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free social bookmarking tool - IMAutomator and OnlyWire

free social bookmarking tool IMAutomator and OnlyWire


Ifree social bookmarking tool IMAutomator and OnlyWire MAutomator puts your link building on auto-pilot! The free social bookmarking tool couldn't be easier to use - just enter the URL you'd like the bookmark, IMAutomator extracts the title, description & tags (or you can enter your own), and then you submit and forget! Watch the video for a demo:

Everything is done for you behind the scenes - no complicated setup, no having to create endless accounts at social bookmarking sites, no entering of captchas! IMAutomator sets up a submission schedule for your bookmark to all the supported sites in the list and then quietly submits them on auto-pilot according to the schedule you select.


* Works on autopilot - submit & forget!
* Easy to use - just enter your URL and hit submit!
* No accounts to create, IMAutomator does it all for you
* Grab the title, description & tags with a click of a button
* Spread your submissions over time, you choose the schedule

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free social bookmarking tool IMAutomator and OnlyWire Automated Submission to Social Media Sites | OnlyWire
OnlyWire® provides tools and services that allow publishers, bloggers and website owners to auto-submit content to the highest ranked social media sites.


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So what is my tool of choice for automating SB submissions?

Its called IM Automator and its created and moded by a lady called Caroline Middlebrook. Caroline is a lovely girl and she is totally genuine in trying to ease the path for us IM'ers and SEO'ers. On any email communication I've made with her previously, I've received a prompt reply - from Caroline, and not from someone she employs to handle the admin. I like that!

Okay, go do a search for IM Automator in Google or Yahoo or Bing and you'll see it at the top of the search results. Sign up and get going! You'll LOVE this tool for the sheer simplicity of it! It does almost every single task for you. Its simply awesome, it really is!

Do note that it has been having a few teething problems - the software has only been available for the past 3 months and Caroline was badly let down by her hosting company (BlueHost) so she upped and moved everything to a new host. I think everything is working well now though.

Yes, there are only around 30 SB sites for submission here. But heck - when you get around a 90% success rate who's complaining? In fact, Caroline has been tweaking the software of recent so I imagine this success rate is even better than the 90%.

For now, submissions have to be capped at the 10 per day mark. Yup, a bit frustrating for some of us really busy SEO'ers. But there has been BIG demand for this software and thus there has to be a cap. There will be a paid-for version out in the coming months which will allow for as many submissions per day as you should wish.

In fact, Caroline is still in the process of creating a suite of SEO tools so you best watch closely for that cos demand is gonna be huge! I'll be keeping updates on my own SEOTips and Tricks website. Link in my signature box.



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