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How to overcome a feeling of bad luck

You can overcome a feeling of bad luck by abandoning the idea that you are entitled to something – you are not;and stop expecting something also.


All this talk of good luck and bad luck is sheer dreams.



A man once had a great many horses and several fine sons, and his neighbours all told him how lucky he was, but the man just shrugged and said: “good luck, bad luck, all one.”

One day all his horses ran away, and his neighbours all came to him and said: “what bad luck”, but the man just shrugged his shoulders and said :”good luck, bad luck, all one.”

All of sons bar one,went off to look for the horses and were away for a very long time and all his neighbours came to him and said oh what bad luck but got the usual response.

One day the remaining son broke his leg is rather badly and all his neighbours said bad luck, but as usual he just shrugged his shoulders.

Shortly thereafter the army came round looking forhorses and recruits for some horrible war.

Of course they could not take his horses because they had all run away and most of his sons had gone off looking for them, and his remaining son was no good to the army because of his broken leg.

A long time later after the army had gone his sons came back with the horses, having found them.

good luck……… ?

…………bad luck……….?


……… One.



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60’s street wisdom: “Today is the first day of the rest of your life”.


luck is when preparation meets the opportunity.

So live your life passionately every day as if tomorrow will never come.

And every time do the right thing first as if tomorrow will always come.

And don’t worry about the ice cream. You’ll have plenty.


You cannot control the things that happen to you but you can definitely control what you do about them.


Be an example for people, radiate hope and make people see that if you could get over your obstacles then they can too.


You are what you chose to be,

if you think you are unlucky

then that is what you will attract

and if you feel lucky to be where you are inspite of everything

then that will change your approach in life

and hence change your life for the better.


Go with the flow, love yourself, noone is born lucky or unlucky

its about how you deal with your problems, face them and overcome them



Let me start with one thing which could be quite obvious what ever happens happens for best .


we always see our problems in our own perspective, think it in life perception .

You are in a particular situation because life know you could handle it. It’s how you react to situation make you feel lucky or unlucky.

we are all equal and all have the same potential to overcome a problem .It’s just how you use your potentials define your problem .

learn to be strong when you feel like crying. Don’t wait for any sympathy. No one is here to empathizes your circumstances except yourself.

Finally, If you want to be stronger, Learn how to fight your life ALONE.

Being alone make you feel responsible and realise yourself . we give away the power to the things we fear of .




So face the face of fear audaciously.



know what it feels like to feel unlucky and I learned it’s a choice we make.

Even if this realization hurts at first: It is our great chance because we can take ownership of this problem

and change the way we feel.

It takes time because it has to do with changing habits.

It is well worth starting right now. And if you do, you have got a rocky journey ahead

and a lot of work on yourself but are rewarded with feeling lucky and happy at least about the present and future.




And I have learned for myself that happiness doesn't just happen

- it's a decision you make every single day whether you know it or like it or not.


So your call

- you wanna dwell on being unlucky?


you wanna get out there and make some of your own luck?


I'm happy with my choice.




Change your thoughts. The universe is not against you.

It is giving you exactly what you are asking for.

Practice positivity.





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Flip Your Karma: 8 Tricks to Turn the Bad Into the Awesome

“Fall seven times, stand up eight.” – Japanese proverb

It’s inevitable: sometimes, life just doesn’t go your way.


Life deals out its blows, and leaves us discouraged, angry, frustrated, depressed, drained.

And once we’re in that bad place,

in a mood where we just don’t care about anything, it’s pretty hard to get out of it.



Let me give you an example: for the last couple years, I’ve struggled with exercise. I actually enjoy running and working out, but there are days when I don’t feel like doing a thing, or when I feel under the weather, and those days can stretch out to a week and that week can stretch into a few weeks. And then I’ve fallen off the exercise wagon and it feels like I can’t get back on.


But then I use the first couple of tricks below, and my mindset changes. I switch on the positive attitude, and realize that my failure to exercise is actually just a stepping stone to fitness success. And looking back, I’ve had 6-7 of these failures, or stepping stones, and they’ve all led me further down the path to fitness. Today, I exercise almost every day, and I’m loving it.


The same is true of every other success I’ve had. This blog, for example, is a success in my eyes, but I’ve had points where I was discouraged by negative comments or emails. I flipped that discouragement around, however, and used the comments to help myself improve.


I had many failures along the way to eliminating my debt, but I made it there in the end, by not quitting. I have faced many tests of my patience and character, and failed not a few of those too. But through practice, I’ve gotten better, and while I’m not perfect, I know that I’ll only continue to improve if I keep the same mindset.


It’s all in your mind. Here are 8 tricks I use to turn anything bad into something truly awesome.



- The power of positive thinking. I learned the power of positive thinking while I was quitting smoking, and I used the lessons of that challenge to help me with every other challenge I’ve faced since. Quitting smoking, as most smokers (and ex-smokers) know, is supremely difficult. There are many times throughout each day, in the first few weeks especially, when you feel like giving up. When you want just one cigarette (which leads to two …). When you just don’t see the point of all this suffering. And yet, if you realize that it’s just negative thinking, you can squash that negative thought like a little bug. Then replace it with a positive thought (I CAN do this!) and you’re back on the road to success. Recognize negative thoughts, squash them, and find positive thoughts to replace them. Works every time.


- Failure is a stepping stone to success. This is what I tell myself every time I fall. I get up, dust myself off, and start again. Each failure shows you an obstacle you didn’t anticipate, and you can plan to beat that obstacle next time. Each failure brings you that much closer to winning. And you know what? Every single time I’ve told myself that, so far, it’s been true. I’ve succeeded. Getting back up is the main thing.


- Practice patience. This is what I tell myself when I get frustrated, when someone is difficult, when I begin to lose my patience. First, I vent somehow (talking to a friend or my wife is one of the best ways for me). Then, I tell myself that this is a great way for me to practice my patience. Sometimes, I have to repeat this to myself like a mantra, but it works nonetheless.


- Learning experience. Similar to the “stepping stone to success” trick above, but it can be used for anything, not just failure. If I make a mistake, if I make the wrong choice, if I have a bad day … I just see it as an opportunity to learn. Then I review it in my head, trying to figure out what went wrong, trying to learn from my mistakes. If you see learning as a wonderful thing, as I do, then you can see every mistake as a blessing.


- Makes you stronger. “That which does not kill us only makes us stronger,” goes the famous saying. And while that’s not always true (sometimes we can be left weakened and ruined), I’ve found it to be true in most cases. Something is difficult? I will be a stronger person for having endured it. This has been the case for me when I went through problems as a teen-ager (I ran away from home and slept in Golden Gate Park in S.F.), when I went through a divorce seven years ago, when I had stressful and trying times at various jobs. I became a better person because of it.


- Test of your character. I like tests and challenges. It motivates me to step up to another level, to see if I can meet the challenge. This is the case with my first marathon, which was very difficult for me (for various reasons). It wasn’t a particularly enjoyable experience for me, but I just saw it as a test. And when I passed that test, it was a joyous thing for me. This is true any time you go through a trying time — see it as a challenge, and try to meet that challenge. And when you do, you’ll feel great about yourself.


- Turn the other cheek. Jesus said that instead of taking an eye for an eye, if someone hits you, just turn the other cheek. I don’t know many people who can meet this monumental challenge. I’ve tried it. It’s not easy, and the desire to avenge any wrongs is hard to quash. However, I believe that even making an effort at this will make you a better person. It goes not just for physical wrongs to you, but anything that anyone does to you. They call you a name? Thank them. There will be some people who say that you have to meet force with force, or people will walk all over you. To this I say, “Where does it end?” And I also say, “You are merely stooping to their level.” Rise above the pettiness of others, and become a better human being.


- Love your enemy. I wrote about this recently as one of life’s greatest challenges, and it belongs on this list. When you have anger toward another human being, give this a try. If you succeed, to any degree whatsoever, you will rejoice in this success. It is a miraculous thing.


“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill


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If Nature leans in certain predetermined directions

then living in harmony with it allows you to take advantage of “Following Wind” effects

or Natural Assistance and conversely if you act in ways which go against the grain

then you suffer what you are calling “Bad Luck”. eg.

If you are selfish, greedy or just plain stupid you’d fish an ocean dry of even it’s breeding stock

for short term capital gain,

but if you are wise and follow good practices

you’ll protect the variety of Species and by preserving the quality of environment

for the fish you can continue to harvest at a sufficient level for a secure and happy life.


Perhaps the series of “Bad Luck” you’ve experienced has happend because you’ve already had a run of Good Luck

and Nature is redressing the Balance, i

n which case, hang in there and await the turning of the Luck Tide.

Meantime, think carefully about your life and whether you are expecting

much more out than the moral or physical effort or financial investment

you’re putting in would suggest is appropriate or “fair”.


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In your mind, instead of using the word “luck”, use the word “fortune.”

It’s not really any more scientific but it has much less of the magical connotation.

And that’s important because, in reality, things happen within the realm of possibility.

You’re just as likely to have positive outcomes as negative ones and so logic dictates

that over all you will have as much ‘good luck’ as ‘bad luck’ and you should be prepared for,

but not count on, both.


You can’t control the outcome of most things. All you can do is prepare yourself for all bad possibilities,

hope for all good ones and remain strong and optimistic. You will have bad luck again.

You will have good luck again. A

s long as you don’t rely too much on luck you should have a positive trajectory.





20 Ways to Attract Good Luck

Research has found a correlation between good luck and the right attitudes and choices in life.


1. Fail more.

2. Examine the choices you make.

3. Prioritize speed over greed.

4. Expect good things to happen.

5. Do more good and more good will come your way.

6. Make a plan.

7. Be generous.

8. Consider increasing luck as a two-step process.

9. Hire people with stellar character.

10. Invest in tomorrow.

11. Work hard with good people.

12. Invest in your team.

13. Network like crazy.

14. Be prepared.

15. Keep away from energy vampires.

16. Build relationships with people who can provide opportunities: Your customers.

17. Stop complaining.

18. Become a servant of a revolution.

19. Know that luck is a numbers game.

20. Be pragmatically optimistic.




If you've ever known someone who seems to consistently experience good luck, know this: luck is something you can attract toward yourself. In fact, research has found a correlation between good luck and the right attitudes and choices in life. Check out these quotes from a pile of executives who share their views on how anyone can be luckier.


1. Fail more.

"Sometimes failure can be a wonderful stroke of luck. You may think you know what your next step should be, but when you take it and fail, the lesson you learn ultimately ends up being what was standing between you and success."


--Mattias Lepp, founder of indoor gardening solutions company Click & Grow.


2. Examine the choices you make.

"Most people associate luck as a game of chance. And while there is an element of chance, it does not define the game. Being lucky is really a reflection of the choices we make. Taken in aggregate, the smallest choices define who we are and, curiously, the quality of the people who are drawn to us, the environments in which we find ourselves, the media to which we expose ourselves, the way in which we spend our time, the manner in which we see and interpret the world -- and these characteristics define how the world perceives us and the possibilities that flow from that perception. This has nothing to do with talent or accomplishment, per se. It has everything to do with the notion that 'Victory lives on the margins' outside the core. The core is assumed. The choices we make on the margins--those behaviors and elements that are outside the periphery of the everyday grind--this is where the magic lies that unlocks enormous possibilities, otherwise known as luck."


--Tom Fowler, president of wearable sports technology company Polar.


3. Prioritize speed over greed.

"Often my luck has come from simply having the courage to make a decision and move on. I rarely find that I have all the information I want to make a truly informed decision. And while it's never good to make a decision in a vacuum, I have found that luck favors the person willing to make a decision with an incomplete set of data, rather than being greedy and waiting too long for all the information to surface."


--Mark Gainey, cofounder and CEO of Strava, a social network for athletes.


4. Expect good things to happen.

"Optimism isn't magical, it keeps us pointed in the direction of our goals in life. A negative, pessimistic attitude generally repels opportunity."


--Ryan McCarty, cofounder of Culture of Good, Inc., which helps organizations build a cultural movement that inspires employees, ignites positive change in the world and impacts their bottom lines.


5. Do more good and more good will come your way.

"By giving back to organizations that are important to you and your employees, you will naturally build respect and a good reputation in the community. When businesses help others, people take note and want to support the company in return. Making your company a positive force in the community can also have a big impact on employee morale. In the end, the more positivity you put out in the world, the more you'll get back."


--Scott Moorehead, CEO of Round Room LLC, the nation's largest Verizon authorized wireless retailer.


6. Make a plan.

"Vince Lombardi, legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers, once said, 'Plan your work and work your plan,' and that's a principle I have always found to bring good fortune my way in both business and my personal life. By writing out your plan, you're able to determine what needs to be done and how you do it. If you get stuck on the execution of that plan, simply revisit it to get back on track. It should act as a guide for all the decisions you have to make. I also believe that good luck comes from being a good listener and surrounding yourself with other hardworking people."


--Pete Butler, founder and CEO of MS Companies, which leverages the gig economy and real-time data to provide a mobile, on-demand workforce matching.


7. Be generous.

"It's simple to say, but acting generously can immensely impact your opportunities, both in business and life. Alter your thinking from, 'What you can get out of a new relationship?' into 'How can I help this new connection?' Helping three new people is likely to attract better luck than attempting to extract favors from those new individuals. You'll be amazed at how karma can reward a mindset like this in the long run."


--Jack Griffin, CEO at Atlas World Group, parent company of moving company Atlas Van Lines.


8. Consider increasing luck as a two-step process.

"The first step is to infuse change into a system or process--this by itself may produce amazing results. But even more important is to notice what happens afterwards. Going in, you may have expected or hoped for A, B, and C to occur. Yet the most impactful outcome to the organization may be an E or F choice. Since they were unplanned or unexpected, one might call them 'luck.' In fact, it is just an awareness of positive results rather than being committed to expectations."


--Justin Tysdal, CEO of Seven Corners, Inc., an international travel insurance and specialty benefit management company.


9. Hire people with stellar character.

"The more time and resources we invest into hiring and keeping the best talent, the luckier our organization gets. At Crew Carwash, we make it our top priority to hire individuals with a strong work ethic and even better character, which results in an outstanding customer service experience. This has become the main focus of our brand, and it has created loyal customers since our founding in 1948. It also makes coming to work each day really enjoyable."


--Bill Dahm, CEO of Crew Carwash, one of the largest exterior-only carwash companies in the U.S. and honored as a "Top Small Workplace" by The Wall Street Journal.


10. Invest in tomorrow.

"Just as you can't get lucky in a lottery without buying a ticket, you can't win at business without risking an investment. If you speak to successful business people, they'll tell you about how many times they failed or how close they were before things turned around. Business isn't just delivering on your product or service, it's investing in your network, investing in tomorrow, and surrounding yourself with the right team. If you want to succeed, you need to ensure you're pushing, pulling, and dragging that team. It requires focus, discipline, and an unapologetic resolve."


--Douglas Karr, CEO of DK New Media, which helps marketing and tech companies build awareness, authority, trust and ROI online with measured marketing strategies.


11. Work hard with good people.

"Positive experiences garnered in business and life are not based on luck, but through hard work and determination. However, there are ways to increase your luck factor. Always remember to surround yourself with unimpeachable people who are experts in uncharted subject matter, and be confident that they will steer you in the right direction. Being patient is also vital, as a certain level of success or happiness will not generate overnight. Good things will happen to those who are diligent and motivated to never stop pushing toward greatness."


--Rico Elmore, founder of Fatheadz, a company that makes oversized sunglasses and optical eyewear for individuals with larger heads, as well as eyewear in standard and intermediate sizes.


12. Invest in your team.

"As far as luck goes, one cannot win at business without some level of risk and investment. Companies succeed due to more than a product. It takes an investment in the future by surrounding oneself with the right team to meet the business' goals.


--JT Metzger, executive vice president at email marketing software company Delivra.


13. Network like crazy.

"When you're building your company it's also important to meet people where ever you go and keep them in your network. As your network grows, so will your business. When your network is full of people who have your best interest in mind, there's no stopping the success you'll garner. You never know who may end up becoming your client one day. I also believe that if you give out good vibes, you'll receive it in return. Also, employee relations is key to a successful business. Happy employees produce excellent work, which results in better business. Call it luck, I call it strategy."


--Ross Sapir, president of Roadway Moving, a New York-based moving and storage company with 130 employees who serve about 6,000 customers a year.


14. Be prepared.

"Preparation is a necessary prerequisite to good luck. Good luck occurs when an opportunity presents itself and you are prepared with knowledge, experience, and risk-taking ability. You need knowledge to recognize opportunities among the noise, you need experience to identify the patterns these opportunities often form, and you need the courage to take a chance. What people often say is good luck is simply a good choice based on evidence and risk."


--Ray Rothrock, chairman and CEO of cybersecurity resiliency company RedSeal.


15. Keep away from energy vampires.

"I've found great luck with three simple things: a can-do mindset, tenacity, and intentionally surrounding myself with talented, high-character people who bring energy versus draining it."


--Andy Grolnick, chairman, president and CEO of security intelligence company LogRhythm.


16. Build relationships with people who can provide opportunities: Your customers.

"Luck hasn't been random for us--we've earned it. For us, the lucky opportunities have come naturally from literally being in the game with our customers. SteelSeries has innovated products around our understanding of the real needs of real gamers. This relationship has helped us continually introduce products to gamers that solve problems in an evolving landscape...There's no such thing as luck in business unless you are in the trenches with your customers day in and day out."


--Ehtisham Rabbani, CEO of SteelSeries, gaming company producing peripherals such as gamer headsets, keyboards, mice and mousepads.


17. Stop complaining.

"In my opinion luck is made. Lucky circumstances follow people who emanate certain qualities. If you are wanting to increase your luck factor you can do that by making some changes to your behaviors. Changes such as: stop being critical, eliminate complaining, be a contribution to others, look to see how you can help people around you, be disciplined with yourself, set goals and get moving on them, always be in action and never let fear stop you. Positive, productive, hardworking people create an aura of energy around them that attracts lucky circumstances. It is no accident--it is a product of everything that you do. When you operate as part of the solution in life, luck will naturally follow you."


--Noelle Federico, CMO of stock photography website


18. Become a servant of a revolution.

"The only constant in life is change, so embrace it and ride the wave of transformation to personal and professional success. Right now, technology is utterly transforming the way people live and work. The people who help make that happen--by enabling real-time collaboration and communication, freeing office workers from cubicle life, delivering as-needed professional services that don't require an onsite presence--are building thriving businesses by helping their clients and their team to prosper and grow. It's not just about making money. To truly succeed, you need to foster a culture of service to others, which is the key to happiness at work and in life."


--Bryan Miles, CEO of Belay, a company that matches businesses with virtual workers.


19. Know that luck is a numbers game.

"Always be open to new ideas, say 'yes' to new projects and don't be afraid to fail. Eventually, you will get lucky."


--Kegan Schouwenburg, CEO of SOLS, a company which enables custom footwear manufacturing.


20. Be pragmatically optimistic.

"Critical to creating one's own luck is pragmatic optimism. One must be generally optimistic about life and business, but pragmatic about realistically and practically accomplishing personal and professional objectives."


--Chris Petersen, cofounder, senior vice president of customer care and CTO of security intelligence company LogRhythm.



The opinions expressed here by columnists are their own, not those of



"luck is when preparation meets the opportunity."

"The only constant in life is change, so embrace it and ride the wave of transformation"

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life”


How to overcome a feeling of bad luck












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