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How to build a Link Wheel for SEO

Just wanted to share with you guys an seo strategy that I will be using for most of my websites called a link wheel. It is an SEO strategy that is not new but has been overlooked by many. Take a look at the video above which explains the basics of a link wheel. If you don’t have time to watch the video above keep reading below. I go a little in depth about link wheels and how you can use them.

What Does A Link Wheel Do?

Link wheels involve using 5 or more unique web 2.0 sites with high page ranks and using those sites to create a backlink to your site. The “spokes” of the link wheel include a link to another unique web 2.0 site which forms the wheel. The “hub” of the link wheel is any page on your web site. This should be your squeeze page, offer page, or “money site”.

The concept of this is to have a tightly focused group of unique web 2.0 sites with high page ranks all pointing to your site. This will give your site authority and relevancy for the keyword term or phrase you are looking to rank high for in the search engine result pages. The focus should be placed on giving authority to one keyword phrase at a time to promote high in the search engine result pages.

Below are a few web 2.0 sites you can use to create a link wheel:

* Squidoo
* HubPages
* Blogger
* LiveJournal
* Blogsome
* Weebly
* Quizilla
* Vox
* WikiSpaces
* WetPaint
* Tumblr
* DevHub

What Do You Put In Your Link Wheels?

Depending on the unique web 2.0 sites you use to build your link wheel you should focus on adding unique content. This could include articles that are focused around one unique keyword term or phrase. I like to mix mine up and put video content, podcasts, images, etc to give it more value.

Next you want to embed in your articles or in your content a few backlinks. Your link should be an anchor text of the keyword phrase or term you want to rank high for in the search engines. This link should be going back to your main hub page in the center of the link wheel. The next backlink should be directed to your neighboring web 2.0 property that is part of your link wheel. Look at the images below of some examples:

How to build a Link Wheel for SEO

Here is another example of a link wheel but more complex:

How to build a Link Wheel for SEO

What Do You Do After You Created Your Link Wheel?

Building the link wheel is the easy part. Now you have to promote this son of gun! Below are some of the things you can do to promote your link wheel after you finish building it out.

1. Capture all of the RSS feeds of your web 2.o sites. Mash your rss feeds into one unique url and submit them to the rss directories.
2. Ping your RSS feeds.
3. Social Bookmark each of your web 2.0 properties and the main hub page of your link wheel. Best to use a social bookmark exchange service like Lava Linx. This is a service where others promote your social bookmarks in exchange for you promoting theirs. This service is great and it’s free!

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

This depends on a few factors. One being your ability to take action and JUST DO IT! ( Note: this post is not sponsored by Nike)

Don’t wonder about “what if’s”. What if’s will not get you traffic. The other factor depends on the competitiveness of your keyword term or phrase. Of course the less competitive your keyword term the more likely you will show up on the search results quicker. If you are diligent with adding content to your link wheel sites and taking the necessary steps to follow through with this strategy, you can conservatively expect to see some good results in 60 to 90 days. That’s with taking massive action!


That is pretty much it. Please comment below if you are doing a similar seo link wheel strategy and how it is working out for you. The readers of this blog including myself would definitely like to know.

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