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Installing PIWIK on hostgator : 403 error



Piwik & Hostgator - Some advice please


Just looking for a solution as Piwik doesn't track. I've tried the troubleshooting guide here, but no luck.


I've heard that Hostgator uses mod_security and you need to whitelist the domain. I've contacted a HG techie, but they are stumped. He mentions that "To "whitelist" you need to know what rule to whitelist (hundreds of rules)".


Issue has been resolvedwinking smiley. Opened a ticket and fired off a template that somebody else had success with:


Dear Support


My Domain:


I want to run Piwik stats script on my website. To do that I need my domain (see above) to be whitelisted from the mod_security rules that took effect July 1st last year.


I don’t know the specific rules, but the Piwik forums say I need to get the mod_security rules fixed. You can read the post here (and others on the same forum).,44561




Ref :,93407





Since today no tracking on all websites


It sounds like something coincidental with other changes on your web host.


Ask your hosting provider if they use mod_security or changed the filtering rules.


I can confirm that HostGator deployed changes to their mod_security rules on/around July 1st affecting a number of applications including Piwik on shared/reseller accounts. They are fixing this on a case-by-case basis, so open a ticket with your hosting provider if this is the case.



Yes, got this mod_security rule fixed (whitelisted) for me by Hostgator and Piwik seems to be working fine now. Thanks!


Ref :,44561




How do I configure Piwik when mod_security is enabled?

If your host uses mod_security to block requests containing URLs (eg. hosts like HostGator, The Planet), you should contact your provider to whitelist your domain (or URL) and disable mod_security for your website.


Alternately, if your Piwik is hosted on the same domain as your website being tracked, you can edit your Piwik Javascript Tracking code to force data to be sent in POST, to avoid the mod_security check. Before the line _paq.push(['trackPageView']); you can add the following line _paq.push(['setRequestMethod', 'POST']);


Ref :




Dear support,

Can you please whitelist my website ""

I need to use PIWIK analytics tool and it is  blocked by the mod_security rules.

For more details you can see :,93407

Thank you for your help.

Pascal Ernault



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