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How To Build a Niche Site Successfully Step by Step

How To Build a Niche Site Successfully Step by Step Steps :

0. KEYWORD - Do keyword research
1. CONTENT - Create Quality Article (What is it, What is the problem, What is the solution)
2. CONTENT - Create Spun content via Best Spinner
3. CONTENT - Create auto Generated content based on Google/Yahoo suggestions keywords (GOOGLE INSTANT)
4. BACKLINKS - Create Quality Web2 properties with re-read spun content (Blogspot, Goarticle, Squidoo, Wordpress)
5. BACKLINKS - Submit content to Article Directories (UAW) with link to Web2 properties
6. BACKLINKS - Submit content to Link Directories (UAW) with link to Web2 properties
7. BACKLINKS - Submit content to Social media ( with link to Web2 properties

Backlink strategies
Ref :

Robot journalism :


October  : - Create 10 quality articles for Health niches
    - Create Empty Web2 properties for each Niches (Blogspot, Wordpress,, Squidoo...)
    - Arrange categories and tags for each articles
    - Add proper Design to the 10 sites (Health header picture, icon, articles pictures...)
    - Create auto-generated content with titles as given by suggestions from Google and Yahoo.
November : - Subscribe to the best spinner
    - Create 300 articles from each quality articles
    - Add re-read spun content to Web2 properties
    - Subscribe to UAW
    - submitting to Article directories
    - Do social bookmarking for web properties and niche site
    - Submit to link directories
    - Submit snippet to Blogs (Check Blog Blueprint)


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