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Goal categories

Goal categories

Health, Wealth, Relationships, Career, Spirituality and Wellness Permanent Solutions!!!

Why Health, Wealth, Relationships, Career, Spirituality and Wellness?

Because its all we have; all we are; all we have to offer. Be inspired to start living your life to the fullest, making better choices and taking charge of your destiny.

Don't we all make a mistake of putting ourselves last in our "to do" list at some point in our lives. Lifestyle changes will go a long way in improving a quality of your life. We suggest you divide your wellness goals according to the following categories.

* Health, being the absence of sickness and healthy fitness levels. Exercise and healthy eating will go a long way to ensure longevity.

* Wealth, being taking care of personal finances and accummulating assets for a good lifestyle and comfortable retirement

* Relationships, including healthy family life, friendships, professional assocciations and great social life.

* Career both professionally and in owning a business. From owning a number of businesses, we advise on the pros and cons.

* Spirituality. Acknowledging that we are Spiritual beings is just the begining of wisdom. Any healing starts from within and manifests outwardly. Building an inner being should be our main focus.

* Home and Lifestyle. The above list is simply not enough. We all feel good when we look great and create our spaces to define our styles. Style is just you and one should continuously reinvent him/herself to get to that comfortable space within themselves.


Why Wellness

wellness wheel Wellness refers to a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit. It is the perfect state of health and happiness. Being in this state is more than just being free from illknesses, but having a feeling of complete well-being. This is what we are all supposed to strive for. There are some aspects of life that we are never in control of, like our environment but 80 percent of our state of affairs is in our hands. A good question is what you do to ensure that you lead a good life. Everyone can improve the quality of their life by changing a tiny area on a daily basis. It takes small baby steps but it is worth it. It’s when you strike the balance between taking care of your body, your mind and your spirit that you get to the state of complete wellness.

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Goal categories

Wellness Wheel


Wellness is defined by Merriam Webster as “a state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal” ( We often only consider physical health when deciding whether or not someone is “well.” Eating nutritiously and exercising are necessary for a healthy lifestyle, but they make up just a part of total wellness. Wellness has several components, and it is often depicted as a wheel with several spokes. The wellness wheel depicted at the right has seven spokes: physical, mental, spiritual, career, social, family, and financial. If areas (spokes) of the one’s wellness are under developed or neglected, the “wheel” (i.e. wellness) will be off balance. Wellness is when there is a degree of balance among the areas. What one considers “optimal wellness” is based on their needs, experiences, and circumstances. As we go through life’s challenges and joys, the different aspects of wellness will fall in and out of balance and may need more attention than other areas.


Wellness Aware Questionnaire

Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Career, Social, Family, Financial


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Goal categories

Goal categories Goal categories

Goal categories





15 areas of your life that you could consider in your goal-setting plan. This will help you to take steps to build a balanced and more fulfilling life. Here they are in alphabetical order:

1) Artistic/creative
2) Career
3) Community
4) family,
5) Financial,
6) Fitness,
7) Friends,
8) Fun,
9) Health,
10) Learning/intellectual,
11) Living environment,
12) Personal relationship,
13) Psychological,
14) Recreation,
15) Spiritual

Of course, you don't want to create goals in every single area of your life. It would be a little overwhelming and might actually work against you. Pick 3-7 of these areas in addition to your monster goal and then do your goal-setting process. As you're doing this, consider carefully which areas might be most important to you.

Following is a brief overview of seven of the 15 areas with a few examples for some of them.

Artistic/creative - Do you have a yen to paint or do you love to sing? Maybe you like to carve wood, make soap or play a musical instrument. Including goals relating to activities such as these can add color and fulfillment to your life in a way that other goal-setting areas do not.



The 7 basic goal setting categories

Mental: These are goals you set to expand your mind or expand your knowledge. One of our very basic human needs is to grow our intellect. It keeps us young and vital and it keeps us motivated. A goal to participate in continuing education classes or to study a foreign language could be examples of mental goals.

Physical: These are goals you set pertaining to your physical well being. Being physically fit and healthy is a very basic human need. The goal to exercise 3 times a week or to loose 10 pounds could be used as examples for physical goals you set for yourself.

Family: These are goals you set to increase the value of your family life. Setting the goal to dedicate one night a week to date night with your spouse or setting aside time to have a family game night once a week would be considered family oriented goals.

Social: These are the goals you set that involve your social life. A healthy social life is important and should not be overlooked. Setting the goal to have a dinner party once a month where you invite friends or going to the movies once a month with a friend are examples of social goals.

Spiritual: These are goals you set to expand your spirituality. Setting a goal to attend church once a week or to pray once a day are examples of spiritual goals.

Career: These are the goals we set to advance our careers. Setting a goal to start your own business or to get a promotion are examples of career goals.

Financial: These are the goals that pertain to our finances. Examples of smart financial goals would include saving for retirement or earning a certain amount of money in a given time period.



Goals Categories

Health & Fitness
Family & Relationship
Time management & Organization
Personal Finance
Education & Training
Personal Growth & Interest
Recreation & Leasure
Home improvement & Real Estate

Family / home
Mental / Education
Financial / Career
Social / Cultural
Spiritual / Ethical
Physical / Health
Fun / Recreation


career, family, finance, health, Education, Travel

5 types of goals
You need a variety of goals to be happy and to keep your life in balance.
Specifically, in this report we will deal with goals in five areas:

1. Personal goals
2. Family and Relationship goals
3. Financial goals
4. Business and Career goals
5. Health and Energy goals

Each of these goal areas should fit like a piece of pie into a pie dish to form a fully rounded and completely balanced life.

The only true goal is happiness

In study after study, going all the way back to Aristotle, we find that what most people want, above all, is to be happy, however you define that quality. Happiness is the common denominator of all people and all human behaviour.
Everything we do is an attempt to achieve our happiness in some way. In fact, you are only really successful to the degree to which you can achieve your own happiness in life. If you achieve everything else in life, money, home, fame, success and so on, but you do not achieve your own happiness, to that degree you have failed. In fact, a good measure of how well you are doing in life is to ask yourself what percentage of the time do you feel that you are genuinely happy? The answer to this question will tell how far you have come and how far you have still to go.

Ref : doc/20100502151711_Personal_Goal_Setting_Report.pdf



A couple weeks ago, I participated in a brainstorm of areas in which one might want to have clear long-term goals. Career, Personal Development, Relationship(s), Finances, Fitness, and Travel were the categories that immediately came to mind, but, as with any brainstorm, I thought we might have had a blindspot or two, so I’ve been scanning the internet for others’ ideas. From an assortment of credible to dubious sources (see below), I have gleaned a list of the primary areas that one might want to consider when coming up with life goals. In no particular order:

1. Health (Physical/Fitness)

2. Financial

They won’t singlehandedly enable you to retire early, but my Cheapskate Reviews might save you a few bucks here and there.

3. Career

Elsewhere, I’ve discussed personality and career satisfaction, particularly for INTJs and INTPs.

4. Relationships (Family/Friends)

Some sources broke this down into multiple categories, one going so far as to have a separate category for spouse, friends, family, co-workers, and God. If you’re single and want to know the best place to live for meeting other singles, check out this post.

5. Exploratory

I’m using this as a catch-all category for a variety of other categories that are related to each other but are never quite the same from one source to another. One lists “Artistic/Creative.” Another lists “Fun/Creative.” Yet another lists “Travel/Fun.” Whatever your preferred flavor (adventure/travel/pleasure/recreation/fun/creative/art/intellect/education/personal), the general idea seems to be that exposure to new ideas, people, places, etc. is healthy and worth aspiring toward over your entire life.

6. Greater Purpose

For some sources, this category is strictly religious or “spiritual,” while others had a category for “public service” without mention of religion at all. While we are all aware of the importance of separating church and state, here I am lumping the two together. I believe that as long as you feel like you are a part of something greater than yourself, you can find greater fulfillment in your life.

Several sources had some form of Psychological Wellbeing (Emotional/Attitudinal/Mindset/Behavior) as a category, but I kind of think it is really just the sum of the other categories. A couple sources also had a category devoted to the home or “living environment” but it was far from a consensus pick. All in all, our initial brainstorm was not too far off the mark, nailing four out of the six, and touching upon a fifth twice (“Personal Development” and “Travel”).



Goal categories

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