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how to diversify your online income

how to diversify your online income Wondering how to diversify your online income? I’ve found that having many sources of residual income is the best business model.

This pie chart shows the main sources of my online residual earnings for December 2009. These earnings were truly passive income as I took the entire month of December off from online writing, publishing and marketing to enjoy time with my family.

As you can see, eHow still accounts for the largest single source of residual income, making up over half of my online earnings that month ($1,765 from my WriterGig account and two other, smaller, eHow profiles).

My eHow ebook is the second largest amount, and that pink slice represents just the net earnings, after paying affiliates their share of any sales made by affiliate links to my book. Sales were a bit low in December, actually.

I enjoyed a great month with Amazon affiliate earnings — the holidays really help increase earnings in November and December every year. Selling several Kindles certainly helped, as commission for those is $25 to $50 each depending on the model.

Through, I’ve linked up with one merchant that fit perfectly for one of my niches. I have several eHow articles and a Squidoo lens on the topic, and earned $1,000 through selling that particular product last year. In December 2009, sales from that item were very good.

My “other affiliate earnings” includes things like Hostgator, NicheBlogger and other products I use and recommend on my blogs.

Google Adsense Earnings were above $100 in this graph, keeping up a trend that started last year and has continued into 2010.

Bukisa earnings remain steady, primarily through my referred Bukisa members although, and some of my articles are doing quite nicely there, too.

Diversifying online revenue sources ensures a steady overall income even as individual ones ebb and flow because of a myriad of factors, such as the economy, societal trends, online advertisers and the like. I focused primarily on eHow and my ebook during the first two years of my residual income venture (2008 and 2009). Thus my online income is not diversified enough for my liking and I plan to spend this year building up the Adsense and affiliate earnings pie slices represented in my pie chart. I’ll do this through my niche sites, which include a pets site, a toy & game site, a personal finance tip blog, a food blog and a home & garden blog and site.

How do you diversify your online income? What are your best sources and what are your goals for increasing them in 2010?

how to diversify your online income

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