runs on free websites accepting free content but these sites only accept and publish a certain number of articles /week or /month so 50 articles a month in UAW is a waste of effort since you will NOT get a decent acceptance rate that way.

* Don’t put brand new sites into Linxboss or BLS or any other service that will get you lots of links (relatively speaking, for new-ish sites), as this is overkill and unless you plan to maintain this link velocity for months on end it will not serve you well.

NOTE: IF you start off linking fast and furious YET MAINTAIN this velocity you will be fine, but your early efforts usually tend to not prove out with a good ROI just yet.


* Take the time to build quality links in smaller numbers to boost your sites “naturally”

* Start thinking outside the box and develop other web entities that could rank for some of your lesser keywords and phrases.

* Once sites achieve some ranking and linking momentum and are dancing their way up the SERPs not just dancing in place, the perhaps consider ramping things up.


Your new sites:

* Build out some quality unique hand written and created hubpages and lenses and publish some articles

* Optimize them and their titles for your niche’s main keywords and phrases, or even sub-keywords and phrases.

* Build links at whatever pace you want to those Web 2.0 entities, they can handle it, and link back to your money site(s) form those entities.

NOTE: With these hand-crafted Web 2.0s, your goal is to treat them like your own self-hosted websites, by creating top level content and ALSO… by writing them in such a way that you drive the visitors form those entities to your money sites.

* Use whatever tools you have at your disposal to rank these entities and while they might outrank your money sites for those keyphrases temporarily, they will be linking to you, they will be providing direct traffic, and you will be creating quality backlinks this way…backlinks that will increase over time and possibly create some Page Ranked links to your money sites (the few Hubs I have that are dofollow are all Pr1 and 2 for example).

If you make these entities the main focus of your link building efforts, they will rank in due course, but you can also divert some of your linking power to your money sites as well, to start some sort of velocity campaigns.

Do manual blog commenting on relevant urls, not sites, so if you write a blog post about wordpress landing pages, then go leave a comment on any type of url dofollow or nofollow that ranks for that term. Leave an approval-worthy comment that adds value to the discussion to get some commenting traffic back to your site. Do this for every new content piece you create and publish. The reasoning behind this is the search engines will see increased traffic to your sites that is commensurate with the inbound linking activity as makes things seem more natural and is conducive to good site building and natural progression for new sites (ie. new sites, new content, new traffic, new links aka new activity to notice and spider).

In a few month’s time you can do mass commenting for links using software and use services to increase the links to your main sites since you’ve already created a solid SEO baseline.history for your sites.

AGAIN: Let me just say this I know there’s ways to blast new sites without penalty, but this post has been written to address the larger audience’s concerns and past experiences.

Summary: for new sites, it’s recommended for most webmasters to let domains age before blasting with new links therefore establishing a modicum of quality backlinks and expanded web presence via comment son highly relevant urls, and links from ranked and optimized web entities is the way to go, for now.

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