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How To Stop Blaming Others For Your Reality

How To Stop Blaming Others For Your Reality


Whenever we think someone has done us wrong, our first response is usually blame. It’s easier and feels better than taking responsibility. Blame is higher in the Emotional Scale given to us by Abraham-Hicks than responsibility and even anger. It’s our first stop when we realize we’ve been let down.


There’s nothing wrong in being in blame for a while, but there are good reasons for looking to move away from it as soon as possible.


Blame Is Powerlessness


When you accept Abraham-Hicks’s fundamental spiritual understanding that “you are the creator of your own reality” blame is irrelevant. How can you blame someone for what happens to you, when you create everything that makes up your reality?


This is a tough realization for those starting their spiritual journey. It’s hard, too, for advanced learners. It means you have to take responsibility for everything that happens to you — good and bad. It’s so much easier to point a finger and be a victim.


Do You Really Want To Vibrate On The Victim Frequency?


Dwelling in blame has consequences. Blame inherently carries a victim frequency. It

attracts more circumstances and events that will make you feel even more like a victim. That’s the Law of Attraction.


Allow an incident to make you feel like a victim and you’ll soon have plenty of other opportunities to reinforce that feeling.


Blame Doesn’t Feel As Good As It Sounds


To be able to blame someone, to point the finger of responsibility away from yourself,

should feel good. It should raise your self-esteem to be able to say that someone

else was at fault, that you did fine.


But it never quite works that way. Blame may feel better than guilt or other low-vibration emotions, but it never makes you feel good.


It would make sense then that you’d do everything in your power to feel better and move from blame to a higher frequency emotion such as disappointment and even hope. As long as you are moving up the emotional scale, you’re on the right track. The higher you move, the better you’re going to feel.


Feel Good Now, Feel Good In The Future


For many people, “feeling good” just isn’t enough. They don’t see “feeling good now” as a goal. They should do, because how you feel now is also an indication of what you are now. It’s a sign of what you’re attracting into your life.


If you feel good, you will attract more feel-good circumstances and events. If you don’t care about how you feel now, you’re not paying attention to how you’ll feel in the future.


Let Go of BlameHow To Move Up And Away From Blame


Our spiritual toolbox provides a number of tools to move up the emotional scale and

away from blame:


Forgiveness Prayers

This process works miracles to untangle any negativity towards anything and anyone.


Piece Alignment Process

By focusing on the “blame” piece that’s out of alignment in your emotional body, and by giving it unconditional love, you can quickly heal the piece and stop the blame.


Focus Wheel Process

This process requires more mental effort than the first two and it’s just as powerful. It will entirely change your feelings.


Try any or all of the above processes and you will soon see a shift in the way you feel.


Blame Is A First Step; Take The Second Quickly


Sometimes blame is all we have access to, and that’s fine! It’s where many people turn

first. But as soon as you can, use one of the processes above to move up the emotional scale and into a higher frequency emotion. You’ll start attracting better things into your life.



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