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Happiness formula


H = S      +   C       +    V

H = 50% +   10%  +    40%


Happiness = Set genetics conditions + Circumstances + Volontary choices and actions


Happiness formula


Happiness formula


Happiness formula



Happiness formula



focus on nurturing your growth mindset and creating a high-vibration lifestyle.


Being around positive people and working towards positive things in your life naturally creates happiness.


It also creates wealth.


And lowering your stress while having positive things to think about improves your health.


It all starts with your mindset.


And all it takes to have a growth mindset is to decide to.


When you’re looking forward in life and seeking new knowledge and adventure, you will find a life of abundance.


In his book, The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor says, “Because positive brains have a biological advantage over brains that are neutral or negative, The Happiness Advantage teaches us how to retrain our brains to capitalize on positivity and improve our productivity and performance.”


Our brains work best when we’re positive, not negative or even neutral.


Archor believes happiness is a work ethic, not just a mood.


Indeed, successful people look for reasons to be happy, and use happiness as their starting point.

It turns out we can break happiness down to define it better.


Martin Seligman, the pioneer in positive psychology, defined happiness with three measurable components:




and meaning


Shawn Achor added to this by saying that happiness is the joy we feel when we strive for our potential.


That’s working toward your best self.


Or, in other words, using your talents and passion to make the world a better place.


We’re happiest when we’re using our talents, whether to make a living, give to others, or just make things of beauty.

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