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Google Spreadsheet writable in an iFrame


Google Spreadsheet writable in an iFrame Google Docs Speadsheets can be a very easy way of adding formatted tabular data to a web page. The downside is that the viewers need Google accounts to access the data but in the context of collaborative work amongst group members this can be useful.


iframe width='280' height='120' frameborder='0' scrolling=no src=''

Google Docs #ProTip: append "?rm=full|demo|minimal|embedded" at the end of a Docs URL to show/hide controls. rm="render mode", so pick ONE!


Is there a new URL to hide the controls in a spreadsheet?

Ref :!topic/docs/VXjZXqYfCu4


In summary:

&ui=2 - (required for rm=demo) renders the spreadsheet in the 'new' version interface (note &ui=1 renders the 'old' version interface).

&chrome=false - renders the spreadsheet in full screen mode, i.e. without menu, controls (button bar) or formula bar

&rm=demo - renders the spreadsheet without the sheet menu, i.e. only one sheet (by default the first of a spreadsheet) is rendered

#gid=n - specifies which sheet to render; to set the default sheet to show or in combination with &rm=demo to render one single, specific, sheet."


Ref :

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