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How do I make money online


I make a decent income online now with some very simple but strategic elements that create success.


1. Vision

2. Targets

3. List of obstacle that stand in way from where I was to where I wanted to be (my ideal business)

4. Blueprint (step by step guide that will take me to my destination

5. Time management skill

6. Continued relationship building

7. Developing an email list (that trust me and the information I provide)


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How do I make money online



Making a million dollars is not as complex as many people believe. Play with the numbers.


Earning $1,000,000 can be:


250,000 people spending $40

100,000 spending $10

50,000 people spending $20

10,000 people spending $100

1,000 people spending $1,000




What if you had a product or service that you charged $83 per month for? You would only need 1,000 customers to earn $1,000,000 per YEAR.


Stop and think about that. When you consider how many millions of people are on some type of recurring subscription every month for all kinds of things.....the possibliites are endless.


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the mechanics of making $1,000,000 are very simple. Frankly, with the advent of the internet and its potential to leverage a business once you make 1 ,000,000 you can scale it much farther if you have a business model that allows for such.


So, since it is so easy to make a fortune in today's age as compared to earlier in history, why have so few people made it rich?


I will outline my thoughts and observations as to why people do NOT make it rich instead of the mechanics of how to do so, as I believe they go hand in hand and the "how to" part has been covered well already:


- Fear: If you are afraid of something you won't touch it. An exercise to help determine limiting beliefs in this area of life, try writing down everything you dislike about those who are at the income level you wish to be. If there are any, determine why you believe it. Now, write down everything you will be afraid of from the perspective of being there already. Are you afraid certain friends will look down on you when you have millions? You will have to come to terms with that.


- Overload: You may be working on too many projects, going to too many events, spreading time between too many friends, or overwhelming yourself with too many goals. Creating success means making sacrifices that move you closer to your desired end result.


- Laziness: if you are lazy, find a way to get your ass out of bed in the morning and get working. It can be a love for the work you do, desiring to make a difference, just something that gives you at least a glimmer of motivation. Then cultivate that into a habit and surround yourself with things that are motivate you towards your desired end result.


- Goals: Some people need goals to make progress in their work. Others find goals to be limiting and restricting. Some business models require goal setting, and others do not. Selling on eBay does not really require an individual to set goals, does it? Maybe for some, but others work best with business models that I perceive to be less restricting to my creativity and workflow. Either way, you know how you work best, and if you don't then try out different methods until you find something that works for you. Just give whatever you try an honest effort before dropping it and moving on.


- Clarity: You need to know where you are going in order to get there. Some people seem to have only a vague idea of what they want to do in life. Others know what they want but not how they want to get there. Define your idea of success so you will know once you actually get there, and how you plan to get there as well.


- Desire: Some people don't want $1,000,000. Perhaps they don't want the responsibility of that much money, or maybe they want a simpler lifestyle and don't need that much. Some people have a job and like the idea of job security, although I don't think there is such a thing. I am sure there are other reasons but I think you get the point.






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