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Financial Literacy Cartoon for Kids


Secret Millionaires Club (SMC) is an animated series about a group of kids learning how to make good financial decisions and solve business problems. Episodes are available online for free. Their mentor is none other than Warren Buffett! Here’s part of a Reuters interview with Buffett regarding his involvement.




Q. How do financial literacy and entrepreneurship fit together?


A. Not everybody’s going to be an entrepreneur, but everybody should be financially literate. Financial literacy is a base requirement like spelling or reading or something of the sort that everybody should acquire at any early age. The financial habits you develop when you are young are going to go with you into your adulthood. But you can’t be an entrepreneur unless you’re financially literate.




They also run the annual Grow Your Own Business Challenge (GYOB), a nationwide contest for entrepreneurial kids aged 7 to 14. This year’s finalists included an intergenerational online community, a custom bow tie business, a worm composting kit, and a community garden that also helps feed hungry children. You can watch their pitch videos on YouTube.


After watching a few episodes, they are actually pretty good. The concepts are short (~5 minutes long) and digestible.





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Secret Millionaires Club. Warren Buffett's 26 Secrets to Success in the Business of Life


Description: Priceless finance advice everyone can relate to from one of the world's most respected businessmen and the most successful investor of all time

Of course you know who Warren Buffett is; he's the most successful investor in the world—maybe of all times. But what do you know about his approach to business and investing? It's an approach that, over the past four decades, has made him richest man in America and the third-richest man in the world, and that has earned vast fortunes for his business partners and investors. But as Buffett himself will tell you, at the heart of any wealth-building system there are certain core beliefs, not just about finance, but about business, work, morality, your responsibility to yourself, your family and society, and about living a decent life. Written in conjunction with the hit television series, "Secret Millionaire Club" and with Buffett's input and

full support, this book makes Buffett's financial philosophy and homespun life lessons available to everyone outside his "Secret Club."


- Warren Buffet's goal in spearheading this book was to share lessons about personal finance he has learned and that he hopes will benefit you (and your kids) for a lifetime

- You'll learn the fundamentals of personal finance by reading Warren Buffett's war stories and personal reflections on money, life, business, ethics and more

- All of the finance principles covered in the book were personally approved by Warren Buffett as those which he himself follows

- Unforgettable Buffett quotes include: "Price is what you pay. Value is what you get"; "Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing"; and "Profit from folly rather than participate in it."





SECRET 1:Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes - Try to learn from your mistakes—better yet, learn from the mistakes of others!


SECRET 2:Don’t Borrow Money - Think twice before you either borrow money or loan money to someone— especially a friend.


SECRET 3:Love What You Do - Following your passion is the key to success.


SECRET 4:Make Time for Both Work and Play - It is important to make the right trade-offs between work and play so we live a balanced lifestyle.


SECRET 5:Listen to What Others Can Teach You - The experience of others is the best classroom you will ever find!


SECRET 6:Always Think of New Ideas - Try to come up with alternate ways of doing things.


SECRET 7:Always Have a Plan - When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.


SECRET 8:If You Fail, Try Again - Failure is not falling down; it is staying down.


SECRET 9:Protect Your Reputation - It takes years to build a reputation but only minutes to ruin it.


SECRET 10:The Customer Comes First - Take care of your customer and your customer will take care of you.


SECRET 11:Open Minds Let In Better Ideas! - Opening your mind can open the door of success.


SECRET 12:Always Promote Yourself - Successful businesses successfully promote and advertise themselves.


SECRET 13:Location Is Very Important - Location is a vital part of most businesses.


SECRET 14:Don’t Be Fooled - If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


SECRET 15:Don’t Judge Others - With businesses, like with people, you should get to know them before you judge them.


SECRET 16:Be Willing to Change Your Ideas - Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.


SECRET 17:Your Image Is Important - Price is on the price tag; value is in the eye of the beholder.


SECRET 18:Be Thoughtful of Others - If your service is outstanding, you’ll always stand out.


SECRET 19:Pay Attention to Details - A good business is disciplined to do the little things right every day.


SECRET 20:How to Present Yourself - It’s not just the outside that counts. It’s the whole package.


SECRET 21:Your Decisions Affect Your Future - Make sure you stay in school. Failing to complete your education can lead to not achieving your dreams in the future.


SECRET 22:Save for the Future - Save money for things you need instead of spending it all on things you want!


SECRET 23:Be Someone in Demand - Prices are determined by supply and demand.


SECRET 24:Confidence Comes with Understanding - Don’t get involved in a business you don’t understand.


SECRET 25:A Lifetime of Learning - Be smarter at the end of the day than you were at the beginning.


SECRET 26:Partners Make it Easier - Great partnerships will make any job easier.













Financial Literacy Cartoon for Kids

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