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iGoogle Like interface


start page / Dashboard / personal web portal / personal page / Life dashboard / Entrepreneur Dashboard


Very fast to load, very simple to set up.

Slogan : We make your daily online routine more productive

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.... is a customizable and free start page for your browser with search features. RSS / Mails / Series / Meteo / Horoscope...





What is a Start Page ?


For this article a start page is a website that enables you to have various websites, news feeds, and widgets in one place. Most start pages have links to news, popular email services, weather, videos, calendars, To Do lists, maps, sticky notes, TV listings and access to all your social media such as Facebook. In essence, a start page lets you conveniently keep up with a large volume of information in one place. Most have tabbed pages, so you can have a page for each of your interests, RSS feeds, widgets (also known as apps), search boxes, and drag and drop as a way to easily arrange material on your pages. Most have a way to change themes, colors, backgrounds, and layouts Start pages can open directly in your browser at start-up, or, you can add a bookmark for easy access. Finally, most start pages work well in any current browsers.The biggest difference between start pages is in customization and how much material they offer.

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iGoogle (formerly Google Personalized Homepage), a service of Google, is a customizable Ajax-based startpage or personal web portal (much like Netvibes, Pageflakes, My Yahoo!, and Windows Live Personalized Experience).
Google originally launched the service in May 2005. Its features include the capability to add web feeds a "Google Personalized Homepage" to "iGoogle".

Google had made the service available in many localized versions in 42 languages, and in over 70 country domain-names.

7.1 million people used iGoogle.

In April 2008, 20% of all visits to Google's homepage used iGoogle.

On July 3, 2012 Google announced iGoogle will retire on November 1, 2013. -> GOOD IDEA : use top links with google shotcuts (Gmail, calendar...) -> GOOD IDEA : Multiple search button (Google, Wikipedia, Amazon...) -> Good idea : Date, time and méteo widgets at the top



Functionalities :

Free registration to save personalized settings: Yes

Social media integration: Yes

Add RSS: Yes

Import Feeds: Yes, OPML

Export Feeds: Yes

Add content easily from browser: Yes, bookmarklets and browser extensions

Public/Private Pages: Both



Nice features :

  • Build multiple dashboards
  • Over 200,000 applications are available to add to dashboards
  • Real time monitoring keeps the content up to date
  • Tagging helps the user sort and retrieve content
  • Mobile access is available for iPhone and iPad users
  • Users can follow Tweets about a specific topic or product
  • Microsites can be created and published with a few clicks

  • Create multiple “Notepads” to take notes while you surf.
  • Get an overview of recently visited pages.
  • Adding your bookmarks or shortcuts to te.x. Social media, blogs or e-mail.
  • Synca your notepads to the Google cloud Drive.

you do not need to sign up for this service to test it out.


  • Multiple tabs for better organization
  • Read outside mail from popular sources like Gmail
  • Wide range of built-in RSS feeds and you can add any feed you want
  • Add custom widgets

  • Create your own Spaaze board
  • Add videos, images, links and text notes
  • Drag and drop items wherever you want them on the board
  • Choose between the prepay and subscription payment options
  • Use labels and bookmarks for fast access





Technical implementation

A complete iGoogle like interface example with jQuery


How to Mimic the iGoogle Interface



Creating a webpage like iGoogle using jQuery


Saving preferences with cookies


Two Excellent, Customizable Start Pages Worth Trying (Now that iGoogle's Going Away)


iGoogle Like interface

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